Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kids Revolution!

The Syrian Revolution started when a group of kids in their early teens wrote anti-Assad graffiti on walls throughout the City of Deraa. 7 months into the Revolution, Syria’s kids are still its main protagonists. They don’t want to have their teeth set on edge forever I guess.  

Monday October 17, 2011

27 residents are killed in the neighborhoods of Bab Sibaa in Homs City as loyalist militias storm the restive neighborhood, 6 more died in separate crackdowns in Idlib (Sarmeen) and Hama (Kafar Zita) Provinces. Meanwhile, clashes between defectors and loyalists left 7 loyalists dead near the town of Qseir in Homs Province, 4 dead near Ihsem Village in the Idlib Province when a bomb planted by defectors detonated on the main road as a loyalist convoy passed by, and 17 wounded near the village of Heesh also in the Idlib Province. The Free Syrian Army also claims mounting a successful operation near the town of Nasseeb in the Deraa/Hauran Province killing 5 loyalist officers: http://youtu.be/yJ-1BE3rIyY.  

Meanwhile, Assad officials rejected the newest initiative by Arab League. Opposition groups acting under the umbrella of the Syrian National Council has issued conflicting statements in this regard, but most opposition figures and groups outside the SNC have been adamant in their rejection of the initiative and of any dialog with the Assad regime as long as the Assads are still in charge. 


 Out of the mouths of babes: Whose blood is this on my school chair? (Jabal Al-Zawiyeh)

HOMS CITY: locals start their day with a funeral in Bab Amr http://youtu.be/pJkbyY3Vyks for the activists felled yesterday in nearby Insha’aat neighborhood http://youtu.be/sxuwMYtjfjg But the neighborhood soon comes under attack by loyalist militiamen http://youtu.be/SNjTZn2uwJE there was gunfire http://youtu.be/EWkDXNyJYzw and shelling http://youtu.be/ziiC_XHFyfk

Not too far, the neighborhood of Karm Al-Zeitun also sustains shelling http://youtu.be/Q-AtPmO2WJA and there was heavy gunfire in Bab Dreib http://youtu.be/gpiFMaYnfvg But the evening, the demonstrations resume in Bab Amr http://youtu.be/5tjT7ImJGMw and Insha’aat http://youtu.be/4VfnF1Jb9dY Before sporadic gunfire resumes in Bab Amr http://youtu.be/Jeypw32kZwM , http://youtu.be/jc0WnmEb2KA and into dawn http://youtu.be/atWswV2vQYU  

One of today’s martyrs (Bab Dreib) http://youtu.be/J1_p57DSHx8 given a quick burial http://youtu.be/HUEG95iYttI Another martyr (Khaldiyeh) http://youtu.be/vs1VteU5o3Q And another (Jib Al-Jandali) http://youtu.be/R_4iGlUfMr8 and another (Khaldiyeh) http://youtu.be/fk1DwfX0SJQ and another http://youtu.be/qaxIrG2yqBY and another (Bab Amr) http://youtu.be/rQ0vLdehuZM The death toll for the day was 27, and counting.

Armored vehicles storm the neighborhood of Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/0dQPWVo4Jdc Heavy gunfire is heard and the cameraman says the aim is to disperse the funerals http://youtu.be/0zw8QtN2R_M these were the funerals before the gunfire http://youtu.be/fMuiy_BjiUU , http://youtu.be/AuXU82cOH0c Still, locals tack back the streets at night http://youtu.be/NMXO17c06Fs  

In the neighborhood of Ghoutah, kids coming out of school shout “the people want to execute the president” http://youtu.be/EyFp1xvaGGM Later in the evening, locals hold their daily protest and carry a sign calling for including the well-known human rights defender Haitham Al-Maleh to the Syrian National Council http://youtu.be/mPGEhHPK1AU In Bab Houd, locals come out at night to express their continued defiance http://youtu.be/6ZZFOIDe-iw They also carry banners expressing their support for the Syrian National Council but with the caveat that SNC leadership adopt their demands for international protection “whatever its form” http://youtu.be/UVZRwc8xKHw

Qoussour http://youtu.be/MJA3H36u6mM Deir Baalbah http://youtu.be/XzzxPLFWdUI Bayadah http://youtu.be/SnGTvfELkxM Later Deir Baalbah comes intense gunfire again http://youtu.be/t6CRIyI_98E

IDLIB: Inhabitants of Khan Shaikhoon held a funeral for 2 local activists http://youtu.be/qxWjRIYfTu8 then went on a general strike http://youtu.be/ifnBDoi4zw8 At night, protesters come under fire http://youtu.be/vDit-DQ18Z8 In nearby Sheikh Mustafa, children streaming out of their local school shout “freedom forever, in spite of you Assad” http://youtu.be/ur70os-vmqI In Ma’ar Shashma, kids do the same http://youtu.be/yJ-1BE3rIyY In Kafar Nabbel, and despite the heavy siege, people take to the street at night http://youtu.be/cXXTF68yF74 In Sarmeen, tanks storm into town http://youtu.be/-2-T-2DdMXc Binnish remains under loyalist occupation for a 4th straight day http://youtu.be/EDLnac10bXQ

In Jabal Al-Zawiyeh, kids form the bulk of this protest http://youtu.be/60G0NrmeuBg , http://youtu.be/dG1Y6MoP-WU Saraqib http://youtu.be/20IZFeqPqLw Jarjanaz http://youtu.be/80crdWY9ZGY Idlib City http://youtu.be/OhmPeL_LQVE Earlier the city offered a martyr http://youtu.be/LR_CVv5qx1c

HAMA: A funeral took place in Karnaz for a child martyr http://youtu.be/PB-yazFEQko Kafar Zita military reinforcement arrive http://youtu.be/B9oA_OlJZXU But just before that, kids demonstrated on their out of the local school http://youtu.be/ceQCz5idKHo Taybat Al-Imam people take to the streets at night to protest Arab League newest initiative http://youtu.be/2SNlYsAFs_Q Mourek http://youtu.be/puIyOB4Kj3w

DERAA/HAURAN: Khirbet Ghazaleh loyalists everywhere http://youtu.be/za9SsHXQiDo They speakers locals by speakerphone and tell them to end their strike or else http://youtu.be/vFLERTOQhac Kids demonstration continue in Ankhel http://youtu.be/-fr-LEQvoJY “No to studying, no to teaching, until the President is brought down” http://youtu.be/w-HXogKwcfc in Hraak http://youtu.be/nxj0e6lXkyY Deraa City (Kashif neighborhood) http://youtu.be/VstlgeL-9Ho In Nawa, kids demonstrate on their way to school http://youtu.be/H-oeB-h3vTQ Saida http://youtu.be/r2cy3c9GOMg Tseel http://youtu.be/19TRjgvCiWU

A woman’s demonstration in Da’el “Leave, leave Bashar” http://youtu.be/UQfc_TRW4O4 In the evening, protesters took out to the streets again carrying signs telling the Arab League that the 2 weeks respite it gave to the Assads will cost a 1,000 martyrs http://youtu.be/vDoRaqmhgqE They also carry banner saying “road to schools closed due to tank accumulation” http://youtu.be/t_hyuQt1TYo

Women took part in another demonstration namely in the town of Hraak protesting the Arab League newest initiative http://youtu.be/KmGk49l-mjU The evening protesters echo the same sentiments http://youtu.be/iWWSMwAuA4I 

DAMASCUS: The day started with a morning protest in the suburb of Douma rejecting the Arab League recent initiative which gave the Assads 2 more weeks to kill people http://youtu.be/492icF8PsEs Women then came out in drove to have their say http://youtu.be/9EVPkSndpRI

In Zabadani, locals held a funeral http://youtu.be/aMiZZBq7Mvs , http://youtu.be/bzC4sJbWwOI for Zahir Mahmoud Burhan http://youtu.be/oxu3gX3kJks Kids in Barzeh organize a demonstration after school http://youtu.be/hGv3nwApVz0 In Qadam, protesters carry a banner saying “Bashar is killing us with a license from Arab league” http://youtu.be/SQgdmOE4cjM

In the suburb of Saqba, kids organize a demonstration in support of Douma Neighborhood besieged by Assad loyalists http://youtu.be/u1nKxmunOtY In the suburb of Moadamiyeh, local kids, most of whose fathers and older brothers already in jail, do the same chanting “the people want to execute the president” http://youtu.be/xaQ8ZwaWP8A   

In Harasta, locals take to the streets in the evening to protest the Arab League’s new initiative http://youtu.be/1-KzSwS94hs  In Zamalka, locals did the same http://youtu.be/chbeP8Y5q4o Arbeen http://youtu.be/XBOUWQY9y3E In Midan District, demonstrations took place in the Corniche http://youtu.be/r7qfkkbCZuw and in the nearby Zahirah http://youtu.be/AFdHnI0wxbo In Kanaker, tanks are placed in different parts of the neighborhood http://youtu.be/66oElmC2xew

In the larger Province around Damascus, demonstrations took place in Rankous http://youtu.be/zvpXuMJktjM Qarah http://youtu.be/2WtdPiVFdbE Kafar Batna http://youtu.be/AqKKeplN8X4

Deir Ezzor: Qrayah http://youtu.be/8uqarhErlMA Albou Kamal protesters come under fire from a tank http://youtu.be/kw2WGTlrXK4

Baniyas City: girls organize a protest on their way out of the local school http://youtu.be/darqUabfIUc