Sunday, October 9, 2011

Syria says Goodbye to Mishaal!

Saturday October 8, 2011

Friday’s death toll rises to 24 --- Syrian dissidents and activists storm their country’s embassies in London and Vienna and attempt to do in Berlin and Brussels --- 14 protesters are killed as pro-Assad militias open fire on funerals in Homs City, Douma Suburb and Qamishly where 50,000 Kurds took part in the funeral of slain activist Mishaal Tammo. Meanwhile, pro-Assad troops continue to clash with defectors in Idlib, Hama and Homs provinces in central and northern Syria --- Continued wrangling over the roles of different personalities in the SNC leadership leads to the postponement of the scheduled October 7 coming-out party in Cairo. 


“Violence won the Libyan rebels NATO backing, while peaceful demonstrations earned the Syrians the world’s sympathytender mercies that they risk forfeiting, explained Ford, should they pick up weapons in self-defense... The fact is that Syria is already embroiled in a conflict that shows no signs of abating. The United Stateswith allies on all of Syrias borders and U.S. soldiers and vital American interests in Iraqhas a stake in what happens in Syria. Its time for the White House to get serious about the dictator in Damascus.”

Sympathy without support is leaving us alone to face a merciless killing machine…

2 more protesters were killed , in the Damascene suburb of Douma today as they took part in a funeral for colleagues killed on Friday. Wounded Locals came out to mourn them in the evening Others in the neighborhood marched in protest over the assassination of Kurdish activist Mishaal Tammo on the Day dedicated to his memory

This is Mishaal Tammo’s body dressed up for the funeral

But the largest demonstrations took place in Kurdish-majority regions, including Qamishly where 50,000 protesters took part , and where security forces opened fire on protesters killing 4, this is one and this is another In nearby Amoudeh, protesters destroyed the large status of Hafiz Al-Assad that stood in the town center , , Kobani Ras Al-Ain (Hassakeh) Dirbassiyeh

Syrian dissidents and activists stormed Syrian Embassies around the world in protest of the assassination of Kurdish activist Mishaal Tammo. Videos from London where 7 were arrested Brussels , Vienna  Washington D.C.

New videos from the town of Talbisseh in Homs Province shows army tanks in the streets , And security busses leaving town loaded with prisoners

More and more protesters are now carrying signs asking the SNC to call for protection of civilians and a no-fly zone, as we see in this demonstration in Bab Houd in Homs City, where one demonstrator also demanded including Haitham Al-Maleh in the Council The protesters in Khaldiyeh (Homs City) also hoisted a big banner urging quick action in this regard This is another banner from Zamalka (Damascus, 32 seconds mark)

There were also funerals for activists felled on Friday in the Damascene Suburb of Misraba

Others demonstration in protest over Tammo’s assassination took place throughout the country as Saturday was indeed dedicated to Tammo:

Homs: Deir Baalbah Qseir Ghoutah (Homs City) Insha’aat (Homs City) Qoussour (Homs City) Baba Amr (Homs City) Tadmor (Palmyra) Houleh Khaldiyeh (Homs City)

Deraa/Hauran: Sourah Jizah Da’el Kafar Shams Tseel Hraak banner at center says “even the stones and trees say Leave, o killer of men” Khirbet Ghazaleh Ankhel Nahteh Mseifrah

Idlib: Idlib City Ma’arrat Masreen Elteh Ma’arrat Hourmah Jabal Al-Zawiyeh protesters carry banner in English asking “American and European people” for help Sarmeen Binnish

Deir Ezzor: Deir Ezzor City Albou Kamal

Hassakeh: Hassakeh City locals held a funeral for another activist as they protested Tammo’s passing Maabadeh