Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All Eyes on the U.S.?

As Syrian opposition groups try to get their act together and form a transitional council, everyone is waiting for President Obama to make his first public statement on the increasingly tragic situation in Syria.

Monday 17, 2011
3-day death toll in Tal Kalakh hits 27. Local residents report that security forces are adding contaminants to water tanks, a practice they employed to in Deraa City as well. The philosophy behind it: sick people can’t protest. Meanwhile, security officers have reportedly laid barbwire across parts of the border to prevent refuges from streaming into Lebanon.

Heavy gunfire reported in Kanaker town in the Golan Heights. Fatalities were reported, but exact figures are not available.




Aleppo / May 16: demonstration by students of Aleppo University

Aleppo / May 17: second straight day of protest in Aleppo University Campus

Aleppo / May 17: arrests at the University of Aleppo, following a second straight day of protests

Deraa / Da’el / May 17: despite crackdown all over Deraa Province, people gather in Da’el and cann for Bashar departure. “The people want to topple regime” “leave, leave, Bashar” “We want cleanse this country of Makhlouf and Assad” “We don’t want a security state but a free state”

Deraa / May 17: 2 men trying to save a wounded colleague in clashes in Deraa. the exact date and whereabouts of the incident are unknown.

Hama / May 17: people read a statement during their vigil declaring their commitment to peaceful demonstrations, and assuring that all acts of looting and sabotage were perpetrated by security officers and that they have ample documentations in this regard. They also say that they have no armed gangs in their midst and that they reject any intervention by the army.

Idlib / Jisr Ashoughour / May 17: overnight protesters left a statement on the asphalt: “We don’t want the army to enter”

Idlib / Mouarrat Al-Nouman / May 17: graffiti on the wall: Bashar Al-Assad your account has been depleted.

Idlib / Mouarrat Al-Nouman / May 17: “the people want to topple the regime”

Damascus / Darayyah / May 17: women on the march calling for the release of their menfolk

Homs / Al-Bayadah / May 17: “the people want to topple the regime” “Bashar, you giraffe, may God strike ill”

Hilfaya / May 13: anti-regime protests are taking place in communities far and wide all over Syria. We often don’t get videos from communities until a few days have elapsed.

Idlib / Sirmeen / May 17: anti-regime vigil

Damascus / Ruknaddine / May 17: small anti-regime demonstration in this traditional neighborhood in middle of Damascus

Homs / Hola & Tildo / May 17: a vigil in support of Deraa. Chant: “the people want to topple the regime”

Homs / Rastan / May 17: an anti-regime protest. Chants: “thieves, thieves.”

Lattakia / May 17: despite military and security barracks and checkpoints strewn all over the city, no fear could stop these ardent protesters. This is how things got started 9 weeks ago, with groups as small as this one. This group is hoping to reanimate the protest movement in Lattakia despite the heavy army presence and continued security crackdown. Lattakia has always been the playground of the Assad clan. The previous large protests that took place in the early days of the Revolution took the Assads by surprise, but ever since that time, tanks and shabbiha gangs have invaded the city dividing in into cantons, making it impossible for protesters to operate and collaborate across the sectarian divide. These protesters who keep coming out day after day in different parts are obviously not giving up hope.