Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arabs Mull, Assads Kill!

As the Arab League mulls the possibility of referring its proposal on the Syrian Crisis to the Security Council, the Assad’s killing machine continues its operations.  

Saturday 17, 2011

Today’s death toll: 40. The Breakdown: 13 in Homs City, 5 in Qseir in Homs Province, 6 in Kafar Shams in Deraa/Hauran,  3, including 2 children in Kafar Sajnah in Idlib Province, Rural Damascus and Deir Ezzor.  

Loyalists armed with 50 tanks continue to sweep operations in Idlib. Clashes were reported in Deir Ezzor and Deraa. Sweep operations were conducted in Arbeen Suburb and other areas in rural Damascus. 

Meanwhile, the general strike continues to be observed throughout protest communities.

But across the region and in Western capitals there are fears that Assad's opponents are not ready to take power, and that Syria's ethnic and sectarian mosaic could disintegrate and plunge the country of 22 million into chaos unless a way is found to smooth the transition. "The key priority is for the opposition inside and outside (Syria) to come together, become a more credible option and include all sects and get their coordination right. Turkey is working on that," a senior Western diplomat in Ankara told Reuters. "What worries them is that if Assad went today there will be more chaos, more destruction and they don't know who will emerge and they want the opposition to be ready."
The violent repression of citizens in Syria is escalating, and can now be linked to named officials of the regime. This reinforces the case for concerted international pressure to end the suffering, says David Mepham.

The crackdown in Homs City:

Dablan Neighborhood comes under fire at night Baba Amr shrapnel hits this local woman in the shoulder Stores that observed the strike were shelled

Asheerah Neighborhood martyr Bayadah Neighborhood retrieving a body from the street Martyr from Khaldiyeh His funeral Neighborhood comes under renewed assault at night

The aftermath of shelling in Bab Al-Sibaa

Sweep operations in Homs Province:

The pounding of the Qseir , , When the pounding stopped, funerals started The martyrs , , Samples of the shells used Still, people come out under the cover of darkness

The storming of Houleh Still, people take to the streets at night calling for the execution of Assad A funeral in Dar Al-Kabireh

Sweep operations in Idlib Province:

The pounding of Heesh The storming of Kafroumah , locals still take to the streets at night

Child hit in the chest in Ftiri in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh District Funeral in Kafar Takhareem Funerals in Kafar Sajnah Funeral in Khan Shaikhoon comes under fire

More martyrs from the operations in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh , ,

Sweep operations in Rural Damascus:

Shooting at protesters in the Damascene suburb of Daraya Nearby Moadamiyah comes under fire at night ,

Checkpoints like this one in Harasta are proliferating all over the suburbs of Damascus and Rural Damascus. Choppers are being used increasingly to detect the movement of insurgents in Eastern Ghoutah District And of course, snipers are omnipresent , But, people are taking to the streets in larger numbers, as is the case in the town of Misrabah ,

The pounding of Zabadani , paves the way to a funeral

In the Qalamoun Region in Rural Damascus,  they have recently been reinforced with tanks and armored vehicles and have in effect dissected the restive region separating towns and villages from each other, especially those of Rankous, Qarrah and Yabroud.

In nearby Dmeir, a funeral took place in the cover of night a martyred child

Meanwhile, closer to Central Damascus, small acts of defiance continue: burning tires in Qadam

Sweep operations in Deraa/Hauran:

The aftermath of pounding in Bosr Al-Harir ,

“Save Our Souls” This call by the inhabitants of Ankhel in Deraa/Hauran is not meant as an invitation for Christian missionaries, but for NATO missionaries

Deir Ezzor

In Deir Ezzor City, tanks roam the neighborhoods at night shooting randomly to spread fear These activities and occasional clashes during the day are not without victims of course



HOMS CITY: Bab Houd Bab Al-Sibaa “Burhane Ghalioun, can’t you hear? The people want a no-fly zone” Wadi Al-Arab Baba Amr Khaldiyeh Jouret Al-Shayah Deir Baalbah Insha’aat Qoussour Wa’er Jib Al-Jandali Sifsafeh Neighborhood Bayadah

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