Friday, September 2, 2011


How many protest communities across Syria will end up endorsing the transitional council, this is the big question that this Friday will hopefully answer.

Thursday September 1, 2011

Hama City Attorney General submits his resignation and flees the country … 7 people were killed by Assad security forces: 6 in Homs City including an 11-year old boy and a 10 year-old girl (wounded on Wednesday), 1 in Rama Village in Idlib Province, a 7-year old man, and 1 in Deir Ezzor City … Meanwhile, dozens more activists were detained including in the Damascene suburbs of Zabadani, Qadam and Qaboun, the towns of Qourieyh and Jourah in Deir Ezzor, and the town of Jizah in Deraa/Hauran Province ... Fearing a contagion effect, security forces open fire on protesters in the Aleppo suburb of Tal Rif’at killing at least one …

Activists seek a peaceful opposition to Assad regime, but others fear more conflict
If the EU were to impose real energy sanctions on Assad, their impact on his political future could be tremendous.
Reports suggest hotels in the tourist hubs of Damascus and Aleppo are empty. Tourism makes up about 12 percent of Syria’s $52 billion economy.
… the UN's Edward Luck, a special adviser for carrying out the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine, believes that pressure is nevertheless mounting on Syria. "Many countries in the region are hardening their attitude and putting more pressure on the Syrian government to act," says Luck. "And we hope that will convince them to change course."
By day, a measure of normal life unfolds in Homs: stores and government offices are open, and people go about their business. Checkpoints have proliferated, though, and the most active youth try to stay off the streets, worrying that they are easier to identity in the daylight. By night, they gather in scores, sometimes in the hundreds, in open defiance of the regime.
Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi was blunt when he declared: “Either in Yemen, Syria or any other country, people have some legitimate demands and governments should answer them as soon as possible.” Gone was the facile epithet of ‘foreign conspiracies’ for even Iran knew there were none.
Amnesty International has said it believes that at least 88 people have died in detention in Syria during the past five months.
… the Syrian opposition has unified sufficiently to be an effective recipient of Western aid. Funds for striking workers, a wide variety of portable encrypting communications equipment and, critically, a cross-border WiFi zone that extends to the city of Aleppo, the commercial hub of Syria just 23 miles from Turkey, could greatly aid the opposition’s resistance. Covert action takes two to tango: Let the Syrian opposition tell us what it needs.
A new Syria is destined to emerge… from the months of upheaval engulfing the country in 2011. If that Syria is to be more democratic, Kurdish aspirations will have to be integrated into the broader spectrum of the country’s politics, moving the Kurds from the sidelines onto the field.

CNN asks: Syria's attorney general: Resignation or kidnapping? With reports from Turkey that Adnan Bakkour is now safely there, this seems like the genuine deal indeed. Here’s the video of the resignation and here is the video in which Mr. Bakkour says he was not kidnapped .

Faytong and Patel looked at the Twitter network of an extraordinarily-well linked U.S-based Syrian and Middle East activist who tweets in both English and Arabic:  Ammar Abdulhamid—known to Twitter users as @tharwacolamus As they mapped the network of the several thousand followers of @tharwacolamus, Faytong and Patel noted that the most active 300 followers (with an average of 5,300 tweets each), in turn had a non-unique aggregated total of over 17 million followers—a size that made this whole “an excellent representation of the Middle East activist network.”


… many U.S. mainstream media, including CNN, ABC News and US News and World Reports “have very few primary sources with respect to Middle Eastern activists.  On Twitter, they mostly rely on secondary sources, which are often based outside of the Middle East, implying a mutual lack of interest.  Data shows the Middle Eastern activists are indifferent towards these media outlets.  One possible cause is that these activists cannot depend on U.S. media outlets for timely and richly detailed reports.  Their traditional news retrieval architecture results in delays in reporting developments from that region and watered-down analyses.  This in turn keeps them well-buffered from the activists that are the most-connected.”

In other words, Middle Eastern activists can be a major source of information on the different developments in our region, and are heavily inter-connected, but mainstream media in the U.S. is not taking full advantage of us. But that can easily change by simply pressing the follow button on our Twitter accounts.

Protests supporting the National Transitional Council announced in Ankara on Monday

Homs City / Stadium Street / Aug 29: protesters salute Bourhane Ghalyoun as the head of NTC and say that “the people want the transitional council” , , A protester sprays “the people want the Transitional Council” on the ground in Qoussour Neighborhood (Aug 31) in Homs City In the neighborhood of Baba Amr (Aug 31), protesters carried signs saying “a thousand yes to the Transitional Council” “the Eid is more beautiful with the Transitional Council” and “the people want the Transitional Council” , On September 1, people carry a banner congratulating the Syrian people on occasion of the formation of NTC In Bayadah (Aug 31), protesters carried a large sign saying “yes to Transitional Council” And on September 1, they chant “the people want the Transitional Council”

In the Damascene suburb of Hamourieyh (Aug 31), the people salute the Change Council, one of the alternatives appellations proposed form NTC In another suburb in Damascus, Arbeen (Aug 31), and in order to avoid any confusion, the cameraman made sure to name the NTC whose spokesman is Diaa Doughmoush, the young activist who announced the formation of NTC on Al-Jazeerah In Assaly (Aug 29), protester carried a banner blessing the NTC and congratulating the Syrian people for its formation

Mseifrah / Deraa: protesters carry banners saying “We want a Homsi President” (head of the NTC, Bourhane Ghalyoun is from Homs) 

Leaked videos of military operations in Idlib Province (Masrab) (Jabal Al-Zawiyeh) ,

Another video of Assad soldiers misbehaving and abusing locals, this one from the town of Rastan in Homs Province Torturing a prisoner in Deraa City In this video, Assad police, having prevented worshippers from entering the mosque for Eid prayers, shout slogans “For your sake Bashar” “God, Syria, Bashar and nothing more” “We salute the people of Qardahah (Assads hometown)”


After weeks of nonviolent protests, security forces open fire on protesters in Tal Rif’at , wounding many killing at least one Mother of the martyr In Eizaz, more protests take place at night in support with Tal Rif’at Andan Meanwhile, Marei held a funeral on Thursday for an activist that was killed on Wednesday , , Mourners take the revolutionary oath


Thousands take to the streets in this new protest destination in Idlib Province, Al-Deir Al-Sharqi “See, Gaddafi is gone” , On August 31, in Kafroumah, people held a funeral for a local activist


Hama City / Souq Al-Shajarah , Hamidiyeh Shaikh Anbar Elsewhere in the Province, Kafar Zita The motorbike protesters in Kafar Zita merge with those from Latamneh Carrying banners saluting the Attorney General of Hama, thousands of protesters gathered in Karnaz chant “the people want to execute the president” ,


Thousands pour to the streets in Khaldiyeh – protesters carry banner calling for international intervention , (night) , in Baba Amr Bab Dreib Bab Houd protesters demand a no-fly zone , Qoussour Bayadah Boustan Al-Diwan Bab Al-Sibaa

Meanwhile, protesters in Insha’aat offer several new martyrs to the cause, including this 11-year old boy , Another martyr And another The wounded ,

The children demonstration in Khaldiyeh – not a small affair , ,

Despite continuous military operations, people still take to the streets in their thousands in Rastan in Talbisseh a banner saluting Adnan Bakkour, Hama’s attorney General who defected this one says “the people want no-fly zone, intervention to protect civilians, executing the presidents, removing tanks from streets Palmyra/Tadmor  Wadi Al-Arab Houleh Security checkpoints , Snipers on top of government buildings Deir Baalbah


High Quality Video of Ankhel crackdown on August 30 Today, it was Harra’s demonstrators’ turn

After days of active celebrations and protests , army troops invade Taybah ,

Deraa City / Sabeel Neighborhood (Night)  Inside Al-Omari Mosque Jizah from daytime to nighttime Hraak


Harrah , Tseel (banner: “to UN, blood-levels have risen to intensive bullet-fall”

Mseifrah Kafar Shams “Banner: we want international protection)  Khirbet Ghazaleh Basr Al-Harir Yadoudeh & Tal Shihab


Douma thousands take part in the funeral of Youssef Al-Toukhi killed by security forces on Wednesday , , , , Women take part The martyr

A sit-in in Kafar Sousseh demanding release for all detainees ,

Midan / Abou Habel Mansour Mosque Meanwhile, in Salhieyh - a flash protest also, in Mazzeh

Despite the continuous intimidation, protesters take to the streets in Moadamiyah