Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homs: War-Torn & Defiant!

Nothing outlast the Homsis, they keep going and going and going… until a certain regime is over and done with. Still, a little international help wouldn't hurt, as the local division representing the Free Officers Movement made abundantly clear in its first official statement today.

Wednesday September 7, 2011

40 people were killed by Assad security forces today in a renewed assault on communities in Homs (22 in Homs City itself in the central neighborhoods), Hama (6 in the town of Khattab, 1 in Taybat Al-Imam and 1 Al-Sawa’eq Neighborhood in Hama City), Idlib (2 in the town of Sarmeen), Deraa/Hauran Province (1 in Nawa and 1 Kafar Shams), Lattakia (1 in Lattakia City itself).


More Atrocities

A cold blooded execution in Homs City But it’s all in good fun to Assad’s thugs, they kill with a sense of joi de vivre and having listened to none other than life-embracing Fairuz all the way to their killing field de jour

Abuse of detainees by army troops in Harrah in Deraa/Hauran Province Doha, a 7-year old girl survives in critical condition after getting shot by security forces in Bayadeh Neighborhood in Homs city , In the Damascene suburb of Kafar Batna, troops kicking down a protester In the town of Khattab in Hama Province, 6 locals were killed by security forces including a woman and this 10-year old boy , The body of Jamal Houry from Jableh showing signs of torture Mourners at his funeral come under heavy gunfire

More Defections

More defections in Rastan in Homs Province , , Including local representatives of the Baath Party Meanwhile, this soldier reports that Lieutenant General Husain Harmoush, leader of the Free Officers Movement, has not returned to Camp since a meeting with a Turkish security official on August 29 It is perhaps this strict control imposed by Turkish officials on the movement and activities of defectors which has forced them to look for safe havens in-country. And many seem to have found it in the Homs Province, so much that they feel comfortable addressing the crowd openly There have been ongoing clashes for weeks between loyalists and defectors in Rastan and surrounding areas.

The Free Officers Want International Intervention

Back in Rastan, the Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Division of the Free Officers Movement, issued its first official statement in the presence of all its senior leaders

Their demands: 1) An international resolution to protect the unarmed protesters by implementing a no-fly zone following a withdrawal of army troops from the streets to their barracks 2) an international resolution recognizing the legitimacy of efforts by the Free Officers to defend the peaceful protesters and protect the people from the gangs of the Assads, 3) freeing all political prisoners and protesters, and 4) freeing all officers detained because they tried to protect the people. The statement especially notes the role of Lieutenant Ya’rob Tartar whose headquarters was attacked and 7 of his soldiers were burnt alive before he was arrested.

The statement concluded by asserting that the Free Officers do not belong to any external party, but to the Syrian people.

Murder & Circumstance

A recording of a phone conversation with Sheikh Ibrahim Salkini, Grand Mufti of Aleppo In it, Grand Mufti Salkini refutes claims that he abuses and informs on protesters and defends the right of “people protesting for sake of God.” Sooner after the call, the Grand Mufti received a visit from a security detail, and soon they left, he was found dead at his desk of an apparent heart attack.

The people want international Protection

In Karnaz City in the Hama Province, and so many other communities across Syria, people are demanding international protection In Rastan City in Homs Province, locals make the same demand


A tank convoy on its way to Homs City , Residential buildings in Bab Dreib showing signs of random shelling and shooting As clouds of black smoke fill the air Bab Houd man taking his last breaths

Three of today’s martyrs (Bab Houd) , A closer look at martyr Tarek Al-Masri The locals bury their dead in the cover of night in the local park A martyr from Khaldiyeh A martyr from Bab Dreib a martyr from Bayadah ,

These ambulances, according to eyewitnesses, are not carrying the wounded but their killers And those that don’t get fired at

A funeral in Jourah for the local activist Bilal Al-Kinn , , , mourners stop by Bilal’s apartment

Targeted neighborhoods go on strike: Dablan Jourah Clock-tower Square Stadium City Center

In a typical fashion, mosques were targeted (Baba Amr) ,

Despite the shelling, the terror and the dying, inhabitants of the Old Homs neighborhoods come out to protest:

In the afternoon: Qoussour Bayadeh, people were out in the street in the afternoon Even though there were snipers on top of the buildings overlooking the neighborhood Karm Al-Shami

at night: Baba Amr “Death is better than humiliation” Protesters carry electric banner  saying 25 dead in Homs alone today Qoussour , Wa’er Stadium Qarabees Insha’aat Ghoutah

Clip showing the shelling of Rastan on September 6 An operation that left several martyrs, including Hamdo Firzat and his 15-year old brother Zakaria Firzat This is their funeral

Inhabitants in Talbisseh came out in droves to show solidarity with Homs city and other besieged cities and communities throughout Syria Rastan fields its own mass protest as well demanding international intervention Houleh fielded its now mass demonstrations So did Qaryatein Palmyra/Tadmor , Deir Baalbah Tanks were hid at the local university campus


Ghariyeh a funeral for a local defector , Another funeral in Nawa A mother saying goodbye to her son before he is buried Tanks and army troops reenter the city of Harrah



From the protest in Douma on September 2, protesters defy militias and chant “One way or another, we will get Bashar below ground” On September 6, the inhabitants of Kisweh celebrated the release of a few detainees


In Tal and Qaboun respectively, the local women demand return of their menfolk Qadam Assaly Midan (Zain Al-Abdeen)

In Turkey, along the Syrian borders, refugees stage a nighttime demonstration demanding the “execution of the president” ,

In Elbaab City in Aleppo Province, people demonstrated in mourning over the passing of Grand Mufti Salkini Tanks on their way to Aleppo

In Deir Ezzor Province, people continue to stage small protests in their community despite the continuing siege, arrests, and crackdown: Tayaneh  Deir Ezzor City / Bousraya Neighborhood Moazafeen Neighborhood

In Kafar Zita, Hama Province, Taybat Al-Imam Madeeq In Hama City, security forces carry out arrests at night In the morning, inhabitant of Al-Sawa’eq Neighborhood buried a local martyr

In the majority Kurdish city of Qamishly in Hassakeh Province, ,