Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Noose Tightens But The Killing Continues!

The Assads will refuse to see the writing on the wall, no matter how big and bold the letters are. Theirs has always been a case of willful blindness, which has proven an incurable disease once contracted by Arab dictators.  

Saturday September 24, 2011


First of all let me apologize for my inability to update this blog as usual, it’s simply too much work when I am on the road, meeting fellow dissidents as well as officials in different countries. But, having communicated with many activists from inside the country recently, it’s heartening to see how strong the commitment to nonviolence is despite increase in brutality levels in the ongoing crackdown. The defectors and their role, real and potential, aside, the increasing calls for international protection reflect a lingering desire to keep the protests peaceful. Keep toughening the sanctions, provide concrete offers of golden parachutes to regime officials, engage opposition and dissident groups out there, as fractious as they are, and provide them with logistical and material support not to mention advice on formulating a transitional plan, and we might still have a chance at avoiding the bleak scenario of Assad-orchestrated civil strife.