Friday, October 21, 2011

Rastan Returns!

The return of protest demonstration to the town of Rastan comes as a clear indication that the only thing keeping the Assads in power is their tanks and militias. Only by neutralizing these elements can we hope to win this confrontation. The Syrian people want international protection, a no-fly zone, a safe haven, and everything that is necessary to help stop the killing and to help them rid themselves, and the world, of the Assads and their minions.

Thursday October 20, 2011

14 protesters died today in the continuing crackdown led by pro-Assad militias, including 2 in Jassem (Deraa/Hauran Province), 1 in Dmeir (Damascus Province), 2 in Homs City and 1 in Sahel Al-Ghab (Hama Province) --- Meanwhile, fierce clashes were reported between loyalists and defectors operating under the Free Syrian Army near the town of Qseir on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, and in Deraa City. No word on casualties. 



If this video from Jassem in the Deraa/Hauran Province reveals anything, it’s the nature of the crisis that Assads’ policies are generating within the army A view from within the crowd “Look he’s calling in the tank” “Stop the tank” “for the sake of God don’t shoot” The tank moves in nonetheless “don’t shoot you fuck” “Be patient, be patient” As we can see from these clips, faced with the defiance of the unarmed protesters, some army troops are trying to get people to leave the streets, while others are opening fire in the air or straight at them. 2 protesters ended being killed in this situation , This another  One of the wounded This is an example of the situations that are precipitating defections all through Syria.

Brigadier General, Radwan Al-Malloush, from the Air Force Security Department confirms his defection, denies he was kidnapped by armed gangs as Dounia TV claimed, and announces the formation of a military council inside Syria and calls on all honest men in the military and security apparatuses to join it

The Free Syrian Army claims a new operation in Hama City (October 18): 10 soldiers from the Qashoush Brigade carry out an operation near the Central Prison, that leaves 40 loyalist dead when their convoy was hit with RBGs Sergeant First Class, Ibrahim Suleiman from Homs announces his defection and joins FSA

Occupied Rastan in the Homs Province comes back to life and fields another protest despite the ongoing siege

In Moadamiyeh Suburb in Damascus, local students organized an after-school demonstration and collected stones to throw at pro-Assad militias if they showed up shouting “why are you afraid, God is with us” In Douma Suburb, thousands attend the funeral of a local activists , , Mourners come under fire Meanwhile, the town of Dmeir in the larger Damascus Province, offers a new martyr who fell when security opened fire on a student demonstration the funeral , In Midan District, another funeral


Deir Baalbah The continuous assault over the last few weeks took a toll on the local Nawawi Mosque and nearby apartment buildings samples of the shells used Pulling bodies from under the rubble And the tanks continue to roam the neighborhood Still people take to the streets in defiance to congratulate the Libyan people ,

In Qoussour a martyr In Nazheen to martyrs

Students at the College of Architecture observe a moment of silence for a fallen colleague In Insha’aat Neighborhood, students from Khalid Bin Al-Walid University organize a demonstration

In Baba Amr, women took to the streets to celebrate the death of Gaddafi

Newly uploaded video shows the shelling that took place on October 17 in Khaldiyeh Neighborhood

At night, the demonstrations focus on congratulating the Libyan people on the death of Gaddafi Bab Houd , Khaldiyeh Jouret Al-Shayah Jib Al-Jandali Baba Amr Wa’er Ghoutah Insha’aat Shammas


Student demonstrations Houleh , , In Tadmor (Palmyra) people celebrate the demise of Gaddafi Qseir


Khirbet Ghazaleh still on strike Deraa City tanks in town, town on strike women come out to celebrate the demise of Gaddafi

Major demonstrations Ankhel locals came out early in the morning for a regular demonstration , then they went back at noon to celebrate the death of Gaddafi More celebrations took place in Hraak Nasseeb Da’el Tseel Tal Shihab


Major demonstrations in celebrations of Gaddafi’s death Idlib City Binnish Taftanaz Heesh Kafar Takhareem Sarmeen protesters come under fire, but remain defiant


In Zamalka, people come out in droves to congratulate the people of Libya on the death of Gaddafi Hamouriyeh Yabroud Saqba

HAMA: Sahel Al-Ghab offers a new martyr protest demonstrations Karnaz Taybat Al-Imam Hilfaya Hama City (Sharqiyeh Neighborhood) Ellatmneh

ALEPPO: Student demonstrations Tal Rif’at Celebrating the death of Gaddafi Dar Azzah Anadan

DEIR EZZOR: student demonstrations Qrayah Shaheel Albou Kamal

HASSAKEH: Student demonstrations Qamishly

BANIYAS: Student demonstrations