Sunday, December 11, 2011

Countdown to More Massacres!

Assad plans not to be responsible again for more massacres scheduled to take place, perhaps within the next 24 hours, in Homs City and Rural Damascus. Are world leaders planning to do anything beyond issuing more condemnations?

Saturday 10, 2011

Today’s death toll: 16. The Breakdown: 3 in Homs City, 2 in Deraa/Hauran Province, 4 in M’arrat  Al-Nouman in Idlib Province, 3 in Shaizar in Hama Province, 3 in Harasta in Rural Damascus (died under torture). 


Dr. Ibraheem Nahel Osman, co-founder of the Medical Doctors Coordination Committee in Damascus, and one of the hundreds of field doctors working to treat protesters and revolutionaries all over Syria, was forced to flee to Turkey weeks ago, and was killed by pro-Assad security forces on Saturday near the Syrian village of Khirbet Joz, along the Turkish border.  He will be remembered, always

The Father killed my father. The Son killed my son. I am the mother of the martyr Kamil Shahoud and the daughter of the martyr Jameel Najjar.

Hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers are laying siege to Homs City. Inhabitants were told by loudspeakers to surrender all defectors or the city will be pounded into submission.
Meanwhile, major thousands of troops are set to carry out major sweep operations of the Eastern Ghouta region in rural Damascus in search of defectors 

My comment regarding the Swedish government vote against EU sanctions prohibiting sale of tracking technology to the Assads: This is a very hypocritical stance by the Swedish government. It is absolutely shameful that Sweden is now standing on the same side with Russia, China and Iran against the Syrian people's aspirations for freedom and justice. And for what? A handful of dollars? Sweden will lose more in their international standing than this whole thing is worth. The calculations of Swedish officials in this case are wrong in moral, diplomatic and financial terms. If I were Swede, I wouldn't vote for the morons who put my country in this foolish position.


The First Defector, Walid Al-Qash’ami, takes part in a press conference in Munster in Germany Meanwhile, in Syria, more officers announce their defection

In Rural Damascus’ town of Dmeir on December 9, a local nurse who was helping the wounded was herself shot. Attempts to rescue her failed

DEC 10

HOMS: helping the wounded in Bab Al-Sibaa A funeral in Deir Baalbah Random shooting in Bab Tadmor , The pounding of Khaldiyeh continues

Demonstrations took place in Baba Amr “the people want international protection” Wa’er Ghouta QoussourDamn you Assad, will remain forever a slogan for Homs” , Insha’aat Banner “to the cowardly UNSC, this is your last chance, topple the regime, or be toppled along with your damned international order” Bayadah Captain Sarout, the Goalkeeper, joins a little girl in leading the chants Night Deir Baalbah Jouret Al-Shayah Karm Al-Zeitun Khaldiyeh in the cover of darkness

Communities throughout Rural Homs continue to field their daily protests: Ghanto Talbisseh Houleh Tadmor (Palmyra) Qseir

HAMA: (Dec 9) Hilfaya Hama City (Hamidiyeh) Khattab
(Dec 10) Karnaz mourners come under fire in Hama City Sawa’eq Neighborhood comes under fire at night But in nearby Hamidiyeh Neighborhood, people take to the streets

IDILB: mourners come under fire in M’arrat Al-Nouman Demonstrations took place in many communities, including: Kafroumah Kinsafrah Sign “greetings to the people of Russia, we respect the rights of others, we defect from the Arab League” Binnish

DAMASCUS: funerals took place in Hamouriyeh , Zamalka , Eltal Dmeir Saqba Kafar Batna “We will get our revenge, and we will cut off your head Bashar” Douma Demonstrations took place in Barzeh Zabadani Qarrah

ALEPPO: Qubtan Al-Jabal

HASSEKH: Dirbassiyeh