Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dignity Strikes!

Syria today witnessed different kinds of strikes, and strike-backs. Still the underlying story is the same throughout: the protesters want to achieve their freedom, by any means necessary.

Sunday 11, 2011

Today’s death toll: 26, including a woman and 4 children. Calls for a general strike were heeded in protest communities all over the country, and in several neighborhoods in central Aleppo and central Damascus. Students of the University of Damascus largely observed the strike as well. In Deraa City, areas in Rural Hama, and certain Damascene neighborhoods, locals report that authorities burnt and/or ransacked stores of strike observers.

In Damascus, major clashes between loyalists and insurgents took place in the suburbs of Zabadani, Madaya and Sirghaya. In Deraa/Hauran, clashes took place near and in the town of Basr Al-Harir, 3 tanks were destroyed. In Homs City, major clashes were reported in the neighborhood of Deir Baalbah. 

Religious leaders of the Christian communities in Syria announced the cancellation of all outward signs of celebrations related to Christmas and the New Year’s. This is the first time in decades that such an announcement is made.


Security forces at the Syrian Embassy in Amman assault visitors to the Embassy simply for wearing T-shirts bearing the flag of the revolution The video shown here clearly contradicts the account of the incident given by Embassy officials, who accused the protesters of attacking them first.

The battle for Deir Baalbah Neighborhood in Homs City , , , Snipers in action But at night, the protesters take back to the streets and are addressed by Suheir Atassy via Skype from outside Syria, having been forced to leave the country clandestinely a few weeks ago In her speech, Suheir thanks members of the Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Brigade for protecting the protesters. 

In the nearby neighborhood of Bab Al-Sibaa, the Mreijeh Mosque was pounded In Bayadah Neighborhood, the Tozeghly Mosque also came under fire

This leaked video shows the atrocities being perpetrated by Assad loyalists on a daily basis in Homs City Another leaked video shows troops carrying out sweep operations in the region of Jabal Al-Zawiyeh in the Idlib Province

In Damascus, the town of Zabadani is stormed Locals in Zabadani, as well as in nearby towns of Madaya and Sirghaya, say that they have repelled the attack on their towns. But for a while, tanks rolled into the community From Madaya, an officer from the FSA announces in mid-battle that his troops have managed to stop an attempt at invading the town Locals observed the strike and burnt old tires as sign of protest , And they still took to the streets at night in Zabadani

In the Damascene suburb of Douma, people take to the streets at night to stop security officers from snatching the body of a female martyr from a local hospital Soon after, the neighborhood comes under fire , Earlier in the day, in nearby Harasta, security officers spent their day painting over the word freedom written on walls all over the suburb In Saqba, security forces stormed in , and opened fire

This video purports to show the leader of the FSA’s Ababeel Brigade giving a “hard lesson” to a leader of a pro-Assad group in Aleppo

More officers defect and join the Sulaiman Fighting Group , The SFG, known to operate in the rural areas of Hama and Idlib, is one of many armed groups that are not yet affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.

Scenes from the nighttime pounding of the town of Kafar Takhareem in the Idlib Province , ,

Kurdish soldiers announce their defection from the regular army The announcement was made in Kurdish in order to stress the demand for respecting Kurdish rights, while asserting commitment to Syria’s unity.

In Deraa City – Mahata District, loyalist troops force open shops that obeyed calls for general strike Soon after, there were clashes between loyalists and insurgents A number of casualties were reported, including this child Officers from the Martyrs of Freedom Brigade declare their responsibility for the attack on the local security headquarters They say the attack was in response to the kidnapping of three female activists. They claim to have killed all officers present on the premises and to have freed the jailed activists.

In nearby Basr Al-Harir, people take to the streets at night despite the presence of loyalist troops and their tanks Earlier in the day, the city was pounded and tanks stormed their way into town In nearby Tafas, tanks rolled into town

All protest communities and many suburbs in Damascus and Aleppo cities observed the call for general strike: Daraya (Damascus) Hilfaya (Hama) Binnish (Idlib) Kafrinbel (Idlib) Kafroumah (Idlib) Taftanaz (Idlib) Sanamein (Deraa) Khirbet Ghazaleh (Deraa) Hraak (Deraa) Houleh (Homs) Talbisseh (Homs) Tadmor (Homs) Ashrafiyeh (Aleppo City) Marei (Aleppo) Zamalka (Damascus) Midan (Damascus) Qamishly (Hassakeh) Jableh (Lattakia) Alboukamal (Deir Ezzor) etc. There are virtually hundreds of such videos. Naturally, all of Homs City observed the strike.

But the day did not belong to protests and strikes only, people did take part in protest demonstrations as usual: Hilfaya (Hama) Taybat Al-Imam (Hama) Soraan (Hama) Zamalka (Damascus) Arbeen (Damascus) Harasta (Damascus) Qarrah (Damascus) Hamouriyeh (Damascus) Kafar Sousseh (Damascus) Hraak (Deraa) Deir Al-Bakht (Deraa) Sourah (DEraa) Courine (Idlib) Ghadfah (Idlib) M’arr Shoureen Kafraouaid (Idlib) Jabal Al-Zawiyeh (Idib) Ram Hamdan (Idlib) Kafar Yahmoul (Idlib) Ritaan (Aleppo) Marei (Aleppo) , Tal Rif’aat Anadan (Aleppo) Amoudeh (Hassakeh) Qseir (Homs) Houleh (Homs) Talbisseh (Homs) Hama City/Bab Qibli Qrayyah (Deir Ezzor) Kafar Aya (Homs)

And of course, there were funerals: Dmeir (Damascus) Saqba (Damascus) Heesh (Idlib)