Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Odds & Ends!

A sign raised by protesters today: “Russia gives Bashar international protection, Iran gives him weapons, and Arabs give him time.”

Tuesday October 25, 2011

Pro-Assad militias are conducting major sweep of the Ma’rrat Al-Nouman region in the Idlib Province, after an operation by the Free Syrian Army against a loyalist military convoy left 7 loyalists dead --- Units affiliated with the Free Syrian Army have also carried out a “major operation” in Deir Ezzor City against loyalist checkpoints, no word yet as to casualties. 

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition groups called for general strike throughout the country tomorrow, to build on the success of the ongoing strike in Deraa/Hauran Province.

Inhabitants of Damascus woke up on Tuesday to see their dictator hung in effigy from several key bridges around the city Elsewhere in the city, a small demonstration took place in the middle of the Hamidiyeh Bazar. 15 of the protesters were arrested, but the point was made, not all is calm and quiet in Damascus City.

A swirl of reports from inside Syria claim that Colonel Hussain Harmoush, leader of the former Free Officers Movement, had been executed in Damascus for his role in mounting operations against Assad loyalists. 

Other reports come from Yemen and speak of the involvement of Syrian pilots in the Saleh-orchestrated crackdown against his opponents. Syrian pilots have taken part in the Gaddafi-led crackdown before the imposition of a no-fly zone.  


“Rather than trying to dictate what the opposition should do and vowing to not militarily intervene, the administration would be better advised to focus on expediting the end of the regime. Otherwise, years from now, Syrians might be burning American flags and asking what Washington is doing to end the slaughter. Please, for the love of humanity and country, do heed this warning.


NYT published today under the title “Syrian Opposition Calls for Protection from Crackdown.” The title is misleading, as it gives the impression that something new or unusual has taken place, but once you read inside, you realize that this not the case:

In its statement, the Syrian National Council also called for “international protection for civilians.” It did not define the kind of protection but called for Arab and other international observers to be allowed into the country.

This has been the position of the SNC all along: ask for protection, but avoid going into any details. This does not measure up to what the protesters in the streets have been demanding for weeks, namely: the imposition of a no-fly zone, the creation of safe havens and providing support for the Free Syrian Army.

The report goes on to say:

The council also called for a general strike to coincide with the delegation’s visit and to start a new phase of civil disobedience.

In reality, the idea of a general strike has been championed by in-country activists, many of whom are critical of and/or indifferent to the SNC. The sign below, captured from the one of today’s videos, calls for the strike without referring to the SNC in anyway.

 It is important to keep the following aside in mind: if your only sources of information on things related to the SNC are SNC members and statements, then, you’re not getting the full picture, or even the right picture.  


A tour of Baalbah Neighborhood Dozens of tanks still roam around the neighborhood But locals still take to the streets at night These people manage to evade death after their house was bombed by this tank

A martyr from Karm Al-Zeitun

Tanks take over Khaldiyeh Neighborhood Pro-Assad militias storm homes in Bab Al-Sibaa


Pro-Assad militias retake the town of Talbisseh , , A child is shot by a sniper The impact of shelling on local homes ,

Major demonstration in Palmyra (Tadmor) Houleh Qseir

Student demonstrations continue throughout Syria:

DAMASCUS: Harasta Douma Barzeh Qatana College student from the faculty of medicine demonstrate in Mazzeh Autostrad

ALEPPO: Marei students write anti-Assad graffiti on the walls of the local high school Anadan


TARTOUS: Baniyas


Pro-Assad militias clash with protesters in Sanamein  , , , Students and little kids took part in constructing barricades to prevent loyalist convoys from entering

Pro-Assad militias storm the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh as well to end the general strike

In Nahteh, locals demonstrated in support of the Free Syrian Army In Abtaa, locals hold a funeral for one of their fallen heroes

An all-women demonstration in Qoussour Neighborhood in Deraa City An all-women demonstration in Da’el

Ma’arabah banners: “Damascus pulls her Ambassador from Washington, hahahah” “dialog will begin with Bashar’s departure” “Russia gives Bashar international protection, Iran gives him weapons, Arabs give him time”


Ma’arrat Hourmah offers a civilian martyr His funeral

Pro-Assad militias stormed the town of Khan Shaikhoon and fired randomly

An all-women demonstration in Kafar Sanjah

Despite the siege of Ma’arrat Al-Nouman, people take to the street at night

Protesters in Khan Shaikhoon carry banner telling Arab League that their respite cost 167 dead More protests took place in Saraqib Idlib City Sarmeen Kafroumah Binnish Kafar Yahmoul