Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To School!

Students across Syrian had their first day of school today, but it’s the entire country that needs to go back to school: the protesters to learn more of the basics of civil disobedience and acquire certain new tactical skills, the traditional opposition to relearn the dos and don’ts of political action, the silent majority to learn more about the true price of silence, the Assad loyalists to learn the rule of civility before it is too late, and the Assads themselves to learn the basic rules and etiquettes of life behind bars without eligibility for parole.

Sunday September 18, 2011

11 protesters were killed by Assad security officers, including a female high-school student in Homs City and a male child in Sanamein in Deraa/Hauran Province --- Syrian opposition members declare the establishment of a secular democratic coalition in Paris, and call for international protection for peaceful protesters --- The Jordanian Newspaper, Al-Arab Al-Youm (Arabs Today), reports in its Sunday edition that the Syrian Central Bank has conducted a number of transfers in Jordan meant to help it evade future sanctions, including changing a $400 million deposit in a major bank into Saudi Rial while keeping it in the same, bank, and withdrawing $30 million from a different bank and transporting the funds in cash to Syria.


Friday in Hraak protesters come under fire, leaving one dead

Sanamein an all children protest follow a funeral for the child Ibrahim Farrouh shot by a sniper on Friday other parts of the city observed a strike Ankhel



Free Officers from the Khalid Bin Al-Walid Division in Rastan issue warning to the regime demanding the release of their leader Husain Harmoush and other colleagues Children pay “respect” to Bashar al-Assad on their way to school A funeral for a local Rastan activist Karm Al-Zeitun Neighborhood in Homs City witnesses random shooting by pro-Assad militias on Saturday a kid is arrested in Ghoutah neighborhood in Homs City

Homs City – Daytime
Khaldiyeh , a martyr Baba Amr children demonstrate shouting “no studying no teaching until the presidents falls” an all-women protest Ghoutah Karam Al-Zeitun the bodies of 3 martyrs killed on Saturday Ghantoo

Homs City – Nighttime

Homs Province


Kanaker Qaboun a funeral , Assaly Kisweh students demonstrate after their first day in school , Eltal students come under tear gas when they demonstrate after school Daraya student demonstrate after school



Binnish , Jabal Al-Zawiyeh the funeral of a local activist killed under torture



Aleppo – Andan

Hama – Hilfaya