Monday, January 16, 2012

Assad’s Iron Fist!

Assad’s Iron Fist gives him more deaths but less control. But he’s too cut off from reality to notice the difference, and too much of a megalomaniac to care. That will be his undoing. The challenge ahead has always been about preventing the undoing of Assad from paving the way to the undoing of the entire country.

Sunday 15, 2012 – Today’s rallies are dedicated to showing solidarity with the inhabitants of the towns of Zabadani and Madaya in rural Damascus.

Today’s death toll: 13 (Saturday) 32 (Sunday). The breakdown:

The pounding the town of Zabadani in rural Damascus has been ongoing since Friday afternoon. Defectors in the region gave loyalist army troops 24 hours to halt their attack otherwise they will begin targeting artesian wells in the region which constitute the main water supply to the city of Damascus.

"Each previous offer has resulted in the release of a few hundreds only, while thousands more have been arrested," said U.S.-based Syrian opposition activist and blogger Ammar Abdulhamid. "Assad gives little with one hand, takes much more with the other. His words are always designed to deceive and his actions always designed to repress and reestablish control."

A new cartoon by the famous Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat

Tunisia: Tunisians stage a rally in support of the Syrian Revolution in the capital Tunis ,


Member of Syrian Parliament, Emad Ghalioun, from Homs Province, announces his defection on Al-Arabiya

Baba Amr: Local Protest Leader Khalid Abou Salah speaks at his brother’s funeral “I used to feel ashamed that we have no martyrs in the family, I am not anymore” Locals unable to rescue a wounded old man trapped in his car by snipers Eventually, however, he is saved along with a local woman Rescuing more of the wounded of today’s random shelling , , , , A mother’s grief At night, loyalists set fire to some of the local fields surrounding the neighborhood

Insha’aat: The neighborhood gets pounded Home catches fire , Al-Rifai Neighborhood gets pounded as well ,

Wa’er gets pounded, leaving this martyr His funeral Deir Baalbah: A mother grief and a funeral

Bab Al-Sibaa: A martyr Crossing the street is a risky undertaking Bab Houd: Local activist, Omar Al-Tillawi, takes us on a tour of the neighborhood even as it comes under fire ,

Bab Dreib: leaked video shows loyalists in action Checkpoints and sniper positions surround the neighborhood of Karm Al-Shami


Houleh: protesters , came under fire. In retaliation, local defectors clashed with loyalists and alter announced the formation of a new unit affiliated with the FSA Impact of pounding

Tadmor: locals organize a rally to receive the AL monitors , Locals talk to the monitors in the local mosque


As parts of Zabadani are pounded, people rally in other parts to declare that “God is greater than the oppressor” and that “Assad is the enemy of God” Treating the wounded , , ,

People wait for AL monitors They arrive in town , They talk to the locals They make some videos

The pounding of Zabadani resumes minutes after their departure , Sample of the shells being used A panoramic scene of the town The sound of automatic gunfire , The impact of shelling , , One of the tanks taking part in laying siege to the town As usual, loyalists target religious symbols by shooting up the minaret of Al-Amrah Mosque

At night, locals still rally under the cover of darkness Later still, local members of the FSA repel an attempt at invading the town by loyalist troops

The nearby Madaya receives another AL delegation Speaking with the locals

Nighttime Rallies Qudsaya


Douma women take part in a funeral (Jan 14) BBC crew attends the funeral as well The funeral , ,


Rankous a funeral (Jan 14) A similar same day funeral , for this martyr and another in Dmeir turns into a rally telling Assad to go



Kisweh An all-women rally


Kafar Haya: local units affiliated with FSA carry out an operation against loyalists killing 2 and confiscating what’s for them is a treasure trove of equipment and supplies: RPGs, Kalashnikovs, ammunitions, and night vision goggles

Ma’arrat Al-Nouman: AL monitors arrive in town and are received with a major rally , Local defectors affiliated with the Free Syrian Army meet with AL Monitors It seems the monitors really know how to conduct a conversation. One of the defectors says that members of the Syrian Social National Party came to meet them pretending to be AL monitors and dressed in the same outfit AL monitors meet with local protesters as well Here they meet with some of the local mothers ,

Kafrenbel: locals sing to Assad “we don’t want your amnesty, because we will never forgive you.”

Kafroumah: protesters come under fire even as they prepare to receive AL monitors Heesh receives a delegation of AL monitors

Khan Shaikhoon: A martyr And A rally ¸ Ibleen locals stand up to loyalist troops A funeral in Salqeen

Saraqib protesters come under fire as the AL delegation pays a visit to town, several injuries reported AL monitors meet with local members of the FSA

Ihsem protesters come under fire In Isqat, a funeral


Hamidiyeh neighborhood comes under heavy fire in the morning Following a night of defiant rallies


Protesters in Kafrenboudeh come under fire killing 5 people. In retaliation, local units of FSA conducted an operation against local loyalist security headquarters killing, according to the statement issued by the defectors, 47 loyalists, wounding 50, and destroying 2 armored vehicles. 1 defector as also killed


Sit-in at the College of Education in the University of Aleppo  A nighttime rally In Ashrafiyeh



Qouriyeh: Loyalists killed this man by shooting him point blank in the chest after they broke his teeth. They then buried him a in a shallow grave. His crime: filming their crackdown


Amoudeh a funeral for a local defector ,


AL monitors arrive in the town of Banias which is completely controlled by loyalist security apparatuses like most coastal towns