Friday, May 27, 2011

The Road to Antalya!

As protesters prepare for another big Friday of defiance, dissidents, activists and opposition members abroad prepare for a conference to form a representative body that can help garner international attention and support for the revolution.

Thursday 26, 2011


As Syrian activists, dissidents and opposition members abroad prepare to hold a major conference in Antalya, Turkey, the online dialogue regarding the agenda of the meeting continues to unfold, and the major outlines of it are beginning to take shape. While the main goal of the conference continues to be the creation of some kind of representation for the revolution abroad, the term transitional council seems to be generating some confusion. As such, it is important to make something clear: what we're trying to accomplish is to form a support group that can be empowered by protest leaders acting inside the country to represent them internationally, seeing that the international community cannot endorse a movement that has no recognizable representatives. Still, this won't be a government in exile or a government after exile, or a government, but a group of advisors, supporters and spokespeople - interim diplomats, if you will, to represent the people not the regime.
Damascus / Qaboun / May 26: anti-regime vigil
Homs / Bab Al-Sibaa / May 26: anti-regime vigil
Homs / Al-Warsheh / May 26: anti-regime vigil
Homs / Al-Qusour / May 26: anti-regime vigil
Deraa City / May 26: sounds of gunfire at night. Eyewitnesses report that three people were killed due to this barrage, but details of what actually took place remain murky.