Monday, September 12, 2011

The Lion at 46!

As Assad celebrated his 46th birthday, more killings and atrocities were being perpetrated by his name in Syria’s cities. At 34, Assad stepped into the limelight as a reformer, at 46, he is about to step out as a mass murder.

Sunday September 11, 2011

10 people were killed in the continuing security crackdown throughout Syria, including 3 in Homs City, 2 in the Damascene suburbs, 2 in Saraqib in Idlib Province (women) and 3 in Albou Kamal, Deraa/Hauran and Hama.

Bashar Al-Assad celebrated his 46th birthday with more bloodshed and terror.

Three Alawite religious leaders in Homs issued a statement distancing themselves and their community from the “savage practices perpetrated by the Syrian regime against unarmed protesters demanding their freedom and their rights.” The three clergymen, Muheeb Nisafi, Moussa Mansour, Yassin Hussain, also denied reports of killing and kidnapping of local Alawites and assured the members of their community that local Sunni leaders will continue to stand against any such developments. After 6 months of revolution, they concluded, it’s clear that this revolution is destined to succeed and that the best way for self-preservation is to join the ranks of the peaceful protesters.

The paper said Harmoush, who appeared on al-Jazeera TV channel several times and announced the formation of the "free officers brigade" allegedly to liberate Syria, has been arrested, adding that Harmoush is responsible for booby-trapped Jisr al-Shughour area in northern Syria in addition to many other operations that targeted the Syrian army and security agents. Quoting unidentified sources at the Idlib province in northern Syria, al-Watan said Harmoush was traveling for some times between Syria and Turkey.

One Last Birthday?

Protesters celebrated the 46th birthday of their fascist-in-chief by cursing his soul and those of his family members alive and dead, and demanding international protection.

But another common chant that became popular among protesters these days: “God, we only have you on our side.” Protesters are calling for international protection, but they don’t expect anyone to listen, except God. But when people pin their hopes solely on God, it’s usually the extremists that listen. But for now, it’s the defectors who are listening Let’s just hope that the international community steps in before the Jihadists follow suit.

The Binnish Roadmap

While mocking Bashar’s birthday, the people of the town of Binnish in Idlib Province took the time to advertise their own roadmap for change in Syria, a plan consisting of 7 points

1) troops return to barracks, 2) security apparatuses dissolved, 3) Bashar and his henchmen surrender themselves to be judged, 4) power passed to High Council for the Revolution, 5) implementing drastic changes to the Constitution, 6) holding free and fair parliamentary elections, and 7) an international delegation should monitor the implementation of the above items.

The only real difference that I can detect between this plan and the one proposed by the Arab League revolves around the fate of Bashar al-Assad and his henchmen, as we can see. The protesters understand the real nature of this regime and they know where its power resides: they know that unless certain people are immediately removed from power, including Bashar and other members of the Assad family as well as their main henchmen in the army and security apparatuses, no real change can be implemented. They will not be fooled. They will not accept an Arab League Plan that calls on the very people who represent the essence of the crisis in Syria to supervise reforms meant to drive them out of power, and prefer to pin their hopes on their ability to:

1) convince the Syrian opposition to put their difference aside and form a transitional council that can represent the interests of the revolutionaries, and 2) convince the international community to live up to its moral and legal obligations and help them chart a path out of this impasse.

So far both sides are failing the revolutionaries.

More abuse by Army troops

Homs – Baba Amr: a man run over by a tank A man run over by an armored vehicle Army troops torture a detainee by beating him with a stick on the soles of his feet Leaked video of army troops celebrating in their own way after the storming of Tal Kalakh on the Lebanese borders weeks ago A newly uploaded video shows security forces storming Homs University Campus A protester beaten to death by security forces in Bayadeh Neighborhood in Homs

This clips shows how mobile service providers in Syria disable sending any message containing the word “Prayer”


Homs City / Daytime
Security forces dig up the graves of martyrs buried in Nakhleh Mosque in Safsafeh Neighborhood Army troops and tanks roams the city

Martyrs Satatm Mheini Sattam and Muhammad Youssef Muhammad Youssef’s body showing signs of torture The funeral Pubic prayers for the two martyrs before their burial Sultan Matini Bassel Khaznadar (killed on August 26, but body only delivered today) Nasser Al-Saleh Tarek Al-Turkmani

Shop-owners in Suq Al-Ajeej observes a strike Protest in Dablan against Arab league Plan

Homs City / Nighttime

Only this video came out of the town of Talbisseh in the last 48m hours, on account of ongoing random shelling  (37 minutes of continuous shelling can be heard). 

People celebrate in Tadmor/Palmyra , Deir Baalbah In Houleh, protesters advise Egyptians to throw away the Syrian Ambassador before the Israeli one


Jarjanaz Kafroumah A funeral Women take part in the procession the martyr Another martyr, the cameraman is decrying the insistence by opposition figures on peaceful protests, pointing to the army’s role in the crackdown A new body of a local uncovered in Balshoun in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh

A Chopper over the city of Saraqib Thousands take to the streets in Binnish



Ruknaddine a funeral for activist Ahmad Baghdadi that naturally turns into a protest Moadamiyeh locals want release of their detainees

Daraya Choppers overfly the skies of the suburb Daraya the body of 17-year old Ahmad Ayrout killed during a funeral for activist Ghiath Matar Ahmad gets his own funeral today , A silent all women demonstration in Daraya demands release of all detainees Shop-owners later observe a strike in mourning ,



Tanks in Nawa Funeral in Namar , for the child Ahmad Youssef Al-Mahmoud An all women demonstration in Deraa City An all children demonstration in Abtaa Men defy troops in Ankhel “the people want to bring down the President”



Refugee camps in Turkey, protesters from Lattakia organize a protest ,

Aleppo – Eizaz pro-Assad militias celebrate as they roam throughout the streets of this protest community

Deir Ezzor – Qouriyeh Deir Ezzor - Deir Ezzor City

Baniyas an all women protest demands “freedom” despite the continuing siege