Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Digging In the Heels!

They kill Alawites as easily as they kill Sunnis, the Assads have no religion, sect, or no loyalty other than to themselves. They are sociopaths, pure and simple, they have not taboos. The price for ending their oppression will be heavy indeed.

Monday August 8, 2011

Bashar Al-Assad replaces Defense Minister on health grounds, amidst increasing reports of high-level disaffection with current crackdown… Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait pull their ambassadors from Syria… 9 people reported killed by Assad security forces in Deraa and Deir Ezzor, including an 17-year old woman who was shot by a sniper and a mother and her two young sons who were foraging for food… Syria army troops storm the city of Ma’arrat Al-Nouman in Idlib Provice and carry out mass search and arrest campaign… Eyewitnesses report that more than 1,500 people from Hama City have been detained as part of the ongoing crackdown…

The international community needs to keep up the diplomatic pressure and broaden sanctions to include the energy sector until those enabling Mr. Assad — the military and the business community — force him out.
(Reuters) - Turkey's friendship with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stood near breaking point as Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu prepared to visit Damascus on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to persuade Assad to stop his security forces attacking civilians.
In less than 24 hours, the island kingdom of Bahrain and oil-rich neighbor Kuwait followed Saudi Arabia's lead by summoning their ambassadors from Damascus "for consultations."
The announcement came as rights activists said security forces shot dead at least eight people including a mother and her two children in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, where 42 people were reported killed in an army assault on Sunday.
Obviously, the political situation is very concerning for investors. The consequences for businesses in a country suffering from such tumult can be severe. There has been no attack on Gulfsands' properties, although some oil facilities have been targeted, and a change of government may have implications for licences. Also, any sanctions against Syria could delay construction work in the country.
Representatives from India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) will be in Syria today to appeal to authorities in Damascus to end the escalating violence against civilians and implement democratic reforms, Indian envoy to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri has said.

In regard to the retirement of Defense Minister Ali Habeeb, there are proliferating rumors now that he actually died of a “heart attack.” There are also speculations that he was killed, some say, by Maher Al-Assd on account of Habeeb’s alleged connections with the Americans. After all, he was the general who led the Syrian forces who took part in the First Gulf War in 1990.  None of this can be verified of course, but we probably don’t have long to wait before we learn of the fate of General Habeeb. The General, an Alawite, was replaced by his deputy, General Yaseen Rajhah, a Christian. The move seems to come as part of continuing consolidation process at the top, a digging-in of the collective heels of a regime bent on fighting to the last Syrian.

Deir Ezzor Province / Albou Kamal: A leaked video made by army troops shows their recent operations against the border town of Albou Kamal http://youtu.be/FBvcqirq70Q Meanwhile in Deir Ezzor City itself, shelling and sniping continue http://youtu.be/AoC_qb7uoV0 , http://youtu.be/8agEeMvsoh0 , http://youtu.be/8agEeMvsoh0 Elsewhere in the City, people still showed up for protests http://youtu.be/vbfRXB21wYU , http://youtu.be/oqJl_2HZFWo , http://youtu.be/rC3YgrWsprk , http://youtu.be/F0qM9Rm69d8 They also showed for funeral, like this one for the young 17-year old woman Douaa Yahya Al-Shaher http://youtu.be/ejiZe6H-4Zw , http://youtu.be/HI1Z9nz1pes Effects of shelling on residential neighborhoods http://youtu.be/8tsluSKuOyo Tanks strolling through the city http://youtu.be/-Oisbs6HmfU , http://youtu.be/Bp6lvtf-kSc , http://youtu.be/MIgjqV5AkFc , http://youtu.be/8VYpRG_O_ho , http://youtu.be/6Owz5vPBE2Q A makeshift tomb for one of the activists http://youtu.be/EYyDay5fpg4 Protests continued elsewhere in the Province as well. In Mayadin http://youtu.be/KX66HnY6X60 In Al-Qouriyeh http://youtu.be/5Rkbt3mlpuE

Idlib / Ma’arrat Al-Nouman: army troops and tanks move in http://youtu.be/kr1TuuwQYrI , http://youtu.be/poW3Z_MhfYs Snipers take positions on rooftops all over the city http://youtu.be/ppFp-2OpmZ4 . Meanwhile in Idlib City, and despite the ongoing siege, the residents held a large rally, where one of the speakers said that around 50 army defectors were killed by security officers who plan to blame armed gangs in the city for the crime http://youtu.be/1sLu1kzhD7c

Hauran / Deraa City: security forces killed three people today to stifle the resurgent spirit of protest in this cradle of the Revolution http://youtu.be/njLeXB-JHa4 They watched the funeral procession for an activist killed on the previous night http://youtu.be/dFEnAJPcAE4 , http://youtu.be/abOkFHpK1rw , http://youtu.be/GegTIriSf7s Then they surrounded mourners at the cemetery http://youtu.be/sHqgaxsk7YY Then, unprovoked, they opened fire http://youtu.be/AS7asdpNifM , http://youtu.be/YM9o-9Trx7c This is the activist’s mother http://youtu.be/aoFBLlbp9TM For all their grief, she and other womenfolk in her family were shouting “the people want to topple the regime” http://youtu.be/G-MU1MabpX0 Now three more mothers and their extended are mourning, and three more funerals-cum-protests will be held.

Everything has a different flavor in Syria these days, even the way people are awakened for the traditional pre-dawn meal during the month of Ramadan. Instead of the usual refrains, this Musahharati, roaming the empty streets of the Damascene suburb of Douma, wakes people up by chanting “Down with the regime, Wake up to freedom” http://youtu.be/ymBRMezxkRc

Meanwhile in Lattakia, the residents of Al-Ramel Neighborhood continue to hold spectacular demonstrations, now with fireworks, chanting “the people want to topple the regime” http://youtu.be/r4rLa48hnKU So long as they are not leaving the neighborhood, the army seem to be content with letting these protests continue for now so long as protester remained confined to their neighborhood.

In most vigils and demonstrations that took place throughout the country today, protesters carried signs thanking Turkey, Saudi and Kuwait for their support of the protest movement.

Mohajreen:  a demonstration a short distance from the French Embassy in Afeef http://youtu.be/wqBmqJav2qY
Arbeen: thousands of residents take to the streets after Night Prayers despite the siege http://youtu.be/FDoqandaQ0M
Al-Hajar Al-Aswad http://youtu.be/28ULNB5K6c0

Al-Khaldiyeh: protesters change words of an old song to mock Bashar http://youtu.be/DiTmu1JtM8U burning posters of Bashar http://youtu.be/5kJHida2VJo

Jabal Al-Zawiyeh http://youtu.be/aOTGUh4hKD4