Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Assads are trying to reclaim Syria one mass murder at a time, with mixed results. But at least they have a plan. Sooner or later, opposition groups will need to learn that relying solely on our people’s bravery and sense of defiance does not constitute a plan.

Tuesday October 18, 2011

Reports put today’s death toll at 15 protesters, including 5 in Bab Al-Sibaa Neighborhood in Homs City, 3 in the town of Qseir in the Homs Province, 5 in the town of Hraak in the Deraa/Hauran Province, and 2 in Deir Ezzor Province, including 1 in Deir Ezzor City and 1 in Albou Kamal City on the border with Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Assad killing machine spent the day carrying out sweep operations in the Damascene countryside in search of defectors, several clashes have been reported, but not exact casualty figures is currently available. The sweep, according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission, involved over 40,000 loyalist troops, and targeted the suburbs of Harasta, Moadamiyeh, Arbeen, Saqba, Hamouriyeh, Kafar Batna, Jisreen, Mdeirah, Misraba and other communities in Eastern Ghoutah.

Syrian American Council demands action to stop assad’s increasing violence against civilians: “We urge the world community to use all means to protect Syrian civilians who are only seeking freedom, safety and dignity.”

The Assads are trying to reclaim Syria one mass murder at a time, with mixed results. But at least they have a plan. Sooner or later, opposition groups will need to learn that relying solely on our people’s bravery and sense of defiance does not constitute a plan. Neither does the acquisition of that coveted prize that is international recognition, which seems to be the sole preoccupation of the leadership of the Syrian National Council at this stage, when they are not wrangling over names that is, because, yes, that is still very much an ongoing thing. For the SNC at this stage is like a multi-headed squirrel, with the different heads going after each other’s nuts, if they could find them. Pun most definitely intended.

Meanwhile, the Assads don’t seem to be running out of “nuts” who are willing to kill in their name and for their sake, or of the bullets and tank shells needed for that. And the question facing us is: how long will our people’s supply of willpower and sheer foolhardiness last? Time is an amoral process, and is not necessarily on the side of the good and the just, it’s on the side of the organized and of those who have a plan, no matter how crude. We’re running out of time. We need a vision and a plan NOW.

The Assad killing machine shelled its way into the town of Hraak in the Deraa/Hauran Province , , When unarmed protesters tried to stand up to Assad’s favorite engines of death at least 5 of them were killed , A martyr and his grandmother

After the shelling of Hraak, people from nearby communities took to the streets to show their solidarity: Basr Al-Harir Da’el Ataman Nasseeb

Student demonstrations: Jassem Basr Al-Harir Jizah

Other major demonstrations: Um Walad Nahteh Ma’arabah Tseel “the people want international protection” Ankhel Abtaa

In Homs City, a barrage of gunfire at dawn ushered in tanks in Deir Baalbah In Bab Al-Sibaa, protester stand up to tanks which continue to roam through the neighborhood In Karm Al-Zeitun, a tank take shots into the residential neighborhood

Bab Amr a martyr who died under torture His funeral 2 martyrs rom Khaldiyeh Their funeral A funeral in Bab Dreib for the activist Adnan Ghalioun A sample of the shells used in Bab Al-Sibaa Assad loyalists spray the neighborhood with a strange gas that causes a burning sensation when people breeze it

Despite all this, people take to the streets at night: Bab Amr Wa’er  In Bab Houd, protesters carry a banner saying: “We’ve done our duty towards Palestine and Gaza, but Hamas let us down” Ghoutah Jib Al-Jandali Khaldiyeh , Qoussour Insha’aat Bab Dreib Jouret Al-Shayah Bayadah

Student demonstrations: Shammas

In the larger province, student protests took place in Houleh followed by a larger protest in the evening In Tadmor (Palmyra) Qseir candlelight vigil

In the capital of Idlib Province, Idlib City, a funeral took place for the local activist Yameen Harmoush , In Sameen, locals held a funeral for the local revolutionary singer felled on October 17 Later, the town observes a general strike and at night, the people gathered near the martyr’s home

Student demonstrations took part in many communities: Kafar Nabbel Idlib City Ma’arrat Hourmah Haass Ma’arrat Al-Nouman Sinjar

Other major demonstrations: Binnish (night) Idlib City (night) Kafroumah Hbeit In Ma’arrat Masreen, protesters carry a banner demanding the execution of the President and rejecting dialog Heesh

In Damascus City, protests took place in Assaly Security forces take over Saqba , Zamalka Harasta Banner says: “the only thing your escalation will facilitate is your demise” But Assad’s loyalist militias soon invade the Suburb , Zabadani

Student demonstration: Douma student mutiny in a local high school “One way or another, we will bury you underground Bashar” Barzeh These kids from Moadamiyeh think the Assad’s army is a traitor. Who can blame them? Many of their fathers and older brothers are dead or in jail for their opinion Daraya Harasta in the small alleys where loyalist militiamen are not present, students express their frustration

In Deir Ezzor Province, demonstrations took place in Takaya Street in Deir Ezzor City In nearby Qraya, students held an after-school demonstration Albou Kamal a funeral for a local activist Mayadeen

This newly leaked video shows the destruction of the minaret of the Othman Mosque in Deir Ezzor City from the perspective of the people who did it: Assad loyalist militias Assad had claimed at the time that the minaret was dynamited by terrorists, saying “I am a military man I know the difference,” he said.

In the province of Hassakeh, protests took place in the Kurdish city of Qamishly Amoudeh Ras Al-Ain

In Aleppo Province, demonstration took place in the besieged community of Anadan where protesters carried a sign saluting the Free Syria Army, especially the two brigades allocated to Aleppo: Al-Ababeel and Al-Houriyeh

Baniyas students from a local girls’ school organize an after-school demonstration