Friday, April 1, 2011

"Down with Assad the Dog" - It's no April Fool's

The Quiet before the Storm.

A day of reckoning will unfold in few hours, meanwhile, all was relatively calm in Syria. The day was a networking day par excellence, a Facebook and email day, the protesters tried to finalize their plans for tomorrow. Will the protests be bigger than ever? Will new cities and town join the fray? Will Aleppo and Damascus catch the bug? Will there be blood as Syrian security forces crackdown in fulfillment of the warning issued by Assad in his speech? All these questions will be answered in the next few hours.   

Deraa: High-Schoolers told to join protests tomorrow:
“Our slogan is toppling the regime. Brothers, this is the slogan was also adopted in Lattakia… Our martyrs are not cheap. People have a right to live… not be ruled by gangs. Down with Assad the Dog”
Damascus: This video shows the small demonstration that took place on March 16 near the Ministry of Interior. The voice of prominent human rights defender Suheir Al-Attassi is heard at the beginning, and she appears carrying sign briefly, before the protesters were overwhelmed by security chanting “We sacrifice our soul and blood for you Bashar.” The protesters had been chanting “He who beats his own people is a traitor.” They were sure betrayed, as many were beaten and arrested, including Suheir. The video captures the spirit of the showdown that will take place in the next few hours, except that numbers are now on the side of protesters who will not be overwhelmed unless security officers were willing to shoot indiscriminately, as they have done in previous confrontations.

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