Sunday, May 8, 2011

Death, Lies and YouTube!

With toothless sanctions not yet in place and Bashar Al-Assad spared for some unfathomable reason, more crimes are being committed by Assad security thugs against unarmed civilians.

As you read this, Assad is bombarding Downtown Homs with tanks and artillery. Planes have also been reported overflying the city.
The hours before the bombardment, army units take positions in town

Saturday 7, 2011
6 residents, including 4 women were reported killed in Banyas by security forces seeking to spread terror in the defiant coastal city. Security forces raied as well the nearby towns of Bassiyeh, Baydah and Marqab where they arrested a number of residents, including women and children as well as a local doctor. Navy gunboats continue to patrol the shores off Banyas, while many neighborhoods remain under siege, with residents forming human shields to prevent army tanks from entering. Elsewhere in Syria, there were funerals in Homs, Hama, Lattakia, and vigils in Deir Ezzor Alboukamal, etc. The protesters are not letting go, crackdown, intimidation, arbitrary detentions, and international lethargy notwithstanding.


Since many in the international community know that stories about Salafist infiltrators are lies perpetrated by the regime, then the incursions by armed troops into Deraa, Homs and Banyas can only be classified as war crimes. Since these crimes cannot be taking place without Bashar Al-Assad’s approval, it stands to reason for him to be indicted as war criminal. There is no good reason for delaying this any longer.


I hope members of the international human rights delegation to be sent to Syria know how to spot fake Deraans, because many will be bussed in from neighboring communities and will be made available to talk to them in order to provide testimony as to what happened there. Perhaps the delegation should also speak to Deraa refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, just in case.


In many of videos below, protesters are taking pains to identify the date and the place to add to the credibility of the video.


Homs: Some of the Martyrs of Friday May 6

Homs: funeral. “The people want to topple the regime”

Deir Ezzor: vigil

Efrine: Kurds demonstrate in the city of Efrine, North of Aleppo.

Hama: funeral for Friday’s martyrs, as city observes a general strike, and people chant “the people want to topple the regime.”

Hama / May 7: protesters sport snipers on a rooftop and begin shouting: “here are the infiltrators”

Hama: the “cleansing” campaign continues: Assad posters and pictures continue to be removed.

Damascus: Shabbiha wear arm bands to recognize each other (near end of video)

Damascus / Mouaddamiyyeh: Banners: “leave” “the people want to topple the regime”. Chants: “He who kills his own people is a traitor” “the people want to topple the regime.” Also there are banners clearly identifying the place and the date.

Nightly demonstration

Damascus / Dmeir

“We don’t love you, so let us you and your party” “the people want to topple the regime”

Deraa / Ankhel: a vigil in which people refute claims by Syrian TV that the army went into their town because they have been invited in by local residents to combat armed gangs. Their simple answers: these are all are lies.
Deraa /Abtaa: tanks on the move.