Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Missing Truth about the Missing Activists in Syria!

As protesters vent their anger against Russia for its supportive stance of the Assads, the latter’s troops continue to comb the countryside of Homs and Idlib provinces, killing more children and sealing off Syria’s borders: Syria has effectively become one giant concentration camp. The Auschwitzization of Syria is complete.

Tuesday September 13, 2011

21 people were killed in security crackdown all over Syria, including 5 mourners in Kafar Nabboudeh in Hama Province --- Security forces in Damascus broke up a mourning gathering in the suburb of Daraya shortly after departure of the Ambassadors of the United States, France, Denmark and Japan. The mourning was for 26-year old nonviolence advocate Ghiath Matar who was tortured to death by Assad security officers --- Arab Foreign Ministers call on Assad to stop violence --- On a day aptly called “Anger Against Russia Day, Russia says it will continue weapons sale to the Assads --- Sources say Syrian army troops have effectively sealed off the borders with Lebanon --- Fate of Hussain Harmoush, leader of the Free Officers Movement, who disappeared on way to his refugee camp following a meeting with Turkish security chief on August 28, remains unknown ---


As a results of the tragic developments that took place in Syria in the late 1970s and early 1980s, human rights organizations in Syria estimate that 17,000 people went missing. Yet, by the time Bashar Al-Assad came to power in 2000, Syrian prisons reportedly held only 2,000 political prisoners (i.e. before Bashar filled them up again by opponents to his rule). So, what happened to the missing? The answer is obvious of course: they are buried in a variety of mass graves scattered throughout the country.

Recent events in Syria left over 3,500 dead and around the same number classified as missing. Could today’s missing have met the same fate as those of yesterday? Well, what do YOU think dear objective reader? Do you think that the death toll from the early August crackdown in Hama City, which had at one point fielded demonstrations with over 500,000 participants and people were willing to face up tanks to stay in the streets, is only 400 people? No. The figure of 400 and 3,500 tell you about the cases that we can actually document despite the information blockades imposed by the Assads. They give an idea, but they don’t tell the entire story or capture the reality of the situation.

The real death toll in Syria since March 15 is probably closer to 10,000, making it one of the bloodiest murders the region has witnessed in a long time, and it happened even as the world watched. By imposing an information blockade, playing it in slow-motion and relying on the bureaucratic standards and procedures followed by international organizations in these situations, the Assads have probably managed to sneak in a massacre almost twice the size of Srebrenica’s own under our noses.

But while the world has to do some math and comparative analysis in order to get to the truth, the protesters don’t. They know all too well what happened to them, they know it’s much more horrendous that what gets reported, which ads to their frustration. They believe that the international response to the current developments in Syria is premised on inaccurate assumptions and information, and that world leaders need to get a better grasp of the realities on the ground in Syria in order to adopt the proper stance. While the causes of international dithering are far more complex than this, an inability to form an accurate impression of what’s happening in Syria is definitely a contributing factor here. International observers seem to believe that the YouTubes we’re getting on a daily basis tell the whole story. But they don’t. For all we know, the Assads could be running a dozen Auschwitzes throughout Syria as we speak, and we wouldn’t even know it. Syria is still a police state, the Assads are still calling the shots, and the facts are still quite hard to suss out.

Collective punishment shooting up the donkeys – I guess the Assads (lions) are really hungry Destroying the motorbikes of local residents Detainees suffer more abuse The body of martyr from Homs showing signs of torture Meanwhile, more defections took place While Assad troops undergo a rotation in Idlib Province And tanks storm Albou Kamal City on the border with Iraq


Homs City – Daytime
Assad militias roam the local suqs on foot , and in their tanks A martyr from Baba Amr Another Another Syrian State TV claims all these explosives were found in Homs in their usual play of the war drums

Homs City – Nighttime

Homs Province


Khan Shaikhoon tank attack and observes a general strike

Idlib City Burning a Russian flag M’arr Shamsheh Kafar Takhareem burning the Russian flag Binnish burning the Russian flag Saraqib burning the Russian flag Taftanaz Sarmeen Jabal Al-Zawiyeh


Hama – Taybat Al-Imam Khattab , Sahel Al-Ghab - Hawash Kafar Nabboudeh a martyr (cousin of Hama Attorney General Adman Bakkour) Karnaz , Mrouk Army tanks at the entrance of Qastoun Hilfaya

Hama City - March 8 Street Hama City - Hamidieyh


The Ambassadors of the United States, France, Denmark and Japan take part in the mourning ceremonies for activist Ghiath Matar in Daraya , ,

Zabadani army troops and tanks surround the suburb in preparation for a new foray

Douma the funeral of the child Izzat Lababidi killed yesterday during a funeral as funerals breed more funerals , , Burning the Russian flag during the fungal Midan – Abou Habel , Burning the Russian flag Moadamiyeh a few women insist on carrying the torch of protests despite the crackdown and the siege and the rapidly shrinking male population on account of detentions 


Midan – Jazmatiyeh “Russia is killing with her stance” ,


Mleihah Al-Atash Deraa City an all-women protest Sourah



Deir Ezzor – Qouriyeh Jbaileh Deir Ezzor City Shaheel (daytime) a funeral for local activist