Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Syria Bleeding!

The Assad regime's current tactics indicates that it views the Arab League Monitoring Mission more as a month-long window of opportunity during which it can do whatever it wants to bring the revolution to an end, rather than a final opportunity to chart an exit strategy for itself, hence the escalation in violence, including the decision to throw air-power into the fray.

Monday 26, 2011

Today’s death toll: 43, including 21 in Homs City (Baba Amr), 6 in Hama City, and the rest in the provinces of Damascus, Idlib, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, the general strike continues to be observed by all protest communities.

Homs City – Deir Baalbah (Dec 27 morning): the local pipeline is blown up http://youtu.be/sIqhNQMd1KU The explosion as seen from Bayadah Neighborhood http://youtu.be/tPWRr8taWMQ The explosion as seen from the town of Talbisseh http://youtu.be/rQBXmI0DsZI

‘Syria trying to reveal secrets behind abduction of Iranian engineers’ Comment: The Iranian government wants us to believe these were mere electrical engineers, as if Syria doesn’t have myriads of them. Who were these “engineers”? What were they doing in Homs City? To what extant is the Iranian Government involved in the ongoing crackdown in Syria? These are the real questions.

Planes, Tanks and Armored Vehicles: the Battle for Rural Damascus

The first serious use of fighter jets against civilian populations by the regime seems to have taken place today in Rural Damascus. Several reports from the Damascene Suburb of Douma have all asserted that fighter jets were used in today’s pounding of the neighboring farmlands, especially the villages of Al-Shoufiniyeh and Hosh Nasri. The bombing seems to have been spurred by new defections in the ranks of the local unity assigned to patrol the neighborhood and the ensuing clashes between loyalists and defectors. One little girl was reportedly killed in the pounding, but there is no exact word on the causalities that took place in the farmlands. The communities being targeted most make up what is known as the Eastern Ghoutah – a large swath of farmland at the outskirts of Damascus dotted by small towns and villages, including Zamalka, Arbeen, Douma, Hamouriyeh, Mesraba, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, among others, all of which are considered hotbeds of protests.

Indeed, Rural Damascus has been boiling for months, but clashes between loyalists and local insurgents have been few and sporadic, as insurgents seem more interested in building their network and capacity then carrying out anti-regime operations at this stage. The move seems to come as a preemptive strike.

Homs City: Christmastime massacres continue

The merciless pounding of Baba Amr is nothing short of a crime against humanity being perpetrated as the entire world watches with unexplainable unjustifiable indifference.

It is said that Major General Assef Chawkat, the man in charge of all military operations currently taking place all over the country, had promised his brother-in-law, Bashar Al-Assad, to have the situation in Baba Amr brought under control by the end of November. He is said to be fighting now to avoid another embarrassment which could compromise his position in the family, once again.

The dead lie in the streets http://youtu.be/N4kZQfmEZII Loading some of the dead in trucks http://youtu.be/dUXaqBeLZrQ Rescuers work under impossible condition http://youtu.be/WPsuYNOAN18 The wounded often die despite the bet efforts at saving them http://youtu.be/yx1NH2uZ3dM , http://youtu.be/fBsK9dzCANw Men, women and children all get killed http://youtu.be/PJqaXQkR4dM , http://youtu.be/EvyGHFnV4aY Not all the dead are Syrians, this old woman is from Iraq http://youtu.be/UPOZoea_ar8 Digging up bodies from under the rubble http://youtu.be/z5HoIokD5ZM Grieving http://youtu.be/sYWlOkhirhw An entire is killed http://youtu.be/Kncwr-KgCVY

The pounding is so intense you’d think two armies are facing each other in combat, not one set of crazy murdering SOBs shelling a residential neighborhood, high on fear, hate and fascist propaganda http://youtu.be/_SUlJmim9ag , http://youtu.be/2__NLmJAIXk , http://youtu.be/OQn3ZKwTTTI The sounds of the pounding can be heard from the nearby Insha’aat Neighborhood http://youtu.be/MfRZH_O11dU

An eyewitness account: 5 people were killed, my father and our neighbors. Our homes and our cars were destroyed. Where are the Arab League monitors? Where are the Muslims? Aren’t we Muslims like them? Where are the nations of the world? What can we do on our own? http://youtu.be/0OtTuERVLCM

The women in the neighborhood call on the Arab League monitors to visit their neighborhood http://youtu.be/hdrTKLSgxtw “we have no water, no electricity, we cannot save the wounded from the streets, we live in a shelter” “Half of the people in the neighborhood have been martyred. We live on top of each other in this basement, blood is all over the streets.”

But Baba Amr was not the only Homs City neighborhood to be shelled today, Bab Al-Sibaa received its share http://youtu.be/WwakpT0lrZM , http://youtu.be/qS6OELQuV5o , http://youtu.be/o9WHEjhH8IQ This little girl was wounded by a shrapnel http://youtu.be/NZIW1SBjDbM and this young man was killed http://youtu.be/X2Jvn7vixI0 Another martyr, a father of three http://youtu.be/YzpJ21m_boI And yet another, a father of 1 http://youtu.be/ISo_8PXUcYE  Still, the people take to the streets at night http://youtu.be/qHU_PZKaZ6o

Bad Dreib comes under fire as well http://youtu.be/LW-04m18gh0 And Cairo Street http://youtu.be/oYEr9fnwxNk And Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/Dk8UpybFSM4

Elsewhere in the city, snipers spread terror and martyrs http://youtu.be/8qQQbQUzB1s Bab Houd wounded http://youtu.be/5pd9wk-RcUg , http://youtu.be/UdBx6S-tdZc

Insha’aat – The dying of Sheikh Manhal al-Attassy http://youtu.be/Ymuq3ZRXBI8 , http://youtu.be/YxIJ9QpeT_Y Another martyr http://youtu.be/LMHwhD0sO-E

In Jib al-Jandali, this house was shelled, and three of its occupants died http://youtu.be/SmWgGFiM8O0

An impromptu funeral in Sifsafeh http://youtu.be/dwoKKbe8PW8 Another in Bayadah http://youtu.be/NwTlbVbwVYA , http://youtu.be/cgLE7J0ucw0

And the general strike continues to be observed throughout the city: the local vegetable market http://youtu.be/eT8baH-JUxI Abu Awf Street http://youtu.be/7znPd14ETek

PROVINCIAL HOMS: Crackdown on this protest http://youtu.be/Wp9N4Zs99mQ leaves a woman martyr in Talbisseh http://youtu.be/aC3zB3-5K-4 The town is pounded at night http://youtu.be/W5siGLlxmBk A funeral in Qseir http://youtu.be/Ac2XWOb0scI town is pounded at night http://youtu.be/_l_TSAdWQn4 Double funeral in Al-Dar Al-Kabirah http://youtu.be/riMbtsN9zTY Defections in Rastan http://youtu.be/jMlJV-Pe5Sg And demonstrations http://youtu.be/VU4ED2EW6iY Houleh http://youtu.be/XpWiz-986m0 Night http://youtu.be/x8lXHiw0ktQ Tadmor (Palmyra) http://youtu.be/lVzn4Y_1e28

HAMA: In Khattab, three protesters were killed http://youtu.be/SFHRwKO59kg when a tank opened fire http://youtu.be/boJvLV0s8Vs on a peaceful demonstration. The martyr Majid Al-Nabhan http://youtu.be/EAbxSFERC-0 The martyr Khalid al-Ibrahim http://youtu.be/Yqmglqs4fG4 The martyr Muhammad Seifo Yassin http://youtu.be/d4VgUyGz-04  

A martyr in Kafrenboudeh http://youtu.be/KiDHWTiIQrw His funeral http://youtu.be/ZTVo6RifNrA

Kafar Zeita tanks pull out to the outskirts of the town http://youtu.be/K18SuLqDMNI People take back to the streets http://youtu.be/ga4nmYln5CE , http://youtu.be/fB-iIb_FB0c

Hama City (Malaab) http://youtu.be/WtypavDa8T0 (Hamidiyeh) http://youtu.be/MLb8NDHOJhg (Frayeh) http://youtu.be/Xu_ElYub1Zc (Qoussour) protesters come under fire http://youtu.be/42rcMseK_-c (Aleppo Road) comes under fire at night http://youtu.be/y9uLu7xPBK4

DEIR EZZOR: Qrayah (Qourieyh) is stormed and the pounding begins http://youtu.be/usq7YbxFo8k   Jarthi is stormed by tanks and loyalists http://youtu.be/EPBBu6ETsPY , http://youtu.be/1mPIJdPKeeE , http://youtu.be/7Y4FAh9WhCk But people take back to the streets at night http://youtu.be/8mSlPXNHTIY Deir Ezzor City (Ghassan Abboud Square) comes under fire at night http://youtu.be/M2B9-BKH20U (Takaya Street) people take to the street http://youtu.be/S1bLxvBUbT4 (Hassan Taha) http://youtu.be/Gt5tkPS8x1U Security patrols in Albou Kamal http://youtu.be/mFT-_UC9il8 People take back to the streets http://youtu.be/ddAUfrnC-C4 Shaheel http://youtu.be/k9jJoye2Cj4

DAMASCUS CITY: Douma Loyalists storm the suburb and open fire on inhabitants http://youtu.be/RswwG_CfSAE A martyr http://youtu.be/r8TXRlGDOic Nighttime funeral http://youtu.be/W5zUpl1D1OY was followed by demonstrations http://youtu.be/y-m_JyAILZQ , http://youtu.be/Tvjgqv38rq4 

Students from the University of Damascus demonstrate in support of Homs http://youtu.be/6C0hBrNVL5U Other demonstrations Qadam http://youtu.be/5d3X8SHCg5A Kafar Sousseh http://youtu.be/i3uMBoNw9V8 Barzeh http://youtu.be/wpOSPeRqmwU Assaly http://youtu.be/aSU_I-oawxY children demonstrate after school in Daraya http://youtu.be/NmuxSzqmYa8 Harasta http://youtu.be/EZix3TeTe-w Saqba http://youtu.be/wv5iGKfhtBQ Jobar http://youtu.be/yVYQLULS91o