Monday, December 26, 2011

The Syrian Grinch!

Assad – the Grinch who stole our Christmas in Syria, not to mention our life and our freedom continues, through his minions, to pound the resilient neighborhoods, suburbs and towns of Syria. But here is the Miracle: the people are not giving up. They bury their dead, then, they take back to the streets to keep telling him to leave, because freedom is worth any price, because it’s the birth of freedom that we are indeed witnessing all over the country.

Sunday 25, 2011

Today’s death toll: 10, including 3 children. The Breakdown: 6 in Homs City, 3 children in Qraya (Qouriyeh) in Deir Ezzor Province, and 1 in Nawa in Deraa/Hauran Province. 

As the siege of Homs City continues, Syrian protesters and opposition groups call on Arab League observers to go to Homs, and the Pope calls for ending the violence in Syria. 

Will Asma al-Assad take a stand or stand by her man? Comment: Just think of her as Lady Macbeth and stop asking these dumb questions!


Baba Amr wakes up to a Christmas Day pounding (different angles) , , , , , A house is directly hit An interview under fire “we have hundreds of wounded and not enough medical help” Tanks take up positions around the neighborhood in preparation for another round of shelling Other tanks are already in action , But kids brave the shelling and the rain and take to the streets to appeal to the world for help Injured in Baba Amr , , A martyr The havoc A brief lull prevails around Sunset Prayers The pounding and the rain continue all through the night , But the people protested in their homes

A trench is begin dug all around the city

Martyr in Al-Rifai Neighborhood His funeral Funeral in Wadi Arab Martyr in Karm Al-Zeitun Local protester showing signs of torture

Impact of shelling in Bab Al-Sibaa Bab Tadmor Cairo Street





Hilfaya residents, though Muslims, celebrate Christmas in honor of their Christian compatriots Karnaz Kafar Zeiteh Taybat Al-Imam Leaked video from Hama City shows a tank convoy strolling into town shortly after the invasion in August Hama City December 25 (Aleppo Road) (Hamidiyeh) (Frayeh) (Bab Qibili)


The Damascene suburb of Douma wakes up to the sounds of automatic gunfire Soon pro-Assad militias take over the neighborhood and begin establishing random checkpoints The goal is to break the strike which is still being observed as well as across the country Still, the people took to the streets at night And the loyalists opened fire once again


Zabadani Earlier in the day, the children of Zabadani, a mixed suburb, celebrated under the Christmas Tree by singing “Today, we don’t have a holiday, every day, there is death, gunfire and new martyrs”


The town of Jarthi comes under fire



Suweidah the local women take a stand Unconfirmed report claim that 2 women have been killed.


Aleppo City offers a martyr The father was proud of his son’s martyrdom Anadan Marei