Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting on Tenterhooks!

Another Friday of rage looms, along with the promise of another bloodbath. But the protesters are unfazed. No more fear. No more fear.

Another Friday of Rage is upon us, the Assad regime has received ample earning this time that the world is watching. Let’s see how they behave.

Meanwhile, the situation in Deraa is deteriorating by the hour, but it seems the recent show of force by the regime might indicate that the mutiny by the 5th Division has been contained. The show of force culminated in turning power on again in the city for 1 hour to allow for state TV to tape a staged fireworks celebration that was billed as “spontaneous” show of how happy the people of Deraa were with the arrival of the army to liberate them from the Salafist phantoms.

Elsewhere, Zabadani witnessed a mass demonstration in the evening, while authorities continued to arrest people in nearby Madaya among other Damascene suburbs. There were reports of barrages of gunfire in Darayya, albeit no details have emerged.

A panel of experts on Syria (including Ammar Abdulhamid) talked about violence and political unrest in the country. Some of the topics they discussed were the importance of Syria, the unrest in relation to overall upheaval in the Middle East, the Obama administration, and the role of the army in Syria. They also answered questions from the audience.