Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mass Murder in Deraa City: Who’s To Blame?

With the discovery of mass graves in Deraa City, it becomes very hard to ignore the need for immediate action by the international community to prevent further bloodshed in the country.

Monday 16, 2011
Mass graves were uncovered by local residents of Deraa City, but army troops moved in and took possession of the cadavers. 25-40 bodies were reportedly dug out, 1o has so far been identified. In Jassem and Ankhel, local residents spoke of heinous massacres that took place over the last five days, leaving a reported 13 and 21 dead respectively, although more bodies are said to be still strewn in the fields surrounding the two agricultural communities. Meanwhile, the death toll in Tal Kalakh has risen to 10, and more army tanks have been moved to the vicinity of the Damascus suburb of Madaya where people fear a repeat of the Tal Kalakh scenario. Refugees continue to cross by the hundreds the borders into Lebanon coming from Tal Kalakh, Halat and other border towns and communities.

 He speaks like Dr. Jekyll and acts like Mr. Hyde, and his crimes have become too hard to ignore even by his most ardent supporters. It’s Time for Assad to Go! 


Deraa City / May 16: discovered near the southern cemetery of the city.

Deraa City / May 16: A tank inside the courtyard of Al-Omary Mosque, now being used as a military barracks. The second video shows guard at the door of the Mosque. The activist making the vide holds a newspaper showing today’s date.

Deraa City / May 16: sample of the shells used against the city.


Deraa City / April 25: This video, uploaded on May 16 following restoration of communications line, shows a school that was bombed, and people in the street lamenting, praying following a day of shelling.

Deraa / Nawa / May 16: tanks heading towards Nawa to take part in the siege.

Deraa / Al-Hraak / May 16: protesters express their support of other besieged communities by naming them one after another and saying “We are with you till death” Other chants: “Syria is ours and not a property of the Assad family” “the people want to topple the regime” “We refuse to dialog with Maher and Bashar” “We take death over humiliation”


Homs / May 16: women demonstrate calling for the release of their menfolk. Chant: “Peaceful, Peaceful” “We take death over humiliation” “God, Syria, Freedom”

Homs / Bab Amr / May 16: houses that protesters say was looted by security forces

Homs / Bab Amr / May 16: anti-regime vigil

Homs / May 16: a funeral for a martyred protester

Homs / Hola: children lead demonstration repeating “the people want to topple the regime’

Homs / Talbisseh: a night-time demonstration

Homs / Al-Wa’er / May 16: anti-regime vigil

Homs / Rastan / May 16: thousands poured into the streets to take part in this anti-regime vigil

Homs / May 15: “Leave, leave”

Hama / May 16: anti-regime vigil. Chant: “Bashar Itlaa Barra (get out)”


Aleppo / May 16: a small demonstration in downtown Aleppo in support of Deraa

Damascus / Saqba / May 16: funeral. Chants: “the people want to topple the regime”


Idlib / Kafar Nabol / May 16: anti-regime vigil. Second video: residents of Kafar Nabol meet their neighbors from Kafroumah

Idlib / Mouarrat Al-Nouman / May 16: anti-regime vigil

Albou Kamal / May 16: anti-regime vigil.


Jisr Ashoughour / May 16: In anticipation that the army might target their community next, local resident hold a vigil in which they declare they don’t have any armed gangs in this midst, and that they do not call on the army to intervene. Earlier in the day, protesters chased members of the local branch of the Baath Party out of their local headquarters, and set it on fire.


Lattakia / May 16: despite the heavy security presence throughout their streets, local protesters still braved out to stage this small demonstration chanting: “the people want to topple the regime”