Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Assad’s war against the people continues!

Number of smuggled videos goes down in proportion to increased military operations taking place in different parts of Syria. As Assad’s war against the people continues, they remain defiant, but documenting the atrocities perpetrated against them is getting more difficult.

Monday September 12, 2011

26 die in protests across the country, including 17 in the rural areas known as Sahel Al-Ghab in the Homs Province, a man and his in a security operation in Rastan in the Homs Province, and a young activist in the Damascene suburb of Douma, killed during a funeral.



Homs City – Daytime
Wadi Al-Sayah a virtual war-zone with shelling and heavy machinegun fire at all times http://youtu.be/gK25MDvduxk Bayadeh an all women protest http://youtu.be/F30Ik-bjENk The young activist Mustafa Al-Dalati is shot dead on September 5 by a sniper from his post at the walls of the historic Homs Citadel http://youtu.be/MLKedJaUT_A In Baba Amr, a mother saying goodbye to her son before burial http://youtu.be/VnW9ZyyUmqc

Homs City – Nighttime
Thousands of protesters in Khaldiyeh Neighborhood chant “Syria’s army is a traitor” http://youtu.be/GhGRJZoEtL0 “Nabeel Al-Arabi Arab League Secretary General] is a traitor” http://youtu.be/7OfOcK52IlQ “Freedom forever, and we will remove you Assad” http://youtu.be/zkM3oaKs_nI , http://youtu.be/SdpbmwAO5uc Baba Amr http://youtu.be/DPr0cHJ107g Insha’aat http://youtu.be/Gx9NsdEU5Y0 Wa’er http://youtu.be/XJ8PNkbje8E Stadium Street troops out, protesters in http://youtu.be/mTqC4G_AN6A “We don’t want it to remain peaceful, we want international protection” http://youtu.be/STiuLFdc1fQ Qoussour http://youtu.be/qVec6Hj_f9k , http://youtu.be/dl9Xg4NwPbs Ghoutah http://youtu.be/8rkF-2sEeU4

Despite the crackdown, the people of Talbisseh take to the streets http://youtu.be/zG5LKllS3ps Effects of shelling on city dwellings http://youtu.be/FX89KP5qkOc , http://youtu.be/usuGIlsRrD0 , http://youtu.be/eKcvLI4BFZ8 , http://youtu.be/eKcvLI4BFZ8 Same in Rastan where father and son were killed earlier in the day http://youtu.be/dLOf4Ptgmpc a paramedic was also shot http://youtu.be/QQbbSLlWx0U Thousands of people take to the streets in Tadmor/Palmyra http://youtu.be/3xgRrxPpL5g , http://youtu.be/cwe-2hrjZEY and Deir Baalbah http://youtu.be/oXnfgHBM-zg Qseir http://youtu.be/ZmmiCl55TFE


Khan Shaikhoon troops and tanks make a new foray into town http://youtu.be/s5OXh2n8p5I Kafroumah: the martyr Ahmad Bior http://youtu.be/q0X_515CZaY 

Idlib City http://youtu.be/Wv5fVlHhN1A Passing by the local church http://youtu.be/Muypn11ssQM Kafar Takhareem http://youtu.be/4VJXr7C3Qvc M’arrat Masreen http://youtu.be/6hd1CexkFmY Jabal Al-Zawiyeh http://youtu.be/vGhkueHp4Sk The martyr Ibrahim Zuleiman http://youtu.be/9SpZPYs9nKQ Taftanaz http://youtu.be/a_akL6cg8TE


Douma locals hold a funeral for 14-year old Subhi Salam http://youtu.be/O3t2n9MElL0 , http://youtu.be/t2fxODMH2aA, http://youtu.be/1byUSJYr3Ck women take part and demand release of all detainees http://youtu.be/5XJgZRsJCyk , http://youtu.be/awj-uKUoj20 crackdown follows, leaving the child Izzat Allababidi dead, after being shot by a sniper http://youtu.be/Ut3lTWv1mck , http://youtu.be/ossr6GaR9v8 Afterwards, pro-Assad militias patrol the empty streets http://youtu.be/32ObGNNMFhA Barzeh protesters carries a banner saying “Security people if you were Toms, we’re all Jerries” http://youtu.be/NigV41Ns_ts , http://youtu.be/9tWOWL_yZXk Assaly http://youtu.be/vOaOaGpI648 Al-Hajar Al-Aswad http://youtu.be/72DR4dSJ1TY

Daraya – September 11, mourners come under fire http://youtu.be/RkGTTucQcwg



Deraa City – an all women protest http://youtu.be/rOqJoPBEZaU



Deir Ezzor – Deir Ezzor City (Hamidiyeh) http://youtu.be/Jn2UiEOLQYg , http://youtu.be/Jn2UiEOLQYg

Turkey - Syrian Refugees Camp http://youtu.be/zd8awon5FVk

Raqqah – Raqqah City (Ansari Mosque) http://youtu.be/ViH-nBtYmBI