Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let It Be!

As regime officials continue to promise reforms, security officials continue to orchestrate a mass detention campaign, amidst continuing defiance by protesters.

Saturday July 23, 2011

Syrian cities observe a general strike … Hundreds of activists have been reportedly detained as part of a systematic campaign to quash the protest movement in the run-up to the Holy Month of Ramadan … two big explosion rock the headquarters of the Military Academy in Homs amidst reports of growing dissention within the ranks … a passenger train derails near Homs killing the drive, authorities blame saboteurs, but local activists assert the accident is likely due to neglect in maintenance of rail tracks … Clashes continue in Homs between heavily armed security forces supported by tanks and loyalist militias, and local residents of Bab Al-Sibaa and Bab Amr supported by army defectors. Heavy gunfire was also reported in Al-Wa’er neighborhood as warlike conditions prevail throughout Homs … Number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon reaches 5,000, but international aid organizations continue to have limited access to them despite repeated pleas … Army units continue their sweep operations of the Idlib Province communities, storming into new villages in pursuit of protesters who took to the nearby mountains for cover. But tanks continued their pursuit of protesters shelling various caves suspected of harboring them … 12 year-old dies as result of injuries sustained on July 15 after getting shot by security officers bringing total of dead children since the beginning of the revolution to 85 … in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, defector Wali Al-Qash’ami accuses Bashar Al-Assad of masterminding the crackdown: “troop movements cannot take place without written consent from Bashar Al-Assad” … Over 1,000 Syrian Americans held a major demonstration in front of the White House to show support to the protesters in Syria and to sign a petition urging President Obama to call on Bashar Al-Assad to step down …

Syrian presidential adviser says that 'map of reforms' will make Syria a country of political pluralism.
Another child has fallen victim to the bloody crackdown on the uprising in Syria. In all it is estimated that 85 children have been killed.

They want peace, eventually, and security, of course, theirs, naturally which is why they continue to wage war, and we continue to pay the price. The Assads won’t give up, neither will we! They are few, we are many. They are ready to kill for their cause, we are ready to die for ours. A match made in Hell indeed. Let it be. Let it be.

Homs / Bab Al-Sibaa / July 23: sounds of heavy gunfire, cameraman claims that these are the sounds of clashes between army defector and security forces -
A raid / July 23: a family captures their terror on camera as pro-Assad militias storm their house
Defections from the 4th Division: very few defections have been reported from the infamous 4th Division controlled by Maher Al-Assad, but Mustafa Ali Omar is one who decided to defect and join the Free Officers Movement. His reason: three of his comrades were shot for refusing to shoot at unarmed civilians -
Sunday Transformations: A Christian from Homs calls on his co-religionists to make Sundays look like Fridays by joining the protest movement -
Singing the Revolution’s Anthem at the White House / July 23: over 1,200 protesters from all over the United States braved 100 degree weather and gathered at the White House in a show of solidarity with their family, friends and compatriots in Syria

And All across Syria: “the people want to topple the regime”

Idlib / Al-Hbeit:
Damascus / Jobar:
Damascus / Jobar: (funeral)
Damascus / Harasta: (“Come on leave, Bashar”)
Damascus / Barzeh:
Aleppo / Seif Al-Dawleh: (loyalists and security forces assault protesters with knives and batons, killing two)
Idlib /Jabal Al-Zawiyeh: