Monday, October 10, 2011

On the War Path!

With their Foreign Minister and Grand Mufti issuing threats, the Assads seem to be readying for war even as the world isn’t. Meanwhile, protesters and defectors keep fighting back, even as opposition figures wrangle and dither.

Sunday October 9, 2011

19 protesters were killed in the crackdown led by pro-Assad militias throughout Syria, including 9 in Homs City, where random shelling of residential neighborhoods took place even as thousands of locals demonstrated against the Assad regime, 4 in the Damascene suburb of Dmeir when security forces opened fire on mourners during a funeral for a local activist, and 1 in each of the following towns: Zabadani (Damascus), Lattakia, Tartous, Madeeq (Hama) and Dael (Deraa/Hauran).

Meanwhile, authorities released tribal leader Nawaf Al-Bashir, as protests and crackdown continued in Qamishly where Kurdish activist Mishaal Tammo was killed on Friday, and armed clashes between loyalists and defectors were reported in different communities in Idlib Province, including the town of Kafroumah. 

Assad’s FM Walid Moallem threatens any state that recognizes the “illegitimate” National Council with “dire consequences,” as Assad promises an Arab-style democracy for Syria. Meanwhile, wrangling continues in Istanbul and Cairo over the exact makeup and structure of the Syrian National Council.


If threats of dire consequences issued by Assad FM, Walid Moallem, should seem a bit too vague and hollow at first to make some world leaders quake in their boots, or stilettos, perhaps those blurted out by Assad’s Grand Mufti might give them that additional punch to make them register on the political Richter Scale. I guess it’s time to take on the real terror masters in the Middle East.   

Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Hassoun, says during a press conference in Lebanon that Jihadists already planted in the U.S. and Europe will carry out operations against targets there should Syria or Lebanon come under attack, because “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”

Meanwhile, in Syria’s war zones…

In the town of Rastan in the Homs Province, members of the Khalid Bin Al-Walid Unit in the Free Syrian Army carried out operations against loyalist troops occupying the town, destroying several tanks and killing a number of soldiers ,

Bouts of random shelling notwithstanding, locals take to the streets when they can in Homs City: Jobar Insha’aat Wa’er Baba Amr ,  Ghoutah Qoussour Khaldiyeh (funeral) Khaldiyeh (night) Karm Al-Zeitun people renew their oath to press on with the revolution Bayadah Jouret Al-Shayah

Siege and raids notwithstanding, towns in Idlib Province continue to exhibit their rebellious tendencies: Jarjanaz Kafar Nabbol Jabal Al-Zawiyeh

In Kafroumah, the arrival of these tanks on Saturday leads to defections and clashes between loyalists and defectors. Still, take to the streets at night

Damascus/Douma: protesters break into a local municipal building and write anti-Assad slogans on its walls. In reference to repeated accusations in state-run media that protesters often destroy government buildings, the cameraman says that they could have done that if they wanted to, but that’s simply not their style. They are peaceful protesters Earlier in the day, thousands took part in a funeral for activists felled on Saturday These are the activists

Crackdown on a funeral , in the Damascene suburb of Dmeir leaves 4 dead , , This defector was killed as he tried to cross the Turkish border from the Lattakia Province , A little girl eulogizing her father who died in Madeeq (Hama) this is the little son saying goodbye

Qamishly: scenes from the crackdown on Saturday

Protesters come under fire in Da’el in the Deraa/Hauran province at the end of day-long crackdown by security that left one dead , In the Damascene suburb of Zabadani, protesters take to the streets after one activist is killed

Protesters continue to try to communicate with the leadership of the SNC by banners. One of the banners shown here comes from Bab Houd (Homs City), it says: “SNC you mission is to secure international protection, the form of government will be decided by the ballot box” This one from the Damascene suburb of Zamalka demands international protection and a no-fly zone In this video from Karnaz (Hama) people call out for international protection and executing the president, whichever comes first In the historic city of Palmyra too, people want international protection

Major demonstrations also took place in Ankhel (Deraa) Tseel (Deraa) Hraak (Deraa) Namar (Deraa) Kafar Shams (Deraa) Deir Baalbah (Homs) Ma’arrat Tamsareen (Idlib) Idlib City (Idlib) , Taybat Al-Imam (Hama) Karnaz (Hama) Midan District (Damascus) Misraba (Damascus) Qamishly Qrayah (Deir Ezzor) Qseir (Homs) Houleh (Homs)