Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Age of the Guillotine!

The Syrian Revolution is settling into a longer term- phenomenon, and people have to expect ups-and-downs in terms of its intensity levels and demonstrations size, even as the crackdown gets more and more violent and the daily death toll gets higher.

Saturday September 17, 2011

50+ protesters were killed on Friday in protests throughout the country in Idlib, Hama, Homs, Deraa/Hauran, Damascus and Deir Ezzor. There were also reports of mass arrests and mass defections in Deraa/Hauran, Deir Ezzor and a number of Damascene suburbs. On Saturday 9 more protesters were reported killed including 3 in the town of Khan Shaikhoon in the Idlib Province.


The Guillotine

The Syrian Revolution is settling into a longer term- phenomenon, and people have to expect ups-and-downs in terms of its intensity levels and demonstrations size, even as the crackdown gets more and more violent and the daily death toll gets higher. If anything, the Syrian Revolution is being transformed into an actual revolution that carries with it the promise and willingness to replace the ancien regime in its entirety. The pragmatic longing of erstwhile days that would have settled for a Tunisian or an Egyptian scenario are gone forever. Those who would endorse such scenarios and those who agree to dialog with the regime will from now on be looked on as traitors. Those who would try to ride the wave and appoint themselves as trustees over the revolution will soon be spit out or trampled underfoot. For now we enter the radical phase. Ideologies will soon flourish, and compromises will be harder to reach, even between the revolutionaries, pragmatism is now more necessary and harder to attain. This might prolong the life of the regime only to seal its fate in a more dramatic if not violent manner when the moment comes. The Rule of Guillotine, figuratively and perhaps not so figuratively, is fast approaching.     

An Interesting Gaffe

"The revolution in Syria is still on the fringes," said Imad Moustapha, Damascus's representative to Washington. "It has not touched most of Syria… It's in the mosques and the small towns."

I think this constitutes the first official confirmation by an Assad apparatchik that an actual “revolution” is underway in the country. And when Assad’s official representative in Washington D.C. is willing to go on record on this, the phenomenon must be too big to deny.

Congress & the Syrian Revolution 

CQ TODAY ONLINE NEWS – FOREIGN POLICY (Sept. 16, 2011 – 8:37 p.m.)
Momentum Wanes for Strong Legislative Response to Situation in Syria
By Emily Cadei, CQ Staff (link unavailable, because requires subscription)

“The anti-government protests in «Syria» appear to be losing momentum, and so do lawmakers’ efforts to increase pressure on Syria’s government. Both houses of Congress have introduced legislation that would tighten sanctions against the Syrian regime. The Senate also has a resolution (S Res 180) pending that expresses support for peaceful protests in «Syria» and condemns the human rights violations being committed by autocrat Bashar al-Assad’s regime. But the resolution has been held up for more than four months by Rand Paul, R-Ky., as Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill., revealed last week.”

We understand the pressures Congress is under and the concerns of some that resolutions might pave the way for intervention, but the situation on the ground in Syria is worsening by the day and Congressional resolution might actually give the Obama Administration more tools to circumvent the need for direct intervention. Don’t punish the Syrian population for the way the Libyan situation was handled, especially seeing that we have already been punished for the way the Iraq situation was handled.

Update on Councilmania

The Antalya Group officially withdrew from the recently National Council, sighting domination by one political current (Islamist) and failure to represent the true diversity of the Syrian people. Reports also suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood itself will also withdraw in the coming days, despite the fact that some of its members have already taken place in the Council and are unlikely to withdraw, a development that points to anew split in the group. Damascus Declaration leaders inside Syria have not yet enunciated their position, and the Local Coordination Committees are divided over the matter, and a decision that does not reflect a consensus inside the group could cause further splits in an already fragile institution. The opposition is successfully exporting its divisions and divisiveness to the protesters. This has been its one and only success over the last few months.

More Defections

Homs – Bab Houd dozens of soldiers defect after receiving orders to fire at unarmed protesters The town of Basr Al-Harir in Deraa/Hauran had also witnessed some defections on Friday as a result of the bloody raid that left 6 dead In Douma defectors protected protesters from pro-Assad militias, protesters can be heard hailing the defectors who can be seen shooting in the opposite direction, that is, away from protesters (min 7) While some defects, others torture (Idlib – Kafroumeh)


Homs City – Saturday – Daytime
Bayadeh a funeral Baba Amr a children’s demonstration “No studying, no teaching, until the President falls” ,

Homs City – Saturday – Nighttime

Homs City – Friday – Daytime

Homs City – Friday – Nighttime

Homs Province – Saturday – Nighttime

Homs Province – Friday – Daytime


Saturday – Daytime
Douma thousands take part in mourning for 2 Friday martyrs , protesters clash with security as one teenager is arrested , Qaboun ,

Saturday – Nighttime

Friday – Daytime
Douma thousands take to the streets protesters burn the Russian flag the usual confrontation between protesters and pro-Assad militias take place soon after protesters come under fire Targeting the cameraman The martyr Subhi Zrarah The martyr Mouhanad Al-Natour Daraya worshippers come under fire in the Al-Farres Mosque

Friday – Nighttime


Saturday – Daytime
Tanks and gunfire in Khan Shaikhoon Jabal Al-Zawiyeh - Joseph mourners taken an oath to go forward with the revolution as they bury their dead the funeral , , Ihsem troops and tanks just passing through , Thousands take to the streets in Jarjanaz ,

Saturday – Nighttime
Jabal Al-Zawieyh – Sarjeh burying 2 martyrs Hzano Saraqib

Friday – Daytime
Jabal Al-Zawiyeh – Abdita a martyr Jabal Al-Zawiyeh - Kinsafrah martyr and mother The funeral

Thousands demonstrate in Sarmeen calling for the freedom and safety of Lt. Col. Hussain Harmoush coming face to face army troops , Binnish Jarjanaz Taftanaz , Khan Al-Subul Khan Shaikhoon Kafar Takhareem , M’arr Tamsareen Khan Shaikhoon , Kafroumah , Telmans Kafar Nabbel Indeed, it’s not fair that Medvedev can prevent the world from saving us M’arrat Al-Nouman Saraqib

Friday – Nighttime


Saturday – Daytime
Basr Al-Harir locals confront security officers with stones the martyr Alyan Al-Hariri the martyr Abdelbassit Al-Hariri the martyr Ali Ahmad Hanout Al-Hariri the martyr Hassan Youssef Al-Hairri Khirbet Ghazali locals challenge troops and taunt them by shouting “the Syrian army is a traitor” 

Nahteh Sanamein observes a strike in mourning After holding a funeral for Friday’s martyrs , Sourah Deraa City all women protest Da’el tanks in the city

Saturday – Nighttime

Friday – Daytime
Harrah Army troops open fire on protesters Basr Al-Harir stormed tanks move in leading to defections by some troops in their armored vehicle Sanamein stamp on poster of the Assads and burn the Russian flag then they come under heavy fire the child Ibrahim Al-Farrouh hit by a sniper The martyr, Ahmad Adnan Nassar Mseifrah protesters come under fire their protest was peaceful as usual Tseel protesters come under heavy fire   the martyr Ahmad Ouaidat protesters respond by throwing stones a wounded

Khirbet Ghazali locals hoist a large flag between 2 minarets with the word Freedom , snipers firing at protesters from top of the local mosque , , and here they are taking up positions around the mosque using tear gas roaming the streets picking targets , as their targets try to evade them , and finally bringing down the flag , the wounded

Friday – Nighttime


Friday – Daytime

Friday – Nighttime


Saturday – Nighttime

Friday – Daytime


Hassakeh – Amoudeh Friday (daytime) Qamishly ,

Lattakia – Jableh – Sturday (Nighttime)

Hama – Friday (daytime): Sauran Ellatamneh Kafar Zita Karnaz Madeeq “death to Bashar Al-Assad” Taybat Al-Imam Hama City (Taweel)

Suweidah – Shahbah – Friday (Nighttime)

Palestine – Al-Nassirah – Friday Palestinian demonstrate in support of their Syrian counterparts

Turkey – Refugee Camp – Friday (daytime)