Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Field Day!

Another big show on Friday proves that life will not return to normal in Syria until the Assads are no more.

Friday September 9, 2011

13 people were killed by security forces today in protests throughout Syria, including: 7 in Homs City, 1 in Qseir City in Homs Province, 3 in Idib Province (including the 74-year old brother of Lt. Col. Hussain Harmoush, leader of the Free Officers Movement from the village of Ibleen), 1 in Deir Ezzor City and 1 in Khattab village in Hama Province. The crackdown left as well dozens of wounded throughout the country, especially in Homs and Damascus.

Dr. Ammar Qurabi, chairman of the executive bureau of the Syrian Conference for Change (AKA the Antalya Group), met on Friday with Mikhail Margelov, President Dmitry Medvedev’s envoy to Africa and the Middle East, and urged Russia to send a parliamentary group to investigate the situation in Syria. For his part, Margelov stressed his country’s opposition to foreign intervention in Syria and a repetition of the Libyan scenario there.


Mass Murder Galore

Mass Grave with over 50 bodies uncovered in Sayyidah Zeinab Suburb in Damascus Meanwhile, credible eyewitness reports from Syria stress that mass execution of detainees are taking place on a regular basis, and that Military Airport in Mazzeh on the outskirts of Damascus has been effectively turned into a major detention camp and that several episodes of mas execution has already taken place there. Just today, we are told, over 400 detainees were killed, including defectors and protest leaders. If Mr. Jakob Kellenberger, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross wants to inspect a place in Syria, that should make the top of his list at this stage, not the VIP section at Adra Prison where corrupt businessmen and officials end up serving their sentences.

Meanwhile, pro-Assad thugs continue to carry their intimidation campaign on the street, as this clip shows: gangs of shabbiha try to drag protesters out of their car in Damascus’ Midan District near Hassan Mosque

New Statement by the Free Syrian Army

Colonel Riyad Al-Asaad, leader of the Free Syrian Army, declares the formation of two new divisions made up of defectors to operate in Damascus and its rural suburbs, the Abou Obaida Bin Al-Jarrah and the Mouawiyah Bin Abi Soufian Divisions. The colonel also says that his army has no political agenda, is not aligned with any particular political group, and will serve all Syria people regardless of political, national, religious or sectarian affiliation. He also stressed that the group is already mounting operations against Assad loyalist troops and militias throughout the country, and that the Assad regime will fall “sooner than anyone expects” It seems then that a certain division in responsibility is taking place between the Free Officers Movement operating mostly in Homs and Idlib and the Free Syrian Army who will focus on Damascus.

Meanwhile, this defector, who was studying law before being drafter and who carries the Syrian and German citizenship, reads a statement in Arabic saying that soon after he called fir duty, he defected near the suburb of Harasta and joined the ranks of the Free Syrian Army he then reads a statement in German, explaining the situation in Syria

France 24 interviews some Free Officers

In an interview with France 24 correspondent in Homs, these Free Officers refute official propaganda about resistance and assert that the frontiers are empty of mines, and speak of an incident when they saw an Israeli drone overflying Syrian territories in the Golan and say how they never received orders to bring it down, even though it made an easy target. They also speak against Hezbollah and refute its alleged support of the Palestinian cause

“We want international protection”

Thousands took to the streets in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh (Ibleen) after a recent crackdown left three dead, including the 74-year old brother of Lt. Col. Hussain Harmoush, leader of the Free Officers Movement Protesters in Ibleen angry as their chants go “We don’t freedom anymore, we want international protection. We don’t want peaceful [protest] anymore, we want international protection” And in Khaldiyeh Neighborhood in Homs City, an activist has a message to the world in English

This being the Friday of International Protection, the cry of “the people want international protection” was echoed in all the protests that took place day and night throughout Syria. But that variation in Ibleen, was unique to Ibleen.


Homs City: Come hell or high water, come shelling or snipers, the protests in Homs must and will go on

In Karm Al-Zeitun, protesters come under fire and several are injured

A martyr from Bab Dreib a 10-year old martyr from Khaldiyeh

Syria’s National Soccer Team goalkeeper leads a protest


Thousands take to the streets in Khattab where troops fired and killed 6 people including a 15-year old boy on Wednesday , nighttime The town of Mork staged its own mass protest So did Taybat Al-Imam , Karnaz Madeeq Hilfaya , Ellatamneh Kafar Nabboudeh Kafar Zita ,

Hama City new clips of the martyrs who fell during the invasions that took place early last month Today, heavy security presence is preventing demonstrations in Assy Square They even made an arrest But people still find places to demonstrated and at night, people protest in larger numbers Sawa’eq Kazo


Deraa City: protesters come under fire but they remain defiant and chant “the Syrian army is made up of traitors” In Nawa, army presence impeded protests Same story in Jassem But in Hraak, not even tanks managed to stop protesters from tearing down a poster of Assad In Bosra, protesters come under fire

And again at night


Tank chases protesters in Kafroumah These were the protests before the tank chase ,


Kafar Yahmoul Sarmeen Kafar Takhareem Idlib City “We need international protection” Kafar Nabbel


In Kisweh, protesters , come under fire , , the cameraman filming the security crackdown was hit, but he was not killed Some of the wounded in Kisweh , Some of the pro-Assad militias , , Pro-Assad militias and Dounia TV cameraman. Representatives of State media are always there, but they don’t film what they should , Protesters come out at night again m ,

Thousands take to the streets after Noon prayers lifting signs calling for international prevention Douma , ,  Burning the Russian flag Security filming protesters



Inhabitants of Al-Ramel Camp in Lattakia City who are now refugees in Turkey hold a protest , Back in Lattakia City, security and pro-Assad militias prevent demonstrations by worshippers coming out of Hussain Mosque Earlier in the day, larger demonstrations took place involving refugees from all over Syria

Hassakeh (Qamishly) Kurdish protesters take to the streets at noon , , and during the night Amoudeh ,