Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Backburner!

Is the Syrian Crisis being consigned to the backburner of world politics? Or is the U.S. seriously willing to consider “other means” when the AL delegation fails? Inquiring minds may want to know, but Syrians are well-nigh literally burning to know. May the dawn of the New Year bring with it the needed answer.

Wednesday 28, 2011

Today’s death toll:  28. The Breakdown:  7 in Hama City, 6 in Homs City including a child, 4 in Idlib Province and 2 in Aleppo. Meanwhile 4 loyalist militias were killed in an ambush made by members of the Free Syrian Army in the town of Da’el in the Deraa/Hauran Province.

General Strike continues to be observed throughout protest communities.


Dabi Speaks!

Sudanese Gen Mustafa al-Dabi, head of the Arab League Commission to Syria, went to Homs City on Tuesday and Wednesday, but failed to see “anything frightening.” In fact, he did not "see tanks but we did see some armoured vehicles." I guess, the General has a different definition for tanks, but these vehicles that he passed by during his visit do look like tanks to me , , And I guess, for one of the founding father of the Janjaweed, there must be something reassuring about seen a dead child laid out on the hood of his cars with the empty cartridges used in the pounding laid on top of him.

Oh, those good old days in the Darfur Killing Fields! The General must be growing nostalgic by the hour.

The Scene in Homs City

Bab Dreib: exploiting the presence of AL monitors in their neighborhood, protesters come out in the hundreds and went up to army checkpoints plant the independence flags in the sand barracks, call them traitors and salute the Free Syrian Army People come under fire even with the delegation members present Same things happen in Bab Al-Sibaa where the delegation was cornered , ,

In Baba Amr, locals meet the AL monitors with angry chants of “the people want to execute Bashar” In Asheereh, local protester finds the AL mission useless The AL Delegation at the moment of its arrival in Baba Amr the delegation is made to listen to a man describing how his brother, a ranking member of the Baath Party, was killed by pro-Assad militias and how the killing was blamed on “armed gangs” by the regime A woman tells the delegation about the killing of her son Protesters insist on showing the body of a 5-year old martyr killed today to the delegation They finally prevail upon them to come to the local mosque to see him Later, protesters still insist on laying the body of the child on the hood of the car that bright in the delegation The blood can be seen on the hood after the body is removed

The local activist Khalid Abou Salah explains to Gen. Dabi that the problem is not with the delegation but with the Arab Initiative itself. He explains that the presence of the delegation has not prevented the killings The General tells Khalid to be patient and to give the delegation time to do its work and get them to dialog. Khalid replies: how can we dialog when the blog is still flowing. The moment you move to another neighborhood the killing resumes. The regime is laughing at us and is using this as respite to do more killing.

Khalid then takes Gen. Dabi to a different part of the neighborhood to show him the havoc left behind by artillery fire He explains that the population in Baba Amr is around 3,500 in all, but only few are left now In other words, people come back at night to hold their nighttime rallies, then they leave he neighborhood again.

It is hard to estimate the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Syria as a result of the militarized crackdowns, but even the most conservative estimates put the number at several hundreds thousands.  

Kids from the neighborhood come out chanting “the people want international protection” “the people
want a no-fly zone” Others explain how soldiers who refused to fire at the protesters were shot at.

Later, the delegation comes under fire

Baba Amr is pounded shortly after the departure of the AL monitors

Bassel Al-Sayyid, a local activist with a camera that was documenting the scene was mortally wounded. These were the last scenes taken by his camera as he bled to death

But at night, people take back to the streets , ,

Activists say occupants of this case were fired on by a checkpoint in Shammas Neighborhood, wounding all, but killing the child

 The havoc in Insha’aat The Havoc in Bab Al-Sibaa

A double funeral merge into a rally in Khaldiyeh , Because people cannot go to the old Clock-Tower Square, they build a model of it

One of today’s martyrs

HAMA CITY: Loyalist security officers prevent another attempt by local protesters to move into Assy Square , Protester are chased into side streets ,  Protesters in Baroudiyeh come under fire , The gunfire intensifies leaving several dead and wounded , , In a Sharqiyeh, people found the body of an unknown martyr In Eleilaat Neighborhood, people come under fire as well The view from Hadir Earlier the people held a major rally

At night, the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Frayeh take to the streets

Earlier in the day, people had been preparing to receive the ASL delegation with a banner accusing them of being partners in crime with the regime. The old man in camera explains that he had lost his son in 982, and that the entire area where people were standing has been destroyed and bulldozed back then A long independence flag was draped from a tall building

A martyr from yesterday’s crackdown in Mrabit

DERAA CITY: the city observes a strike amidst heavy security presence in anticipation of the arrival of AL monitors Sabeel An all-women rally In the Sadd Neighborhood, people hold a funeral , , for this martyr Kashif Street at night Mahata at night Deraa Al-Balad at night

DERAA/HAURAN: Protesters in Sanamein find themselves under fire even with AL monitors pay a visit to their town But they take back to the streets at night A martyr in Basr Al-Harir His funeral Protesters in Harrah come under fire

ALEPPO: Inhabitants of rural communities North of Aleppo City held a major rally on the road linking Aleppo City to Turkey in a sign of defiance and of growing restlessness in the Aleppo rural areas , Soon after, loyalists rammed their vehicles into a crowd of protesters and began firing , The wounded were taken to the local hospital A martyr from Marei Protesters from the towns of Atareb, Eizaz, Ain Arab (Kobani), Elbab, Manag, Turkman bareh, Marei, Dar Azzah, Tal Rif’aat, Anadan, Minbej, Baynaoun, Hreitan and surrounding villages and towns.

At night, some communities hold their own rallies: Abeen , Marei Hayyan While Elbab holds a nighttime funeral for a local defector A prayer for a martyr in Anadan

DAMASCUS – EASTERN GHOUTAH: Saqba girls from the local high school hold a rally Helicopter overflying the suburb At night, locals hold a bigger rally Arbeen Protesters burn the Chinese and Iranian flags

Thousands take part in a funeral for a local activist in Douma , , , Elsewhere, school kids organize their own protest At night, people take back to the streets

The body of a martyred defector

DAMASCUS – SOUTH: A small rally comes under fire in Kisweh the people in the rally were hoping to take part in a funeral for this local martyr Sitti Zeinab Zakiyeh


IDLIB: Protesters come under fire in Kafroumah as army vehicles move into town At night, people take back to the streets

At night, the areas around Khan Shaikhoon come under fire