Monday, October 17, 2011

Fuck Off!

While Arab politicians struggle to formulate a response or a proposal and the Syrian opposition to proffer a vision or a plan, the children of Syria have no such trouble. They know exactly what the crisis is all about. The Assads, in their words, need to “Fuck Off.”

Sunday October 16, 2011

9 people were killed by pro-Assad militias in protests that took place throughout Syria. The dead include 6 in Homs City (where 40 were also reported wounded), 2 in Khan Shaikhoon in Idlib Province and 1 in the town of Zabadani in Damascus Province.  The death toll is expected to mount as pro-Assad militias continue their attack on neighborhoods in Homs City, towns in Homs Province (Teer Mallah and Ghanto), in Idlib Province (Khan Shaikhoon), Deraa/Hauran Province (Harrah, Ankhel and Mseifrah) and Damascus Province (Zabadani and Madaya).

Meanwhile, the Arab League to reach consensus on freezing Syria’s membership, and ended its extraordinary meeting by calling for dialog between the Assad regime and all opposition groups. The League also announced the formation of a special ministerial delegation to pay a visit to Damascus and carry message in person to the Assad regime. The move is based on the Arab League Plan calling for holding free presidential elections in 2014, a plan that was rejected by the regime and most opposition groups. The position of the Syrian National Council on this issue remains unclear as its spokesmen continue to issue contradictory statements to the media.


The children in Ma’arrat Hourmah in the Idlib Province out their demands very succinctly and in English so everyone can understand. They want Bashar Al-Assad to simply “Fuck Off”

In the town of Ankhel in the Deraa/Hauran Province, protesters come under fire even as they stand defiant In a different part of town, the same scenario unfolds , The people target are students, not college students, but students in High School, Junior High School, and even primary schools Afterwards, the town observes a general strike And at night, people took back to the streets

A martyr from the nearby Harrah Gunfire in Khirbet Ghazaleh Security troops then move in In Da’el protesters came under fire

Homs City: praying for Nesrine Da’as and her daughter Nesrine was pregnant when she was shot by a sniper on Saturday, doctors managed to pull out the fetus, but she died hours later In the evening, protesters in Baba Amr came out denouncing the stand of the Arab League Meanwhile, the crackdown in Insha’aat Neighborhood leaves new martyrs , In Khaldiyeh, protesters offered new martyrs then came out again to call for protection chanting “the people want a no-fly zone” Then came udner fire again

In the nearby town of Deir Baalbah, the night belong to heavy gunfire Earlier, people organized a large protest demonstration

Damascus Province: pro-Assad militias storm the town of Madaya But people came out at night nonetheless In nearby Zabadani, night protesters come under heavy gunfire , leaving a martyr loyalists had stormed the city earlier in the day

Leaked video from Lattakia City that dates back to August: the video shows pro-Assad militias abusing a local man forcing him to “admit” that he is a drug-dealer and pledge loyalty to Assad

The Actor Jalal Al-Taweel participated in the funeral of the child martyr Ibrahim Shaibani that took place on Saturday in the Midan District in Damascus City In Douma, pro-Assad militias roamed the streets on the morning of Sunday

The confessions of a pro-Assad militiaman The man has been taken prisoner by members of the Obeidah Bin Al-Jarrah Brigade of the Free Syrian Army operating in the larger Damascus Province in an operation that took place near the town of Saqba. The militiaman says that his patrol killed 4 unarmed protesters before being fired on by the Brigade and he was captured. He admits that women are being raped in security branches. He says that Brigadier General Abdussalam Rahmoun has given them orders to shoot at protesters. Of course, the confession sounds rehearsed. The important point behind this clip is the recurrence of such captures at this stage, and the fact that the FSA is now operating in Damascus.

Student Demonstrations continue throughout the country, this is just a sample:

DERAA/HAURAN: a student demonstration in Hraak following end of school day Primary school students demonstrate in Jassem shouting “why are you afraid? God is with us” And the crowd grows larger In Jizah students call for the execution of the president Sanamein Kafar Shams

DAMASCUS: Daraya a student demonstration

HOMS PROVINCE: Houleh Tadmor (Palmyra)

Turkey/Refugee Camps:

Regular demonstrations

IDLIB: Ma’ar Tamsareen Sarmeen

Deraa/Hauran: Da’el Tseel Mseifrah Ghariyeh Hraak a women demonstration take place at noon


HASSAKEH: Qamishly