Friday, April 22, 2011

Tension & Hope in the Air!

With protesters set to throw the gauntlet back in Assad’s face again in the next few hours, tensions grow, and security officers and army troops take positions in suspected hotspots.

As Syrians keep waiting for Aleppo to fully commit to the protest movement, small demonstrations, the latest numbering around 500 participants and lasting for a couple of hours before being dispersed by security, continue to take place in the northern bastion on a daily basis as more and more people break the barrier of fear and try to encourage others to join. Will tomorrow witness the resurrection of Aleppo? We shall find out soon.

Meanwhile, Assad security forces continue to lay siege to known hotbeds around the country, including Talbisseh Town and Bayadah Neighborhood in Homs and the Mouaddamiyyeh, Darayyah, Zamalka, Jobar, Irbeen, Harasta, and Douma suburbs in Damascus. In Homs, security forces took over the newly dubbed Freedom Square in a preemptive move, and in Mouaddamiyyah, security forces briefly stormed into town in an attempt to intimidate the local residents who also report presence of snipers on rooftops of official buildings. Sandbags and security checkpoints can be seen at entrances and key locations in all of these places.

Kobani to the North witnessed a new protest celebrating national unity organized byte the majority-Kurdish population, in an act of double defiance aimed at the Assad regime as well traditional Kurdish parties still trying to toe a neutral line in the growing protest phenomenon.

To the Northeast, the city of Raqqa witnessed its protest to date with a few hundred participants, while in the South, the different cities and towns making up the Deraa Province continued to hold anti-Assad rallies and cleanse themselves of the last relics of the ancient regime by removing more Assad posters from public places, and work for the day when they can remove the actual Assads.
Aleppo: “Where is the Syrian media?” “Where is the sense of pride and solidarity (Nakhweh)?”
Mouaddamiyyeh: security forces and thugs take over streets
Homs / Brazil Street: sandbags and Shabbiha
Kobani: “the Syrian people are united,” Azadi, Azadi (Freedom, Freedom, in Kurdish)”
Deraa: reception for Samir Abu Zayid
Deraa: pep-rally in preparation for tomorrow
Deraa / Hara: “the people want to topple the regime”
 Deraa / Jassem: school kids protest
Deraa / Giza, April 20: “Maher you coward, send your soldiers to the Golan”
Deraa / Sanamein / April 20: “Wakey wakey Bashar, this Friday is your last” “the people want to topple the regime”
Deraa / Mzeireeb / April 20: the cleansing ritual continues, more Assad posters removed
Deraa / Ankhel / April 20
Banyas: more live testimonies from Bayda
Banyas: new video of security and Shabbiha abuse of Bayda residents
Suweida / small protest: “our home land is united and we have no sectarianism”
Security & Shabbiha: it’s not clear where this video was taken, but it purports to show a Shabbiha leader (in civvies) talking to security forces convincing them to fire their weapons