Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupied Syria!

He promises peace and delivers death. So, unless you’re the Grim Reaper, you will always be disappointed with the Assads. Bet on change for once, and back your bet with real support to the revolutionaries. Help free Syria!

Thursday November 3, 2011

22 were killed in Homs (19) and Idlib (3) and thousands were arrested (mostly in the rural areas of Damascus) a day after Assad accepted an Arab League Initiative calling for halt on violent crackdown against pro-democracy protesters. The arrests were haphazard and seem designed to preempt a possible march towards inner Damascus on Friday.

A statement by the Free Syrian Army, which had earlier said that it will abide by the terms of Initiative, noted that FSA troops were forced to confront Assad loyalists in Damascus, succeeding in killing the Colonel that was conducting the sweep operations and several of his top lieutenants. Several loyalists were said to have been arrested as well. In statements to the press, Col. Riyad Al-Ass’aad, head of the FSA, acknowledged that his group does indeed have contacts with members of the Syrian National Council, but said that Burhan Ghalioun, titular head of the SNC, is not one of them, and that the FSA has not received any support from the SNC.


Employees of Area SpA, a surveillance company based outside Milan, are installing the system under the direction of Syrian intelligence agents, who’ve pushed the Italians to finish, saying they urgently need to track people, a person familiar with the project says. The Area employees have flown into Damascus in shifts this year as the violence has escalated, says the person, who has worked on the system for Area.

Note: Obviously companies and individuals who are exporting surveillance technology and know-how to the Assads are aware of the political situation in the country and the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Assads, not unless they live on the Moon and are complete idiots. As such, they should be held legally and financially liable for any harm done to activists who got detained, or worse, as a result of the activities of these companies and individuals, and should, therefore, be sued by affected parties. Meanwhile, local authorities should open an investigation into these matters: economic sanctions are not what is at issue here, but whether crimes against humanity in Syria have been facilitated by citizens of Europe and the U.S. I trust the international character of these crimes will not detract from the need for accountability.

Indeed, my colleague at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Mark Dubowitz, is right when he says in the article:

“Any company selling monitoring surveillance technology to the Assad regime is complicit in human rights crimes.”

Threatening the Assads with isolation means nothing to them: they don’t fear isolation. In fact, at this stage, this is exactly what they are angling for: they would like nothing more than for the world to isolate them and forget about them so they can carry out their crackdown without the headache of foreign pressures and condemnations. Indeed, the Assad have been there before at least twice: once under the rule of the father and once under the rule of the son – and they survived, and the world reengaged them at their own terms.

Only aggressive engagement can defeat the Assads. Yes the initial costs of this strategy will be high both in human and material terms, but down the road, it will prove far less costly than the current passivity, which is more or less the default position for the international community when dealing with the malfeasance of this criminal dynasty.

For years, decades in fact, analysts have been giving us reasons for why the Assads should be left alone, this article in the Globe & Mail is the latest take, how many innocents have died throughout all this period? Thousands! Thousands have died so that a status quo based on brainwashing, lies, theft, killing, misery, lack of development, lack of progress and lack of hope can be maintained. Getting rid of the Assads will be a messy affair, although perhaps not as messy as some analysts believe, but it will be worth it at the end. The Assads provided with the certainty of misery and mediocrity, their removal will provide with an uncertainty that might just allow for some growth down the road. That’s worth fighting for. That’s worth all sacrifice.

Occupied Syria

 Yaman Al-Qadri, 19 year-old 2nd year dermatology student at Damascus University, she was severely bwaten and arrested today by Assad loyalists. Over 2,000 people were detained today in Damascus and suburbs

The city of Homs in the Homs Province is under occupation (scenes from the campus) , Deir Baalbah Khaldiyeh Qoussour (checkpoints) Bayadah

The Houleh region in Hama Province under occupation So is Talbisseh , checkpoints

The town of Madeeq in Hama Province under occupation , So is Sahel Al-Ghab region (Qastoun) Hama City Kafar Nabboudeh

The rural areas around Damascus under occupation (Ain Terma) Hamouriyeh Arbeen Zamalka (checkpoints) Kanaker (checkpoints and armored vehicles)

The War in Homs

 Homs City, Khaldiyeh Neighborhood, November 3, 2011

Meanwhile, in Dablan Neighborhood, locals take to the streets in support of Baba Amr so do locals in Karm Al-Zeitun Deir Baalbah

Bab Dreib a funeral for Bayadah a martyr another Khaldiyeh a martyr another a funeral Deir Baalbah a martyr killed execution style Another martyr Karm Al-Zeitun a martyr Baba Amr a martyr

Nighttime demonstrations Deir Baalbah Ghoutah Bab Houd Signs “The Assad regime and the Arab League two sides of the same coin” “46 people died since the acceptance” Khaldiyeh , Wa’er Bab Dreib Karm Al-Shami Deir Baalbah , Qoussour

HAMA: Karnaz , Hama City Sign “Should the regime honor the Initiative, expect a million strong demonstration in Aassy Square” Elsewhere in the city Taybat Al-Imam Hilfaya

HOMS PROVINCE: Houleh at night comes under fire Tadmor (Palmyra) Dar Al-Kabirah a funeral for this martyr

DAMASCUS: kerosene and petrol withheld from the neighborhood of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad as a form of collective punishment still people take to the streets at night Zamalka Zabadani Assaly Harasta , Douma Midan District (Abu Habel) Kafar Sousseh Yabroud

LATTAKIA: Ouaineh burning a poster of Assad Qneinees

Student Demonstrations

HOMS PROVINCE: Houleh the scene of several massacres over the last few days, still children take to the streets after school shouting “why are you afraid? God is with us” Tadmor (Palmyra) students remove an Assad poster from the top of their school

IDLIB: Idlib City students on strike Kafar Nabbel Sign “Bashar Al-Assad is a liar” M’arrat Hourmah Haass Kafroumah