Sunday, September 4, 2011

Defiance & Funerals!

More violent crackdown by Assad security forces has so far led to more defiance and greater insistence on nonviolence on part of the protesters.

Saturday September 3, 2011

Syrian army troops mount an operation in Ma’arrat Hourmah near the Turkish border in search of Adnan Bakkour, Hama City’s Attorney General who announced his defection a few days ago. The operation left 3 residents dead. More security operations left 1 dead in Deir Baaalbah City in Homs Province, 1 in Qastoun Village in Hama Province, in in Saraqib in Idlib Province, and several in Abtaa in the Deraa/Hauran Province. 1 more protester died in Homs City of wounds sustained on Friday.

EU publishes new round of sanctions against Syria on Saturday; Russia, China have blocked Western attempts to pass tougher UN Security Council resolutions.
These measures are designed to do just that. Three are Sunnis and one is Christian. This will be an experiment in religious and social engineering in Syria.  Can sanctions been used to pry the Sunni and Christian business elite away from their Alawi partners in the security state?

Featured Videos

More videos of Assad’s thugs misbehaving. In this leaked video from Lattakia City, we see hos schools have been turned into detention camps, and how security people are abusing the prisoners, by forcing them to say that Bashar Al-Assad is their master , This is one from Harrah in Deraa/Hauran Province (August 30) shows army troops firing at protesters A newly uploaded video harkens back on the mid Ramadan invasion of Deir Ezzpr City with tanks roaming the streets and firing randomly at people Meanwhile, more defections from the army were announce today

In Homs City / Bab Dreib, protesters chanted in support of the Transitional Council


Douma thousands of locals take part in the funerary procession of activist Muhammad Basheer Al-Shami , , ,

Funerals were also held in Hamouriyeh (for Ismaeel Tomei) , and for Ibraheem Roustom

Zakiyah (for the martyred defector Bilal Khalaf) ,

In Jobar, the funeral , , was dispersed by pro-Assad militias , here we see them opening fire on protesters As a sniper watches from a rooftop

Meanwhile Kafar Batna observes a general strike in mourning for Friday’s martyrs While, the local Sheikh, Bassam Dafda’ announces his support for the Revolution Earlier, locals buried their martyr Rida Shakeer ,

A small nighttime demonstration in Midan / Jazmatiyeh , , a daytime demonstration in Zahirah Another flash protest took place in Hajar Aswad

The women of Dmeir arrange for a small protest of their own

Major nighttime demonstrations also took place in Kisweh where earlier in the day, Assad’s militias carried out a raid of the suburb Zabadani Assaly Harasta where protesters carried banner asking opposition groups to “stop wasting time” Kafar Sousseh


Homs City funeral Jib Al-Jandali a funeral And more funerals Bab Al-Sibaa

Elsewhere in the larger Province: Palmyra/Tadmor , Houleh

Deir Baalbah Earlier in the day, Assad militias stormed the city  , the crackdown left several wounded


Ma’arrat Hourmah burying some of today’s martyrs , The martyr Ibraheen Al-Hassoud The martyr Anas ismaeel Praying over the bodies of the martyrs



Lattakia City / Tabiyaat: security forces conducting arrests

Refugee Camps in Turkey