Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Aleppo Surprise!

Taking into account, the psychopathic nature of the Assads, we can only conclude that any kind of accommodationism will be seen by them as a sign of weakness and will reinforce their deep-seated belief that violence works. Those who really want to curtail the bloodbath should think up more effective strategies of confrontation not accommodation.

Tuesday September 6, 2011

8 people were killed in demonstrations all over the country, including 5 unidentified bodies found in the city of Homs, and 2 laborers, including a 15 year-old boy in the city of Rastan … In Aleppo City a funeral for the Grand Mufti became an occasion for locals to show their solidarity with the revolution.

The funeral of the late Grand Mufti of Aleppo, Ibrahim Salkini, afforded the people of Aleppo a rare opportunity today to show the world where their real sympathies lie regarding the revolution. The thousands that took part chanting “the people want to topple the regime” for the very first time on such a mass level throughout the main thoroughfares of the city clearly demonstrated that revolutionary sentiments are not exactly absent from the scene. The public ripping of an Assad poster served to underscore the point. Indeed, we can now assert that the inability of Aleppans to organize large protests is more a matter of tight security controls and a lack of effective organizational cadres, and not a matter of complacency or lack of sympathy with the revolution.

The vagueness surrounding the sudden death of Grand Mufti Salkini, who has recently shown greater sympathy with the demands of the revolutionaries, especially after conducting extensive talks with religious leaders around the country, has contributed to making him appear as a martyr figure with many of his followers believing that he was poisoned. It is, of course, impossible to verify this claim at this stage. 

Meanwhile, opposition figures from inside and outside the country continue their meeting in Doha with the aim of coming up with what they called a Syrian National Coalition that will be in charge of guiding the transitional period to democracy. Even though a statement issued by the conferees didn’t exactly say so, but the coalition seems to endorse the plan proposed by the Arab League, which allows Assad to remain in power until 2014 and to supervise the transitional process. The point is to stop the bloodbath, as we are told, but this will likely end up dragging the entire country straight into the quagmire of civil strife, and a far worth bloodbath than we currently have.

If the rational proposals continue to fail taking into account the psychopathic nature of the Assads, they will make things worse, regardless of the intentions and patriotic credentials of the figures involved. The Assads have shown willingness to lie and kill with impunity, all while stoking the fires of sectarianism and recruiting sectarian militias, how would the current plan proposed by the Arab League change their nature?

Taking into account, the psychopathic nature of the Assads, we can only conclude that any kind of accommodationism will be seen by them as a sign of weakness and will reinforce their deep-seated belief that violence works. Those who really want to curtail the bloodbath should think up more effective strategies of confrontation not accommodation. There is no going back in this revolution and there is no slowing it down. If freedom is what we want, then we have to go through this hell. The protesters know the price will be high and are paying it already. They don’t want us to question their judgment at this stage, since the sacrifice is ultimately theirs. They have shown enough wisdom to refrain from violence and to rise above sectarian prejudices despite the ongoing provocations, as such, they have earned the right to be heard when it comes to their desire for ousting the Assads NOW, not later, no matter the price.

The funerary March of Aleppo’s Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Salkini: Aleppoites finally had the opportunity to shout “people want to topple the regime” and “death is better than humiliation” publicly as they marched in the thousands in their City’s main streets. , , Other chants repeated by protesters today: “Today’s Your Day, Aleppo” and “Revolt, O people, shake the foundations of the presidential place” and, yes, even the provocative “the people want to execute the president” was heard But this was not the main chant at this stage.

Those who raised the execution slogan elsewhere in Syria did so in response to the inhuman crackdown they were subjected to, Allepoites are not there yet. Still, the chant of “We don’t want Bashar” was suffice to tell us where they stand on this issue. If that wasn’t enough, tearing down posters of Assad along the way should , , , And perhaps the chant of “curse your soul Abou Hafiz

This is the body of Grand Mufti Salkini Taking the coffin from the Mosque Convinced that he was killed, mourners chanted “we give our blood and soul for you, Martyr”

At one point, security cars began trying to drive through the crowds

Outside Aleppo, an activist took this video of army troops and tanks allegedly heading towards Aleppo

Meanwhile, in the nearby community of Bayanoun, locals held a funeral for an activist , and mourners chanted “we don’t want Bashar”


In Homs City, the low intensity warfare continues, with shelling in Qoussour Neighborhood Earlier, shelling left several martyrs, including Khalid Hamsho and another in Khaldiyeh You can hear the cameraman say “to those who oppose NATO intervention, look at this” .  In Bab Houd, people want a no-fly zone Insha’aat

But people remain defiant, and so in Bab Dreib

Thousands of Talbisseh locals take to the streets as usual , In Deir Baalbah, a victim torture released And in Rastan a martyr


Thousands took to the streets in Idlib City and they danced as they demands Assad’s departure and chanted “the people want to execute the president” and called for international monitoring People came out in droves in Sarmeen as well and there, they chanted against the head of the Arab League The presence of armored vehicles in the city in the morning did not deter them In Binnish called for international protection


A defector from the military police in Sanamein

In Da’el protesters call on the opposition to unite or they will begin to chant down with the regime and the opposition , Power failure did not stop thousands of people from taking to the streets in Jizah , , or in Sanamein People came out as well in Khirbet Ghazaleh Nahteh Tseel Ghariyeh Nawa

Earlier in the day in Deraa City, women and children held their own small protest chanting “Syria’s ours not the Assads’” In Mseifrah, the children continue to be educated in the ways of peaceful protest , ,


Hama City / sheikh Anbar Ellatamneh


In Kisweh, protesters remind us that the Red Cross was given access only to “five star prions” ,

Earlier in the day, in Moadamiyah, the women came out asking for the return of their menfolk The women in nearby Daraya did the same In Barzeh, locals held an afternoon protest In Qaboun, a flash protest defied tight security controls

In Lattakia City, women held an indoor protest In Qouriyeh in Deir Ezzor Province people defined curfew A video from Deir Ezzor City taken on Friday shows security officers protecting a statue of Bassel Al-Assad In the Kurdish city of Amoudeh in Hassakeh province, locals held a nighttime protest