Friday, January 27, 2012

Act now or forever embrace your shame!

Does the world really need to wait until Rwanda-scale massacres are perpetrated until it realizes that the Assads are carrying out Rwanda-style genocide? The Assads have gone mad. There is a clear responsibility to protect here. World leaders can ignore this to their own dying shame.

Thursday 26, 2012

Today’s death toll: 62, 35 of whom, including 11 children, fell in Homs City in the indiscriminate pounding of the neighborhoods of Al-Rifai and Karm Al-Zeitun. 4 were killed in Hama City, 2 in Rural Damascus (Eastern Ghoutah), 1, a teenager, in Nawa in Deraa/Hauran Province, 1 in Saraqib and 1 Idlib City in Irlib Province…  

Loyalist troops continued their sweep operations of restive neighborhoods in Hama City involving hundreds of arrests and a number of summary executions

Sweep operations by loyalist troops take place in the Damascene suburbs of Eastern Ghoutah as well, including Douma, Harasta, Misraba and Arbeen where hundreds of arrests were made. Clashes between loyalists and defectors were also reported leaving 8 loyalists, including a general, and 7 defectors dead.


An old Syrian proverb goes as follows: “Oh Pharaoh, what turned into a tyrant?” Ask the people. “No one ever stood up to me,” replies the Pharaoh. Well, the people of Syria have finally gotten the gist of this wise saying and are now doing their part standing up to their local pharaoh and his cronies, and they are paying the price for that with that certain magnanimity that comes with the realization that they have become free the moment they have stopped being afraid.

But standing up to a modern day Pharaoh, one supported by regional (Iran & Cronies) and global powers (Russia & China), requires a certain measure of support from the free world, real support not the sanctimonious platitudes we keep hearing.  

Some of the victims of a new massacre in Homs City perpetrated by regime loyalists

Homs City

Karm Al-Zeitun: an entire family is killed, including 5 children, when loyalists stormed their home (graphic and heart-wrenching) , The father taking his last breaths The children , , , , But one little girl in the family survived

At night, several neighborhoods come under heavy pounding Rabei Al-Arabi: As activist making the video put it: “this is a real war, albeit one-sided” Bab Al-Sibaa Defiant prayers can be heard streaming from the minarets of all local mosques Karm Al-Zeitun: Deir Baalbah: , Qoussour: Bab Houd: Baba Amr Bab Dreib Insha’aat ,

The continuous pounding and the killing of children and teenagers is having a toll on protest leaders’ ability to keep sectarian sentiments in check. In this clip, a relative of one of today’s martyred teenagers tells local activist Omar Tellawi that Alawites and communists are waging war against all Muslims in the city, and says the Arabs are dogs for refusing to help This is the body of the martyred teenager, he was killed while foraging for wood This is the sniper outpost responsible for his murder This is the funeral The martyrs friends say goodbye and pray for their friend

Al-Rifai: the pounding of the neighborhood resumes , Treating the wounds of a little girl A martyred defector A martyr Rescuing the wounded

Activist Omar Tellawi complains of the difficulties involved in trying to treat victims of snipers in makeshift hospitals without access to any imaging equipment. He also rails against the Arab League and the head of the current observer mission, Mustafa Al-Dabi, accusing him of being in the pay of the Assads and his loyalists ,

Bab Tadmor: locals tell Omar Tellawi how the 2 buildings in their neighborhood were recently destroyed. Loyalist troops targeted the foundations of the buildings with RPGs until the buildings came tumbling down. Bodies are still trapped underneath the rubble as locals have no lifting equipment and the authorities refuse to come in  Three days after the collapse, the site is still smoldering Omar then shows the impact of today’s pounding on the neighborhood

Bab Al-Sibaa: treating the wounded A martyr

Asheereh: the neighborhood is pounded with RPGs A funeral for 2 children

Nazheen: treating the wounded Martyrs

Jub Al-Jandali: many locals now live among the ruins of their homes and are forced to burn paper and wood for heat. Locals complain that Arab League observers toured the loyalist neighborhoods where nothing is happening and did not pay enough attention to what is happening in their

All-women rallies took place in Baba Amr Wa’er ,

Khaldiyeh rally under the protection of new defectors from the 4th Division who decided to join local units affiliated with the FSA , The defectors pay a visit to Bayadah Neighborhood as well And Wadi Arab where they address the crowd denouncing regime loyalists and promising protection , “We want to free Homs, we want to free Syria, of the oppressors” Back in Khaldiyeh, protesters stage a little play telling the story of the revolution and the oppression of the regime. Appropriately, Godfather theme plays in the background Act II

Al-Farouq Brigade affiliated with the Free Syrian Army released a video showing 7 Iranians that says it recently captured, including 5 members of the Iranian Republican Guard as well as 2 electrical engineers that the group promises to release This belies earlier reports that a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda were behind the kidnapping, and claims by Iranian authorities that all captured were electrical engineers.

Damascus – East

Douma: Tanks on their way in the town is pounded at dawn , But people still come out at night calling for execution of Assad , , Elsewhere in ton another nighttime rally

Hamouriyeh: the town was pounded at dawn, but people took to streets in defiance shortly after

Ain Terma: a nighttime funeral Jisreen: nighttime mourning ceremony Misraba: a martyr Saqba: a martyr

Nighttime Rallies Zamalka a mass rally takes place in defiance , , Kafar Batna  Zabdeen

Damascus – North

A new fighting unit is formed in the mountain of Qalamoun under the banner of the FSA

Jairoud: A funeral for this martyr

Nighttime Rallies Qarrah

Damascus – West

Damascus - South

Qatana: the town comes under fire at night , Earlier, locals held a small rally

Damascus City

Midan: while massacres are taking place in Eastern Ghoutah, locals of Midan are not daunted with high schoolers, boys and girls, continuing their daily after-school protest rally , Similar rally takes pace in Barzeh and in Kafar Sousseh and Qadam and Moadamiyeh But in Daraya, loyalist troops stand outside the local girls high school to prevent them from demonstration Their show involved automatic machineguns mounted on trucks

Deraa City

Al-Balad: locals organize a funeral , for a man killed during yesterday’s pounding of the city by loyalist troops  But rallies still take place at night

Al-Mahatah: The neighborhood gets pounded at night

Al-Kashif: despite the crackdown, locals organize a nighttime rally

Nazheen: a nighttime rally


A new fighting unit is formed under the banner of the FSA

Khirbet Ghazaleh: sounds of daytime clashes between defectors and loyalists Clashed took place shortly after this rally

Nawa: Protesters come under fire and a child is killed A sister’s grief The independence flag hovers over the main mosque during the funeral The funeral

Basr Al-Harir: the town comes under fire at night Hraak comes under fire at night

Hama City

Bab Qibli: loyalist troops storm the neighborhood and carry out mass arrests and several massacres. These are the bodies of locals who summarily executed In Hamidiyeh, the body of an unknown young man was found showing signs of torture

Leaked Video: loyalist troops firing randomly while saluting “God and Assad” and chanting “Fuck Hama”

Checkpoints everywhere: Sbahee Square Bahra Square Armored vehicles roam the streets Qoussour And pound the neighborhood The scene in Assy Square The pounding of Hamidiyeh

A martyr Another A martyred defector who died while trying to protect the city A small impromptu funeral takes place at night Treating the wounded ,

But for all the pounding, people rally at night Qoussour Tauheed But late nights are reserved for pounding Hamidiyeh


Idlib City: locals organize a mass funeral for Red Crescent VP, Abdulrazak Jbeiro. Locals blame his murder on regime loyalists. Regime claim terrorists did it , Another martyr falls

Ma’arrat Al-Nouman: locals line up to fill up their gas cylinders – a daily sight in most protest communities

Jisr Ashoughour: A martyr Taftanaz A martyr A nighttime funeral

Saraqib: A funeral

Rallies Bsheiriyeh