Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deaf, Dumb and Criminally Insane!

Bashar Al-Assad reiterates his commitment to the violent crackdown against unarmed protesters.  

Monday June 20, 2011

Assad speech meets with international condemnation and domestic ire… People all over Syria take to the streets and express their rejection of Assad speech, leading to mass arrests by security officers, including 150 students in the University of Aleppo…

A senior Turkish official said on Sunday that Assad had less than a week to start implementing long-promised political reforms before "foreign intervention" begins, although he did not specify what this might mean.

We, the Conspirators, the Germs, the 64,000 Outlaws, hereby acknowledge that, for all his insanity and all the nonsense and poison he spewed, Bashar Al-Assad managed in his latest speech to make two good points at least:

First when he said that “There is no political solution for those who carry weapons and kill.” This is exactly how we feel, and why we refuse to dialogue with the Assads.

He also made ample sense when said: “If a few thousands of those [i.e. the 64,000 outlaws] wanted to carry weapons and engage in sabotage, you can imagine what damage can be caused to the state.” This is exactly our point. The protesters are unarmed, for had they not been unarmed, they would have wreaked havoc on the country. It’s Assad’s own armies who are doing so.

But then, Assad went on to underscore his criminal tendencies and his wholehearted commitment to the crackdown by saying:

“This is the most important, even if the crisis went on for months or years, we should accommodate ourselves to it, we should corner it and make it limited to those who are concerned with the crisis. Now we have an army there. Until the army returns to their barracks, we have to support this army and ask for its support everywhere.”

In short, Bashar Al-Assad reiterated his earlier declaration of war against his people. So, it seems appropriate here to reiterate our commitment to the Revolution meant to oust him and topple his regime.

This is Bashar Al-Assad’s own account of what happened in the Idlib Province (other than his words, there is not a single shred of proof as to the veracity of this account, not a single eyewitness report, nor a video or images of the alleged sophisticated equipment he refers to):

“They started this in Jisr al-Shughour by committing the atrocious massacres whose images we saw in the media, when they killed security men and destroyed the Post Office. The Post Office is public property: people living in the city use it. There is a great deal of hatred. The important thing is that they possessed sophisticated weapons which did not exist before. They had sophisticated communication systems. They moved to another kind of action. Near the town of Ma’aret al-Nou’man, they tried to strategic fuel and gas depots. They were able to take control of them. They surrounded the army units which tried to restore them. We were surprised that they have modern four wheel drive vehicles on which they installed sophisticated weapons capable of dealing with helicopters. They also had communication equipment. They tried to commit another massacre in Ma’aret al-Nou’man against a security check points. They almost succeeded had not the people of the town intervened to protect the patrol by hiding them in their houses. Some of the town people paid the price by being tortured and having their bones broken. I appreciate the work of all of those who took this patriotic stance and hope to meet them soon.” (Read the Whole Speech)

The Protesters as viewed by the All-Wise Bashar Al-Assad (Besides being germs and microbes…):

The first constitute a part of our national component and all of the demands I heard from them were raised underneath the national umbrella… Nevertheless, there is a desire that it should be more comprehensive…. The second component consists of outlaws and wanted for various criminal cases who found in the state’s institutions an enemy and a target because they constitute an obstacle for their illegitimate interests and because they are sought by the state’s institutions…. You may be asking about the number of these outlaws and wanted individuals? I myself was surprised with this number. I thought they were a few thousand in the past. The number at the beginning of the crisis was more than 64,400 people. Imagine this number of wanted persons for various criminal cases the verdict of which ranges between few months and execution, and they had escaped justice; the verdict of 24 thousand of those is three years and above. Of course, a few days ago that number dropped slightly to less than 63,000 because some turned themselves in to authorities. Thus, the number is 64,000, may be more or less, and this equals in military terms almost five military divisions, almost a whole army. If a few thousands of those wanted to carry weapons and engage in sabotage, you can imagine what damage can be caused to the state…. The third and more dangerous component, despite its small size, consists of those who have extremist and takfiri ideology. We have known and experienced this kind of ideology decades ago when it tried to infiltrate Syria; and Syria was able to eliminate it thanks to the wisdom and intelligence of the Syrian people. The ideology we see today is no different from that we saw decades ago. It is exactly the same.

This is Bashar Al-Assad’s own account of the current state of the economy (Obviously the protests and the sanctions are hurting):

“The most dangerous thing we will face is the weakness or the collapse of the Syrian economy. A large part of the problem is psychological; and we should not allow fear or frustration to defeat us. We should defeat the problem by returning to normal life. Returning to normalcy has a moral impact, and the economy is affected by the psychological condition of the population. We should go back to normal life as far as possible… Here I want to express my thanks and appreciation for all the citizens who have taken part in the campaign to support the Syrian pound. There are people who have less than a thousand Syrian pounds, yet they contributed. Some have thousands and they did the same thing. One day, after we overcome the crisis, God willing, we should ask all those who have money about the role they played, how they contributed to this campaign.”

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