Saturday, December 31, 2011

The March to Freedom Square!

While Arab League monitors might eventually fail in achieving their specified objective, one which they themselves seem unable to define, their mere presence on the ground has served to galvanize the protest movement, by giving protesters a new focus for their frustration and hopes – an unintended consequence perhaps, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Friday 30, 2011

Today’s death toll:  32. The Breakdown:  9 in Hama City, 6 in Deraa City, 5 in Homs City (protesters who were arrested on Thursday), 4 in Tal Kalakh (Homs Province), 6 in Idlib Province, and 2 in the Damascene Suburbs of Daraya and Moadamiyah. 24 four people were injured in the Damascene Suburb of Douma when loyalist security officers used nail bombs when dispersing a local protest rally featuring 50,000 participants.   

Arab League monitors toured the provinces of Idlib Hama and Deraa/Hauran. Over 1 million protesters took part in this Friday’s rallies, including close to 250,000 throughout the Idlib Province. Over 500 separate rallies in total took place throughout the country.

Maj. Gen. Riad Al-Ass’aad, leader of the Free Syrian Army, announced that he had issue a directive stopping all offensive operations during the AL monitoring mission expressing hopes that the final report would prove “professional” and fair.

The Syrian National Council and the National Coordination Committee sign an agreement to unify their efforts. The first article of the agreement rejects any “foreign intervention that undermines the sovereignty and independence of the country,” but does not consider Arab intervention to be a foreign intervention.

Tunisia has reportedly closed the Syrian embassy in Tunis on Wednesday ordering the Assad’s ambassador to leave the country.

The general Strike continues to be observed throughout protest communities.

Homs in grief after 'eye of truth' dies Comment: By the time he passed away, Basil had already inspired so many to pick up their cameras and do what he does: let the images they capture convey the truth of what's happening in Syria to the world, and to History. That’s truly a wonderful legacy. Basil managed to document even his own death

The town of Kafrenbel in Idlib Province, December 30, 2011
For their part, the inhabitant of nearby Sarmada, demonstrates how justice can best served at this stage


Residents of Baba Amr tell AL monitors about their living conditions and their arrests of their sons This man tells monitors all about looting by loyalists This woman speaks of witnessing summary executions This man inquires about the fate of detainees Later, people held a mass protest rally , , And snipers took their usual blood tax

Thousands rally in Bab Al-Sibaa after weeks of loyalist-imposed blockade A group of new defectors address the crowd Then they are carried on the shoulders

A protest rally in Qoussour , is carefully watched by Loyalist security officers and s finally dispersed ,

Protesters in Ghoutah come under fire Protesters in the Clock-Tower Square are dispersed Protesters in Dablan come under fire

The “water” used in the crackdown against protesters seem to contain acid that burns through the cloths and burn the skin



Protesters in the village of Joseph in Jabla Al-Zawiyeh come under heavy fire but remain defiant

People from all over the province go by car and on foot to Idlib City to receive AL monitors with a mass rally , , People chanted saying “ the people wan tot liberate the country” Soon, they came under heavy fire , , , and the cameraman is shot Another martyr falls A chaotic scene , Saving the wounded An injured child Black smoke fills the sky over the city

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the town of Kafrenbel deliver another potent message:


Protesters in Hadir are dispersed , Loyalists shoot at protesters The crackdown leaves several wounded and dead , , A child martyr Another martyr Another martyr A man with a serious chest injury Another martyr Moving the wounded and the dead ,

The usual deadly game of cat-and-mouse between snipers and protesters trying to cross the streets take place with deadly consequences ,

Worshippers in the mosque are not spared Whose dead child is this?

A funeral in Bab Qibli Protesters chanted “the people want international protection”

A foreign correspondent pays a visit to Aleppo Road  where this rally took place the rally was dispersed using water canon And other means, the kind that kills A woman martyr Another one is killed on camera But protesters remain defiant

Staring contest between loyalists and protesters in Eleilat Neighborhood

Protesters in Sabouniyeh are attacked as well , They come under fire ,  

At night, more rallies take place: Frayeh Kazoo Bab Qibli


Rallies: Taybat Al-Imam words on ground “We seek freedom and peace, we are neither thieves nor bandits” Hilfaya Saudran Mourek Khattab Kafar Zita Karnaz Ellatamneh Madeeq Ma’ardis Tweini Treimseh


Douma’s protest rally , , comes under attack from loyalist troops , , The cameraman is hit while filing the crackdown A child is seriously injured , Nail bombs were used as these injured protesters shows Saving the wounded Local hospital refused to receive the wounded Protesters stand up to loyalists All these developments happened after the arrival of AL Monitors

Loyalist security troops enter the town of Ain Terma where locals destroyed on Thursday an Assad sculpture

In Harasta Protesters wait for AL monitors with olive branches and release pigeons the celebrate their arrival , , , Then they hoist the monitors on their shoulders

Rallies: Major Rally in Hamouriyeh in Saqba  Zamalka

DAMASCUS – SOUTHERN SUBURBS: loyalist troops invade the town of Qatana , In Kisweh, loyalists open fire on protesters



A local mosque in Daraya Suburb where some protesters were gathering was quickly besieged by loyalist security officers  Elsewhere, protesters come under fire leaving several wounded, including this young man , Loyalists in action

A rally in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad is broken up by loyalists , Protesters come under heavy fire but remain defiant A martyr Locals burn a security checkpoint The neighborhood is mixed, but security officers taking part in the crackdown are derived mostly from Alawite residents, naturally, this stokes the sectarian firs. A protester in this video is heard calling out at security officers firing at him: “you Alawite dog!”

Loyalist security forces disperse a protest in Midan Elsewhere in Midan, another rally takes place And the mosque of Zein Al-Abideen, another one begins “God Protect the Free Army”

At dusk, a small rally in Old Mazzeh was fired on leaving few wounded

DERAA CITY: Loyalist security officers break up a rally in Qoussour Neighborhood A martyr

In Sadd neighborhood, AL monitors arrive , , One of them admits on camera to have seen snipers position around town, and demand that authorities do something about that within 24 hours He also urges protesters to tell him their demands otherwise, the mission would be useless.

Nighttime crackdown , , , leaves martyrs The clashes went on for hours as protesters tried to reach Al-Omari Mosque to no avail The AL monitors were stationed at the Mosque, people wanted to tell them their stories

DERAA/HAURAN: Attempts at breaking up a rally in Ankhel paves the way for clashes between stone-wielding protesters and armed loyalists Sanamein security patrols are omnipresent

DEIR EZZOR: Loyalist troops storm into the town of Tayyaneh Despite heavy security presence elsewhere in town, locals in Qouriyeh still manage a small rally Gharaneej

Albou Kamal Loyalists fire at protesters

ALEPPO: Aleppo City (the Great Mosque) Kallasseh Loyalists attack protesters in Salaheddine

Loyalists storm through the town of Elbab

Lattakia City loyalist militias patrol the neighborhood of Sleibeh Chasing after protesters near Hussein Mosque Elsewhere, loyalists demonstrators stop traffic

RAQQAH: Tabaqah