Monday, September 5, 2011


Peace under Assad rule is far worse than any massacre perpetrated by his ilk. Had people not reached this conclusion, we would never have had a revolution.

Sunday September 4, 2011

17 protesters were killed in various security operations mounted by pro-Assad militias and troops throughout Syria. 3 were killed in the town of Shaizar in Hama Province. Other fatalities took place in Khan Shaikhoon in the province of Idlib where security forces are still combing the area in search of Adnan Bakkour, the highest level security defector since the beginning of the Revolution.

The neighborhood of Baba Amr in Homs City was the scene of new crackdown that left 15 wounded and a number of fatalities, and in the town of Talbisseh in the Homs Province a protester died of wounds received on Friday. 4 were also killed in a raid on the city of Karnaz and 2 in the town of Tahtaya in Hama Province, while 1 was killed in Idlib City when security officers opened fire on a passenger bus.

Arrests were conducted in Deir Ezzor City, Deraa City and a number of Damascene suburbs.

Combined with rumors of ongoing liquidation of detained protesters under the cover of night, reports of the return for Muhammad Al-Khouli, Ali Douba and Nayeh El-‘Aqel, figures who took part in shaping the tragic events in 1980s, to the scene in Syria seem designed to send a message to the protesters that Assad is preparing for a major crackdown. Is this true? Or is all this part of a new psyop? Who knows? Protesters will have to keep going, and their supporter abroad will have to keep reporting and monitoring irrespective of the veracity of these reports. Peace under Assad rule is far worse than any massacre perpetrated by his ilk. Had people not reached this conclusion, we would never have had a revolution.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeerah just announced the formation of the High Council for the Syrian Revolution made up of known protest leaders from around the country, many named clearly, while others used their pseudonyms, and two have in the last few weeks moved out of Syria such as Mutei Al-Bateen (Deraa) and Imadeddine Rasheed (Quneitrah). The founders said that the HCSR is meant to form the nucleus of a transitional council, and already several demonstrations around the country carried banners supporting its formation.


Hama Attorney General Adnan Bakkour confirms he survived an assassination attempt with minor injuries during an attack on his hideout in Ma’arrat Hourma on September 3. Three revolutionaries died while protecting Mr. Bakkour. Revolutionaries had tried to spread rumors to the effect that Bakkour had already crossed into Turkey, but the authorities were not fooled. Mr. Bakkour, the highest ranking civilian defector to date, remains on the run somewhere inside the Idlib Province. The manhunt continues with a new foray into the city of Khan Shaikhoon that left a number of fatalities among local residents.

Cyprus / Nicosia / August 31: Rateb Al-Wadi receives news of the martyrdom of his 12-year old brother in Harrah in the Deraa/Hauran Province. Rateb and his friends were about to take part in an anti-Assad march after performing Eid prayers 

Residents of Idlib Province discover a mass grave in the village of Rami and try to retrieve the bodies at night. One of the dead had his hands tied behind his back and obviously executed

Meanwhile, a newly uploaded video shows the body of 14-year old Hamzah Al-Khateeb who was obviously tortured and his penis was cut off (Very Gruesome)

In Baba Amr Neighborhood in Homs City protesters found a body of a man left behind by pro-Assad militias in a local well the man is not a local, he had no ID on him and his body shows signs of torture Pro-Assad militias tortured many today ,  and wounded many And killed many, like this woman in Karm Al-Zeitun killed by a stray bullet while home

This leaked video from Rastan in Homs Province shows the random shelling of the city that took place during Ramadan

This leaked clip shows how Assad’s loyalists get brainwashed. They are made to repeat this slogan “We are the monsters of the land, the eagles of the air, the men of death, special forces, special forces, our souls, our blood to be sacrificed for Bashar. God, Syria, Bashar and nothing more.” The speaker then tells them how protesters mutilate corpses and that they are not Muslims Army troops are not allowed to access any channel or media outlets except Syrian TV, Dounia TV and other loyalist networks and publications. The first real test these soldiers face comes when they are told to shoot at unarmed protesters. Bits of the truth also seep in through contact with family members, and or course, the occasional sneak peek at satellite networks and independent radio broadcasts.


Jisr Ashoughour under occupation In the morning of September 5, the city comes under heavy machinegun fire

Earlier in the day, security forces stormed the village of Khan Shaikhoon in search of Hama Attorney General Adnan Bakkour , Some of the stores that were targeted People believe that this car was attacked by security forces and say that occupants were killed , A funeral , for a local activist

Saraqib a funeral for Ahmad Da’aas The  martyr and a later in the evening a protest Idlib City people come out at night in thousands in support of Khan Shaikhoon , Sarmeen , Ghadfah thousands of people come out at noon in support of Khan Shaikhoon Thousands came out in Jarjanaz as well


Taybat Al-Imam Kafar Zita Karnaz a funeral for three local martyrs





Douma more clips from yesterday’s funeral for Muhammad Basheer Al-Shami the martyr Security officers and pro-Assad militias firing at mourners who shout defiant slogans back at them, such as “freedom forever in spite of you Assad” , , ,

Midan a protest near Hussain Khattab Mosque , In Hamourieyh thousands took to the streets Thousands come out in Barzeh as well And in Harasta Meanwhile, thousands of residents of Qarrah City attended a funeral for a local activist , , ,


Homs City author Rima Fleyhan declares her support for the revolution Bab Houd Waer “the people want a transitional council” The children of Waer Qoussour , Jib Al-Jandali Baba Amr

Emerging from 2 days of continuous crackdown Talbisseh , Pro-Assad militias pass through Houleh having looted many local stores, according to eyewitnesses This is a clip of victims of the shelling that took place in Houleh on August 31


Albou Kamal , , But in the morning, main roads are blocked with tanks