Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Another Day in the Revolution!

While waiting for Godot and the opposition to do something worthwhile, the daily routine in Syria can be summarized as follows: defiance on the one hand, impunity on the other, and blood is spilled in between, as hope rises and sets like the burning sun, a promise that can never to be touched or fulfilled.

Saturday October 15, 2011

13 were killed today, 3 in Homs City, 3 in Kafar Nabbel in Idlib Province, 1 in Jabeileh in Deir Ezzor Province, and 2 in Damascus, as pro-Assad militias continued their crackdown against unarmed protesters.

In Damascus, two mourners were killed and several were injured when security officers fired at a crowd of over 10,000 protesters, including many women, attending a funeral for Ibrahim Shaiban, the child who was killed in Friday. Eyewitnesses report that many Palestinian refugees took part in the funeral today, and that the second mourner to be killed was indeed Palestinian. Tensions in the Palestinian Camp of Yarmouk are reportedly high as people prepare to bury their dead on Sunday. The death toll might rise by then as 4 of those injured are reported to be in serious condition. The young actor Jalal Al-Taweel has reportedly attended the funeral as more young artists and actors throw their support behind the Revolution. The Palestinian community is divided on the revolution, with most being quite sympathetic, but the fact they are considered refugees, even though they were born in Syria, create a legal complication that makes of the local leadership wary about their future. Still, young Palestinian activists supported the protest movement in Deraa City, Damascus, Hama, Homs and Lattakia.

In Homs City, three protesters were killed in security operations in the Old Town, in the neighborhood of Karm Al-Zeitun, Bayadah, Khaldiyeh, Bab Al-Sibaa, Baba Amr and Insha’aat. The dead include a pregnant woman, but her child was reportedly saved by local doctors.

In Jbeileh, security officers chased and killed a known local activist.


What does the Everyday looks like in Syria these days? Pretty much like this:

One of the protesters killed during the funeral for the martyr child, Ibrahim Shaibani, that took place in the Midan District in Central Damascus on Saturday: Closer look This is was the funeral before the crackdown , , A view from inside the crowd , Women participation People lift their shows in the air as a sign of rejection of Assad People wave a large independence flag Ibrahim Burying Ibrahim and the flag Protesters come under fire One of the wounded Protesters throw stones at security , they eventually storm the security officers and the pro-Assad militias out

In Homs City, pro-Assad militias take their war to the suburb of Deir Baalbeh with tanks and heavy artillery shelling the residential neighborhood

Elsewhere in the City locals held a funeral in Karm Al-Zeitun a martyr who fell today in Baba Amr His funeral a martyr from Bayadah Loyalist army troops move into Bab Al-Sibaa Same in Khalidyeh where security officers stopped microbuses used for local transport and searched passengers Pro-Assad militias storm the Mreijeh Mosque in Bab Al-Sibaa and chase out worshippers then they write on its walls “Assad is the God of Syria, worship no one else” Choppers were used in transporting troops to the City

Still, locals take to the streets at night: Baba Amr The banners carried by the protesters in Baba Amr are interesting in their call on Saudi monarch to recognize the Council, on the Arabs to speak out, and on leaders of the SNC itself to stop dithering: people want international protection, with all the trimmings To drive the point home, protesters in Khaldiyeh carry a banner saying “no-fly zone and a safe zone are legitimate demands”

Protests also took place in Deir Baalbah despite the earlier shelling Bayadeh Ghoutah Insha’aat Qoussour Shammas Wa’er

In Idlib City, protesters carry banners calling on Arab Foreign Ministers to endorse their demand for a no-fly zone and a safe zone

In Deraa/Hauran, in Da’el, locals held a mas funeral for some of Friday’s martyrs , In Ankhel, locals did the same  One of Ankhel’s martyrs New scenes from Friday’s clashes in Ankhel In Deraa City, long under Assad occupation, people organize a small demonstration in support of Ankhel and Da’el and carry banners calling for a no-fly zone

A clip from a funeral on Friday for a local activist in Da’el shows the mother cursing “Damn our soul Hafiz” This is how the activist fell, during a standoff between unarmed protesters and tanks, in which protesters shouted “the Syrian army is a traitor” ,  

In Khirbet Ghazaleh on the morning of Sunday October 16, the local imam issues a call for civil disobedience from the local minaret and encourages residents to observe a general strike

In Deir Ezzor, in Jbeileh, pro-Assad militias torture and kill Ziad Obeid, a local activist

The Free Syrian Army claims several operations in and around Aleppo, including one that targeted a caravan of security officers on their way to the suburb of Anadan to quell the local protests. The operation was carried out by the Ababeel Brigade led by Lieutenant Ammar Al-Wawi who said that 4 loyalists were killed, and that the operation led to an exchange of gunfire with loyalist inside the local hospital  Protesters had come under heavy gunfire on Friday And again today protester held another funeral at night

In this video, the Khalid Bin Al-Walid Brigade of the FSA, claims that the battle of Rastan led to killing 750 loyalist troops, and destroying 48 tanks and armored vehicles. The killed also included 2 Generals related to the Assad and Makhlouf family, one of them was already a captive taken by the defectors 3 ago, which is probably why the city and its surroundings were spared for all this time The figures are clearly exaggerated, but the killing of several loyalist troops including the 2 generals, as well as the destruction of a number of tanks and armored vehicles is supported by eyewitness reports. Be that as it may tanks returned to the city earlier today

Here we have Bashar Al-Assad himself announcing his defection from the Syrian army, because it’s doing a miserable job and has only killed 3,000 protesters so far. He says he will be joining the Israeli army because it has nuclear and can take of this miserable revolution

A new tactic in nonviolent resistance: protesters collected large amounts of cash and re-injected them into the market, after writing some interesting revolutionary slogans such as “Curse your soul hafiz” and “the people want to topple the regime”

HOMS PROVINCE: Houleh Tadmor (Palmyra) Qseir In Talbisseh, a renewed crackdown leaves several wounded, this is the only video we received

DAMASCUS: Harasta Madaya security forces storm this restive town in the larger Damascus Province Kafar Sousseh Snipers on rooftops in Douma , , and in the streets Saqba “we want international protection” Misraba (Friday) In Daraya, plainclothes security officers make sure that students don’t demonstrate at end of school day