Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“Freedom Has Her Own Story To Tell”

As Assad seeks to retake Syria one neighborhood at a time, incredulity, spinelessness and hypocrisy continue to dictate the nature of regional and global reaction to the unfolding tragedy.

Monday November 7, 2011

Pro-Assad militias take control of Bab Amr Neighborhood in restive Homs City following a week of intensive clashes and pounding. Surviving defectors were forced to withdraw from the neighborhood, and Assad forces seem to have taken complete control, according to eyewitnesses. But the crackdown continues in other areas of the city, and the country. The death toll is hard to figure, but reports indicate that 6 civilians were killed in the early hours of the fighting, including a little girl. In the town of Kafar Zita in Hama Province, 2 were killed in pro-Assad militias stormed the place.  


The War in Homs

The confrontation in the neighborhood began on October 26, when dozens of soldiers and a few officers broke rank and slipped into Baba Amr where they were sheltered by local residents. Loyalists pursued them with tanks and managed to kill a few and stacked them in the back of truck. This clip shows the defections, then, it cuts to the loyalist tank leaving the neighborhood protect by a tank http://youtu.be/kIZAQfBsIpg

As the situation worsened, the leader of the Farouq Brigade affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, Abdurrazzaq Tlas, came in the company of some of his colleagues on November 5 to help organize for the neighborhood’s defense and were given heroes’ welcome by local residents http://youtu.be/c-mACLbjCcI  Lieutenant Tals then gave a short speech in which he said that he and his troops had come to defend the city from the traitors in the army and security forces as well as loyalist militias http://youtu.be/33gYj5Gd8yc Another Lieutenant, Walid Al-Adallah, called on the Arab League not to dialog with “this traitorous regime” and not to be fooled by its promises, urging them to isolate it and adopt decisive measures against it. He calls on the international community to provide protection for civilians, to establish a no-fly zone and send in relief workers. The lieutenant says that the revolution remains peaceful, and that their role is to protect the peaceful protesters http://youtu.be/33gYj5Gd8yc

But at the end of the day, numbers and firepower dictated the result and the Free Officers had to withdraw, making room for a loyalist take over.

Other neighborhoods were shelled as well: Jub Al-Jandali http://youtu.be/NPBvu9LNbZ8 In Wa’er, protesters came under fire http://youtu.be/4wIljckWcOc

Martyrs: Deir Baalbah an old woman http://youtu.be/-dvw_6Qkjf8 Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/lzKjvWt6-W8 Bab Dreib http://youtu.be/SCAd81ZUeC0

In Shammas, children brandish their toy guns and take to the streets http://youtu.be/fvqzBpKL6_0 In Bayadah locals come out and chant “Baba Amr, we are with you till death” http://youtu.be/0GLO1OyX83A

In Khaldieyh, streets are overflowing with garbage http://youtu.be/m-wQyEBb_hY with tanks stationed at every corner http://youtu.be/YIreNhgBWwg , http://youtu.be/NZ8uOvMs3H0 , http://youtu.be/pjOyQ2bJM3g Other neighborhoods are not faring any better: Midan http://youtu.be/WiR_tk-QzaE Dablan http://youtu.be/rj3od6iBz_c Ghoutah http://youtu.be/FGq1GlD0_Yg Nazheen http://youtu.be/hiKqKy0mEC4 Mahatah http://youtu.be/3PRoO99JmKs Bab Al-Sibaa http://youtu.be/TOwbKSoq_m4 Haj Atef http://youtu.be/fwnWD6P3DgY Adawiyeh http://youtu.be/Ieo9Mf4R_Yw

At night, people still take to the streets chanting for freedom in: Bab Dreib http://youtu.be/OvuCVkKw8iw Cairo Street http://youtu.be/LMfUrD-lxHY Bayadah http://youtu.be/ovHLzyMpFqI Wa’er http://youtu.be/eUvKvNsT5aU Insha’aat http://youtu.be/leXh9r9UYWU Hamrah http://youtu.be/J_HokByHSiY Jouret Al-Shayah http://youtu.be/0RuD5SQVttI Karm Al-Shami http://youtu.be/UDZ34D9PmD0 Qoussour http://youtu.be/1PXEmxYN3rA Bab Houd http://youtu.be/v9GOlfpfJdE

In Ghoutah, people chanted their support to other protest communities, like Deraa and Idlib, even though they are the ones bearing the brunt of attacks at this stage http://youtu.be/DXSmg2t5Pak and they chanted for freedom, after all, this is what “the people want” http://youtu.be/lRIRSTxk1Pc

But the largest gathering took place in Deir Baalbah http://youtu.be/o83VXhrNtEo , http://youtu.be/1OAj7hvIkKY , http://youtu.be/1yLlxmHVuu0 where people sang a song for Freedom: “Freedom has her own story: It begins with the letter B for Bashar – the killer, the treacherous, the one who will fall no matter what, for Freedom has her own story. Freedom has her own story where the letter F stands for freedom – the demand of all Syrians, Muslims and Christians, for Freedom has her own story. Freedom has her own story where the letter S stands for Syria, my country who has been good to me and for whom I’m willing to give my blood and my eyes, for freedom has her own story… etc. http://youtu.be/yjrEoxkh5UA

Other boisterous gatherings took place in Bayadah neighborhood http://youtu.be/tD74-0n7HTc , http://youtu.be/vLDR999lmzI and In Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/xY90xAzkQ7k where the main singer/speaker asks the people “what do the Syrian people want?” and the reply “Homs wants international protection. Homs wants international protection.” http://youtu.be/Jd_WxPbKmNw “Freedom is so beautiful” http://youtu.be/m2vAFp7N3d4 Later Khaldiyeh comes under http://youtu.be/wdJY7xNTqFg

In the larger province, and in the village of Ghanto, kids celebrated the Eid and protested at the same time http://youtu.be/FD1nBD5Zalg their parents protest in a nearby streets http://youtu.be/Q4PAH6mo7T0 In Tadmor (Palmyra) local children stage their own protest complete with platform and speeches http://youtu.be/sdqEI4qn6cU , http://youtu.be/cjICavHwQMY The grown-ups came out at night http://youtu.be/V6a7yaX86MU

In Houleh District, locals buried a local martyr http://youtu.be/0VRaf60_wz4 after a local town was shelled http://youtu.be/Ju4ei1Npzi4 But at night, locals still came out to the celebrate http://youtu.be/u9SmD7QGEac

Talbisseh http://youtu.be/W84-a1yqE6E Qraytein http://youtu.be/yimdKtLkxkI Qseir nighttime flashlights demonstration http://youtu.be/X9YwDfWPClU Sukhnah http://youtu.be/DfxQMZHPCCU

For those, who think that the situation will somehow calm down with the taking of Bab Amr, or even, all of Homs City, pro-Assad militias sent us earlier today a clear indication that this will not be the case, when the town of Kafar Zita in Hama Province was shelled with heavy artillery earlier today http://youtu.be/hHacFouIAJE Locals later, buried their dead http://youtu.be/RGInETo2v1o How many more funerals lie in their future? That is the question.

In nearby Hilfaya, people know what’s waiting for them, and that’s why they carried signs saying: “those who claim to e patriotic but refuse NATO, let him stop the killing then. Yes to militarized international intervention” http://youtu.be/BI3RUyVbbC0 

Elsewhere in Hama

Nighttime Taybat Al-Imam http://youtu.be/T3Tvz0IKh1Q

DAMASCUS:  Daytime Saqba protesters come under fire http://youtu.be/x7NOk2Wk6Z8 , http://youtu.be/jRp-iTmgfvA Qadam Sign “No-fly zone is a legitimate right” http://youtu.be/K2KfpwGuFmk Pro-Assad militias roam the streets of Douma http://youtu.be/d2ejUJiwQCs But local women took to the streets anyway http://youtu.be/DAjBBvRtKYY Tanks and checkpoints in Kisweh http://youtu.be/WzvA78QDn-o Arbeen locals demonstrate in support of Homs http://youtu.be/kcWhB0PETUM Midan http://youtu.be/XOqTG_dnhyE Qaboun http://youtu.be/hZPvaovsZmM Jisreen http://youtu.be/UU4Nw7GSQbg Kafar Batna http://youtu.be/S6xIZXTGjeo Wadi Barada http://youtu.be/Ek2Gs3rWzHc Barzeh http://youtu.be/8xZvvX8DCkU Harasta http://youtu.be/010yKThK1Wc Madaya http://youtu.be/TBE7wn_-TAE