Saturday, August 20, 2011

Assad’s Response: 40 Killed!

As world leaders call on him to step down, Assad continues to orchestrate his slow-motion genocide.  

Thursday August 19, 2011

Assad death squads killed 40 protesters today, 18 of whom fell in the Hauran province, the Cradle of the Syrian Revolution ...  5 more protesters were killed in the historic city of Palmyra/Tadmor as security officers opened fire on protesters who took to the streets after Night Prayers, and 6 were killed in Homs City itself. In Damascus, one protester was killed in Harasta and 1 in Douma … Meanwhile, Assad security forces supported by tanks stormed into several neighborhoods in Homs City after Night Prayers in the aftermath of major protests demanding ouster of Bashar Al-Assad …

Russia and Turkey refuse to call on Assad to step down.

Because Syria is not one of the 116 nations that have ratified the court’s founding document, the 1998 Rome Statute, prosecutors cannot begin an investigation without an order from the Security Council, known as a referral.

Assad troops torturing and abusing their detainees in Hama City

Anderson Cooper Takes on Assad’s UN Representative

In this historic clip, we see Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser criticizing Hafiz Al-Assad in a speech for the policies of the Baath Party of laying off non-Baath soldiers and for overreliance on minority officers This should give us a sense of perspective on how the current mess started.

Security officers opened fire on unarmed protesters in Ghabaghib, Ankhel, Nawa, Jassem and Al-Hraak killing 17, wounding dozens.

Al-Hraak: tanks reenter the city , , open fire on protesters the result: more martyrs. This is one Here’s another and another  and another This was the demonstration before the crackdown ,

In Ankhel, more gunfire and more martyrs , In Tafas, the same scenario ,


Mourners come under fire near Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Mosque

In Al-Khaldiyeh, protesters came out in thousands , then they came under fire, leaving this old wounded man lying in the street until he is rescued by younger protesters A wounded child a martyr The likely culprit is this sniper But at night, and despite the power failure, protesters come out in droves

Bab Al-Sibaa , At night, protesters come under heavy machinegun fire , One of the martyrs

Elsewhere in the City, Insha’aat (Daytime) (Nighttime) Asheerah (Daytime) Al-Naziheen Al-Wa’er (Daytime) Al-Shammas (daytime) Al-Qarabees (daytime) Omar Mosque (daytime) Bab Houd (daytime) (nighttime) Bab Houd , Bab Dreib (nighttime) Stadium Street (nighttime) , Boustan Al-Diwan (daytime)

Elsewhere in the Province, Talbisseh: There may machineguns positioned on rooftops and tanks scattered throughout the main streets but that does not stop the protesters , , , Rastan (20,000 protesters) , , Deir Baalbah , Later, protesters come under fire. In this video we can hear the sounds from a different location (beginning and end of video) The wounded The martyr Al-Houleh, the site of wide-scale crackdown over last 2 weeks The tanks are still present across the street Tal Kalakh (daytime) Al-Qseir (daytime)

In Palmyra/Tadmor, protesters come under heavy gunfire A wounded Before the crackdown, protesters were playing with fireworks ,


Al-Qadam, protesters come under fire

In Al-Kisweh, tanks hide between residential buildings But that does not prevent protesters from taking to the streets  A wounded from the crackdown earlier in the day Protesters come out at night

In Harasta protesters come under fire in the morning suffer casualties , but still take to the streets at night ,

Douma (daytime) , Security crackdown  (nighttime) power failure does not prevent people from taking to the streets Jobar (daytime) Rankous (daytime) Kanaker (daytime) Zabadani (daytime) Arbeen (daytime) Zamalka Midan , Al-Tall  Madaya (daytime)



This Friday, small protests took place in different neighborhoods: Al-Buraq Mosque Zaid Mosque Al-Mashtal Al-Hamidiyeh in Al-Sabounieh, protesters scary away when they see a convoy of security vehicles approaching security officers then begin chasing after the protesters , , , Tear gas is used let off steam, security officers shoot at residential apartments but, at night, some protests still take place In Taybat Al-Imam Suburb, protesters wrote in candle light “Death is better than humiliation” In Kafar Zita , Latamneh Hilfaya


Marei Atareb Tal Rifa’at: protesters throw stones at security officers Andan Burning a poster of Bashar (daytime) Al-Sakhour (daytime) ,



Deir Ezzor City Despite the presence of tanks in certain parts of the city , protesters came out in the thousands in Albou Kamal

Lattakia City: a small protest in Al-Qalaa Neighborhood is designed to annoy the security forces at the foot of the hill