Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No To Dialog With Assad!

If you want dialog, if you really want dialog, prepare to oust Assad.    

Wednesday July 6, 2011

More arrests, more protests, more vigils throughout Syria.  

Let's be clear. There can be no real democratic reform in Bashar al-Assad's Syria… The Syrian president isn't trying to negotiate with his opponents -- he's trying to divide and defeat them.
This is a rare moment in Mrs. Clinton's otherwise commendable stewardship of America's foreign policy where her credibility is fast eroding since her position on Syria defies logic and reason. It has raised troublesome questions by many in the Middle East who cannot fathom what is driving her to stay soft on Assad.
The Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) revealed on Wednesday that it had had access to two regions badly affected by the violence in Syria.
Three major human-rights groups express separate concerns about the Syrian regime's crackdown on the pro-democracy movement. The groups say the international community should hold the Syrian leadership accountable.
Voyages to Antiquityhas merged its last three cruises of the season into two. On its Nov. 8 departure, the line has replaced visits to Tartous and Latakia in Syria with an extended spell in the Red Sea, during which passengers will spend two days exploring Israel from Eilat…

“Nothing is ever settled until it is settled right” – Rudyard Kipling
White House demonstration to support Syrian people rights to freedom (July 23)


Another High-Profile Defection / July 6: Colonel Riyad Moussa Al-Asaad defects from Assad’s Air Force to join the Free Officers Movement.
Syrian Refugees in Turkey / July 6
Fresh water not always provided, some children got poisoning from drinking unfiltered water. Refugees have been having the same meals on a daily basis for weeks, which is not the best way for maintaining a strong immune system, diarrhea and other stomach problems are common.
Running water is not always available which causes sanitary problems.
Turkish authorities have so far resisted offers of help by organizations other than the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. Very few independent observers have been allowed access to these refugee camps, the 20-minute visit by Angelina Jolie notwithstanding.
Damascus / Al-Tall / July 6: protesters capture the spirit of the times by chanting: “With Bashar, there is no dialog”  

An Example of the lies perpetrated by Assads’ Dounia TV / July 5: a report on the Qatari revolution based on a fake Facebook Page, accusing American troops of opening fire on a bus-load of nurses killing few, among other such lies. This is not a joke. This is reported as serious breaking news on Dounia TV. This is the type of reportage that most Assad troops are exposed to exclusively while they are in service.

Situation in Hama

Hama / Qalaat Al-Madeeq / July 6: thousands demonstrate in support of their provincial capital, while holding a funeral for some of the local fallen heroes  
Hama City / July 6: the city observers a general strike in protest of army takeover
Hama City / July 6: protesters display a sample of the tear gas canisters used against them.
Hama City / July 6: Not to be outdone by their compatriots from Homs, the Hamwis (i.e. residents of Hama) poke fun at the whole armed gang lie told by Assad and clique.
Hama City / Al-Jarajmeh Neighborhood / July 5: security officers arresting a protester (near end of the video)


Damascus / Saqba: protesters keep coming out with interesting ways to insult Assad. “It’s written on the tanks that Bashar is but a milking cow”
Damascus / Kisweh: protesters arrange this impromptu vigil after chasing out a few hundreds Assad loyalists who stage a demonstration of support for TV earlier in the day.
Damascus / Douma
Damascus / Qalamoun / Al-Qarra
Damascus / Qaboun
Damascus / Al-Qadam
Damascus / Zamalka
Damascus / Harasta
Damascus / Al-Tall
Damascus / Midan District

Homs / Rastan
Homs / Khaldiyyeh
Homs / al-Wa’er

Hama / Kafanabbouza
Hama / Hilfaya
Hama City / Sirjawi Neighborhood

Idlib / Sermeen
Idlib / Binnish

Deir Ezzor City
Deir Ezzor / Qouriyyeh
Earlier in the day
Deir Ezzor / Albou Kamal

Deraa / Izraa
Deraa / Bosra

Lattakia / Al-Ramel