Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Idlib’s Turn!

The Assads come under more sanctions as the domino effect of rebellion touches more and more communities across the country.

Monday 23 2011

The European Union follows U.S. lead and imposes sanctions on Bashar Al-Assad and ten of his top officials. The sanctions include assets freeze and travel bans. The list of names of officials affected will be announced tomorrow.

An anti-regime demonstration took place in the traditional neighborhood of Seif Al-Dawleh in downtown Aleppo. Protesters chanted “We take death but never humiliation,” and “the Syrian people are united.”

An all-women demonstration took place in the Damascene suburb of Douma.

Around 80 residents from detained by security forces in the city of Tabaqah in the northern Governorate of Raqqah.

Security forces are rumored to have tracked down and detained Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayasneh, the Imam of Deraa’s Al-Omary Mosque and one of the figures that played an important role in supporting the protest movement in Deraa. Al-Sayassneh is believed to be in serious risk of torture. Security forces had killed his son, Osama weeks ago for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of his father. The sheikh’s other two sons, Ahmad and Alaa have since been detained as well.  


 Tidbits & Highlights:

The province of Idlib is currently having its own Deraa moment. All the main towns and villages, and many smaller ones have witnessed large anti-regime protests, with the usual calls of “the people want to topple the regime.” The security response has been as mindlessly violent as usual, which, as expected, only led to infuriating the protesters and wide the scale of the revolution. Army tanks have already intervened in Jisr Ashoughour, and more are reported to be on their way. Again, it seems regime control doesn’t extend far beyond the shadows of its tanks.

The video from yesterday that showed the bodies of three people shot in the head as they tried to smuggle food to the besieged Deraa City were Palestinian refugees from the nearby camp.

Deraa / Basr Al-Harir / May 23: speaker praise the Palestinians and the Kuwaitis for their support of the revolution, as thousands of protesters chant “the people want to topple the regime.”
Deraa / Ankhel / May 23: scene from a mass grave uncovered on May 18. It’s not clear how many bodies were uncovered, but about 5 can be seen. The video can be made clearer by manipulating the exposure levels.
Deraa City / May 23: army troops looting homes
Deraa City / May 23: army vehicles fill up the roads
Deraa / Al-Mseifrah / May 23: a funeral for am martyred comrade. Protester chant “We won’t kneel except before our Lord”
Aleppo / Seifn Al-Dawleh May 23: a small protest. Chant: “We take death but never humiliation” “the Syrian people are united”
Damascus / Douma / May 23: women and children demonstrate and call on their menfolk to join them “Come out, God will protect you.”
Damascus / Mouaddamiyyah / May 23: a children and women anti-regime vigil calls for freeing all detainees. Chants: “Freedom, Freedom.”
Damascus / Saqba / May 23: security forces busy looting
Damascus / Al-Qadam / May23: anti-regime vigil. “The people want to topple the regime”
Idlib / Um Al-Mwailaat / May23: a funeral for a martyred protester
Idlib / Kafroumah & Kafar Nabol / May 23: protest on motorbikes
Idlib / Sarmeen / May 23: anti-regime vigil. “The people want to topple the regime”
Idlib / Koureen / May 23: a funeral for one of the martyrs of May 2o, with mourners chanting: “the people want to topple the regime.” An army officer joins the protesters (3rd video)
Homs / Rastan / May 23: anti-regime vigil. “No rule lasts forever, your days are numbered o Bashar Al-Assad”
Homs / Bab Amr / May 23: anti-regime vigil. “The people want to topple the regime”
Homs / Baath University / May 23: students hold a sit-in calling for the release of rights activists, and in solidarity with colleagues who have been expelled from Aleppo and Damascus universities the restoration. The students tear down their ID cards and chant “No studying no teaching, until the president falls”
Hama / May 23: anti-regime vigil. “Leave us and take your lies with you”

Lattakia / Al-Sleibeh / May 22: a small demonstration with protesters calling for toppling the regime. Army troops and security forces have divided the city into different cantons, and arrests continue to take place daily.
Homs / Ishaat / May 22
Hama / May 122
Damascus / Kisweh / May 22
Damascus / Al-Qadam / May 22
Damascus / Douma / May 22: anti-regime vigil
Homs / Tal Nasr / May 21: mourners abandon their cars after coming under fire
Homs / May 21: security forces and regime thugs attack a peaceful protest
Idlib / Al-Ghadfa / May 22: anti-regime vigil
Idlib / Jabla Al-Zawiyeh / May 20: protesters shredding a large Assad poster
Idlib / Mastoumeh / May 20: treating the wounded from Friday’s massacre