Saturday, July 16, 2011

Travel Notice!

I am currently attending a few international conferences, which is why I don't have the time to update the Digest. But many important developments have been taking place, including the arrest of renowned actors and artists who organized an anti-Assad demonstration in Damascus a few days ago. 

Taking in conjunction with the increasing size and frequency of demonstrations happening in Damascus's suburbs and central neighborhoods, the development marks a momentous shift, namely: the  transformation of Damascus and its suburbs into a new flashpoint for the protest movement, just as I have predicted earlier. The death toll from Friday (now put at 41) underscores this transformation, with the majority of the fatalities reported in Damascus. Four were killed in Ruknaddine, a neighborhood not too far from Assad's presidential Palace. 

Damascus is the new battleground. Keep this in mind as you read the various Syria-related headlines, as well as the useful updates found at NOW Lebanon

As for me, I should be able to resume making regular updates to the Digest by July 25. 


Ammar Abdulhamid