Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The War No One Wants To See!

Every day a new massacre takes pace in Syria, and every day world leaders have to find excuses for their failure to act. But the massacres will not go away, nor will their perpetrators, unless these leaders take a firm stand. It’s time to stop the massacres in Syria and put an end to Assad’s rule of terror.

Monday October 24, 2011

15 protesters were killed in the continuing crackdown led by pro-Assad militias against unarmed protesters. 9 fell in Homs City, and 6, including 2 women in Idlib Province. Meanwhile, dozens of arrests were made in various suburbs of Damascus. In Houleh in Homs Province, eyewitnesses reported that defectors and loyalists clash leaving 5 defectors and 1 loyalist dead.


This digest is now a war chronicle.

This digest is now a daily condemnation of the hypocrisy of world leaders who hide behind technicalities to justify their inaction, and the impotence and moral cowardice of opposition movements and figures that hide behind worn-out ideologies to justify theirs.

This digest is now a daily mourning for the thousands of martyrs offered by our people for the sake of freedom.  

This digest is now a daily affirmation of the fact that we will never give up. Never.


Reinforcement arrive in Baba Amr Neighborhood http://youtu.be/LjzhgRIVTgY Meanwhile in Deir Baalbah, pro-Assad militias resume their shelling of the neighborhood http://youtu.be/-VdE_pEb3Xw And again they target mosques, in this case the Mosque of Abu Bakr http://youtu.be/e6XCJm5LydM , http://youtu.be/pNB4ZGDx_44 Impact of shelling on the Mosque http://youtu.be/cnZ6i3y5QsQ Pro-Assad militias take pot-shot at the neighborhood using their RPGs http://youtu.be/xlBPTxvQbXI Impact of shelling on the neighborhood http://youtu.be/iUNctx2FgJc , http://youtu.be/zgoIMOJe08c , http://youtu.be/JeJDHAhoWSo Tanks and bomb shells and debris in the streets http://youtu.be/haE2u78f9Hs Tank firing at the neighborhood http://youtu.be/o08zAdPddb8 One of the martyrs http://youtu.be/aXdmYSQJ5FY some looting by pro-Assad militias http://youtu.be/t5oCb4EGjyU

Elsewhere in the City, a child is shot in the jaw as he was playing outside his house at Bayadah Neighborhood http://youtu.be/st9_Xdw7T8I Jib Al-Jandali offers a martyr http://youtu.be/boMa-iOa5bo Wa’er offers a martyr http://youtu.be/gYrdce-j-YY Karm Al-Zeitun offers a martyr http://youtu.be/8YZup5t1zA0 and buries him http://youtu.be/ov6aQ7x1kUc A martyr from Bayadah http://youtu.be/U62WvUfvaVU A martyr from Qoussour http://youtu.be/GeZkxvwOJLo

Still in Homs City, activists claim that this is the position http://youtu.be/T0wpzbbtlBU from which snipers killed the two protesters yesterday http://youtu.be/LpSXfpzvC-c This is Tarek Al-Ahdab, the one shot while trying to help his colleague http://youtu.be/xKy-j17JOw4 This is Tarek’s funerals in Khaldiyeh Neighborhood http://youtu.be/y7G764ZAx6I , http://youtu.be/zYtgzfXVEFE

Impact of shelling on Abdurrahman Bin Awf Mosque in Bayadah http://youtu.be/AHNbWlm-4zo Impact of shelling on Bab Al-Sibaa Neighborhood http://youtu.be/Qh-bPeHv62E , http://youtu.be/najfeXuwz2c Impact of shelling on Baba Amr http://youtu.be/G9aGLhDpUj4 , http://youtu.be/21kKFDalQ_A , http://youtu.be/UTpuLOTowwc

In Khaldiyeh, local bury their dead in the morning http://youtu.be/a04Rs7-bMJA and at night, the neighborhood comes under fire again http://youtu.be/cqdHQfYA5cI Earlier in the day, a man on a bike asked people for help, he was shot in the hip by a sniper http://youtu.be/BQI38v-XiiA

Some of today’s wounded http://youtu.be/tiDm9Q2yMPU A martyr is buried quietly at night http://youtu.be/Ndh6euKDiAg

Still at night, people hold protests in Khaldiyeh Banner: “To the SNC: say no to dialog or leave with Bashar” http://youtu.be/JB9gpaEgKtk , http://youtu.be/gk19zyDszhs Wa’er http://youtu.be/s-qkpaQEKO4 , http://youtu.be/dChH82n-q0s Bayadah http://youtu.be/1LlHrEkpIME Jouret Al-Shayah & Al-Qarabees http://youtu.be/JUEuRlq4Z2k Qoussour http://youtu.be/NKCRTYoMJHI Midan http://youtu.be/djbHMiGopWQ Karm Al-Zeitun http://youtu.be/XuA8yNzoKek Ghoutah protesters salute the Arabic satellite channels which broadcast their videos http://youtu.be/bbcCHCfwcE4 Jib Al-Jandali http://youtu.be/vjKpacZ8JdA Bab Houd http://youtu.be/VPTz71AJ6BI Shammas http://youtu.be/lgGgJlAvL5Y Insha’aat http://youtu.be/Vjg5uxbjqig Baba Amr http://youtu.be/1Z8SCg5TKUI


In Houleh people chant defiantly as they come under bombardment http://youtu.be/DCEGtGOmoKM and end up offering another martyr http://youtu.be/4cog6C2oidM Impact of shelling on homes in Houleh http://youtu.be/RAJTB-2e-bY , http://youtu.be/pFtBLxC1SB8 Tank doing a victory dance in the streets of Houleh http://youtu.be/zvvMpAcPS4Q Targeting the local mosque http://youtu.be/zRK4kiiAqfA Black smoke rising above the town http://youtu.be/q7otlGinEZQ Still, people come out at night to defy the regime and its militias http://youtu.be/IkaTmn_V-qE

In Deraa city, capital of the agricultural province, businesses across the city were closed for the fourth day. In the town of al-Hirak to the east, the strike picked up steam in the last two days, activists said. "This strike is intensifying every day as more businesses shut and people become more defiant than ever angered by the increasing brutality and daily roundups and arrests," said one Deraa resident who gave his name as Abu Abdullah. With troops concentrating on urban centers, protests have expanded in rural regions, including some areas which were once bedrocks of Sunni support for Assad and are seeing defections from the military and armed resistance.

People at the Deraa/Hauran Province have managed to observe a call for general strike for close to a week now, and the trend seems to be picking up steam. Security people in Khirbet Ghazaleh try to convince people to end the strike by broadcasting a message from the local minaret http://youtu.be/GpRFTRWfpcE and by sending militias into town to intimidate locals http://youtu.be/-cVCksURERg , http://youtu.be/inl5DpLG6uM by writing on the closed front stores “Don’t observe the strike or else!” http://youtu.be/UwMw10hq-XI to no avail http://youtu.be/Pehmf_zhlRY , http://youtu.be/2adPUML0F80 In nearby Kafar Shams, they sent in tanks to coerce people into ending their strike http://youtu.be/24Snyzf6XZ4 Meanwhile, in Damascus’ Qaboun Suburb, activists distribute flyers encouraging people to heed the call for general strike on Wednesday http://youtu.be/lov-JSjrcF0

In Jizah (Deraa/Hauran), another cameraman is shot (October 23) http://youtu.be/Zy6UGKYjs7U the activist was busy documenting the attempts by security forces to end the strike by looting empty stores http://youtu.be/HUQ_5eaVwVQ Roads to Jizah were closed down on orders from Ahmad al-Khalaf Brigade of the Free Syrian Army http://youtu.be/WwaRBTKrpGs In Aleppo, the Ababeel Brigade of FSA issue a stern warning against key regime loyalists http://youtu.be/RjlfGBGTQ_E

Despite heavy security presence, coastal towns in Syria keep trying to mount protests: Lattakia http://youtu.be/8Dg0BBrh8Kk

Idlib City, it was not enough to kill this protester, pro-Assad militias burnt his body as well http://youtu.be/FWjkHoe2RyA In nearby Hbeit, they burnt houses of local activists http://youtu.be/qht5yjVR85g Back in Idlib City, locals hold a funeral for their activist http://youtu.be/kFdXz--15Go , http://youtu.be/u6fX1zYWh-g

In Aleppo Province, Major demonstrations were held in Anadan http://youtu.be/988K6uiljyQ Tal Rif’aat http://youtu.be/Sul4j4wXjvA Marei http://youtu.be/m00k0r7L3lw  all dedicated to Nesreen Bakkour, the activist held by Assad security forces. 

In Damascus, the suburb of Daraya offers a new martyr http://youtu.be/hbphHNnwdvs But heavy security presence prevents the funeral http://youtu.be/H_OrgxIHTX4 In Douma, the locals manage to bury theirs http://youtu.be/FzTerzp2w4M , http://youtu.be/pYe-K8Vz450

In the Damascene suburb of Moadamiyah, students drop paper clips with anti-regime slogans all through the streets forcing Assad security forces to go all over the neighborhood to pick them up http://youtu.be/D94gE8Kxvbw


Student demonstrations Tal Shihab http://youtu.be/6lK2sK7_654

In this cemetery in the historic city of Bosra, a strange showdown between Assad loyalists and protesters http://youtu.be/326kNxQyXXo Deraa City goes to sleep under fire http://youtu.be/wnKE-oFcD2k

On October 23, the town of Mseifrah was overrun by pro-Assad militias http://youtu.be/g29KJxib2Ok , http://youtu.be/dixtWM_dxcE where they set some stores on fires http://youtu.be/VQs5K8eHl1k

IDLIB: Student demonstrations Kafar Nabbel http://youtu.be/YGgk11SvNog Taftanaz http://youtu.be/tTyOz-sxtpU Haass http://youtu.be/WyLDw54rBuw Ma’arrat Hourmah http://youtu.be/kRm65ivCXAg Jabal Al-Zawiyeh http://youtu.be/e8iYCgIuG8Q  Major demonstrations Binnish http://youtu.be/kIiqkJToMiI Jabal Al-Zawiyeh http://youtu.be/BJbFrDK3utU Kafar Takhareem http://youtu.be/2GEqs2yh_24

HAMA: Ellatmaneh http://youtu.be/j5gyLFs5-Qc Hama City a women’s demonstration in the neighborhood of Hamidyeh http://youtu.be/co_M3VuFCxc Kafar Nabboudeh http://youtu.be/waH3uWxpgWk Taybat Al-Imam http://youtu.be/3UgwEzDfNf8 Madeeq http://youtu.be/_ttGKXXMWcs

ALEPPO: Student demonstrations Marei http://youtu.be/e8iYCgIuG8Q Anadan http://youtu.be/Poz5iZgaJtI

Deir Ezzor: Qrayah http://youtu.be/mrsu5EPj9Ic Deir Ezzor City http://youtu.be/UFTT0aZrS8w Earlier in the day in Qaraya – a student demonstration http://youtu.be/_UMcxfIQEP8 Mayadeen http://youtu.be/kezpwgVs410