Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Out War!

The fate of the Syrian Revolution is trapped within a triangle of sanctimony, impunity and defiance: world leaders denounce, the Assads kill, and the protesters soldier on.

Wednesday 25, 2012 – Today was dedicated to showing solidarity with the Damascene suburb of Douma.

Today’s death toll: 26, including Father Bassilius Nassar who was shot in Hama City while helping a wounded man and Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s vice-president, Abdulrazak Jbeiro who was paying a visit to Idlib City.

Loyalist forces tried to retake the restive suburbs of Eastern Ghoutah in Rural Damascus, especially those of Arbeen, Zamalka, Jisreen and Harasta, but were repelled by local units affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, still the pounding continues.

The town of Rankous and the village of Jrajeer, among other communities in the Qalamoun region north of Damascus have also been targeted.

Heavy clashes between loyalists and defectors took place throughout Deraa City, with some reporting that loyalist troops were forced to withdraw to the town’s outskirts.

Meanwhile, the heavy pounding of Homs City and Hama City continues.

Assad’s Reforms according to the renowned Syrian cartoonist Ali Firzat

The first female fighting unit is formed in Deraa/Hauran Province, named after a female warrior from early Islamic times: Khawla Bin Al-Azwar

Homs City

Bab Dreib: the neighborhood is pounded again But people locals rally at night ,

Bayadah: a 2-year old is hit by a sniper

Baba Amr: an impromptu funeral for a local defector

Bab Al-Sibaa: Aftermath of pounding Martyr The neighborhood finally receives a shipment of Kerosene But locals in the neighborhood’s Sifsafeh street are undaunted and they come out at night Local Activists Omar Tillawi takes on a tour of the aftermath of nighttime pounding An injured child

Karm Al-Zeitun: a small funeral come under fire (at end of clip) The aftermath of shelling , , , , Unidentifiable human remains a Martyr A wounded child that was pulled out from under the rubble Local activist Abou Moaz takes on a tour of the neighborhood

Madentein: despite the heavy pounding, people still managed to find a nook, a corridor connecting two ancient minarets, where they can rally during daytime in relative safety from sniper attacks

Homs Province

Tal Kalakh: FSA members claim to have destroyed a loyalist checkpoint in the town’s main square

Qseir: Aftermath of shelling

Tal Kalakh: a child martyr Houleh: martyr A mother’s grief


Defectors from a unit affiliated with the Free Syrian Army claimed to have destroyed a loyalist checkpoint near the village of Ayn al-Hamrah destroying a tank and a number of armored vehicles and killing 15 loyalists including a ranking office

Idlib City: The body of Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s vice-president, Abdulrazak Jbeiro, after it was shot dead at the outskirts of the city The body of a local defector

Khirbet Al-Joz: defectors affiliated with the FSA promise to keep fighting from their hideouts in the snowy mountains in Idlib province along the Turkish borders

Kafar Takhareem: life returns to normal after locals forced out loyalist troops with the aid of members of the FSA Rally under the protection of the FSA ,

Ma’arrat Hourmah: funeral Deir Hassan: a funeral

Kafrenbel: another defection

Deraa City

But in other parts of the city, namely in Nazheen, the refugee camp for people from the Golan Heights, there were rallies


Nawa comes under fire at night

Hama City

Hamidiyeh: the neighborhood is pounded again Frayeh: the neighborhood is pounded a wounded Targeting the minaret of Sirjawi Mosque as part of loyalist routine of defacing religious symbols a martyr
At night, Bayad neighborhood comes under fire and Qoussour and throughout the city ,
Despite the crackdown, locals in Bab Qibli take to the streets at night Janoub Al-Malaab Hamidiyeh
Hama Province

Madeeq: local members of the FSA address a rally

Damascus – East

Arbeen: the restive neighborhood gets pounded , And again at night , , But, local members of the FSA manage to repel the attack. Meanwhile, and in the lull-time in between, the locals rallied , ,

Kafar Batna: at night, the sounds of loyalist gunfire gets mixed with the defiant cries of Allahu Akbar

Harasta: the suburb comes under fire at night So does neighboring Zamalka ,

Jisreen: martyr

Damascus City

Daraya: loyalist troops seek out, beat and detain local activists , Elsewhere in the suburb, high school students organize an after school rally A martyr: victim of a sniper attack

Halbouni (Central Damascus): a group of young women activist stage a small rally

Damascus – West

Damascus – North

Qarrah: a tank and armored vehicles convoy pass by the city and enter the neighboring town of Yabroud

Jrajeer: the remains of occupants are mixed with those of their vehicles after it was bombed by a tank Tank tracks are still visible ,

Damascus – South

Nighttime Rallies Zakiyeh


Lattakia City: army trucks come out from the port carrying containers which locals believe are filled with parts and ammunitions from the Russian ship

Deir Ezzor

Nighttime Rallies Qourieyh