Saturday, January 21, 2012

Down but not Out!

The Assad has been considerably weakened, but he is far from being out. Much bloodshed still lies ahead, the current “lull” notwithstanding. Criminals like the Assad cannot be counted out until they are out.

Friday 20, 2012 – Today’s rallies are dedicated to the Detainees of the Revolution.

Today’s death toll: 21. The Breakdown: 7 in Idlib, 3 in rural Damascus, 1 in Deir Ezzor, the rest in Homs City.


Homs City

Captured: Abdelkareem Al-Nabhan, retired head of Air-Force Security in Homs, who was reactivated when at the beginning of the Revolution, like myriad of retired security officers, known for their loyalty to the regime

Bab Al-Sibaa: Protesters , come under fire Local defectors affiliated with the Free Syrian Army spring into action in order to defend the protesters But a defector is killed , His mother grieves And a protester as well The clashes continue The aftermath of battle

Al-Rifai: Worshippers come under fire gas they leave the Mosque Karm Al-Zeitun victim of sniper The wounded

Deir Baalbah: days began with a rally at dawn At noon, the main rally took place , ,

Homs Province

Zaafaraneh Funeral

Damascus – East

Protesters in Douma hoist the independence flaf high up during their rally

Damascus City

Qaboun: loyalist troops storm the neighborhood to prevent planned rallies Still, protesters come out at night Moadamiyeh: loyalists patrol the streets

In Naher Eisheh Neighborhood, protesters defy loyalist security forces and come under fire At night, and despite heavy security presence, locals take back to the streets

In Barzeh Neighborhood, protesters carry an interesting and telling banner “Our peaceful protesters toppled the regime politically, the rest is up to the Free Army” Then they celebrate their number swell ,

Midan , (Qa’ah Mosque) Loyalist troops laying siege to Majid Mosque to prevent a planned rally Hussein Khattab Mosque Khairo Yassin Mosque Locals take to the streets again at night

At night, locals in Kafar Sousseh hold a major rally They had done the same on the night of Jan 19 as well , Also the locals in Jobar Neighborhood ,

Damascus – West

Zabadani , , , Locals say that an Alawite delegation came to take part in the celebrations A team from the BBC pays a visit to the town at night

Damascus – North

Eltal Protesters attacked by loyalists

Damascus – South


Clashes somewhere in Idlib  In Kafar Takhareem loyalist troops and tanks can be seen at the town main square

In Kafrenbel, the locals burn posters of Hassan Nasrallah, Khamenei, Ahmadinjead, Putin and Medvedev And the rally grows larger

In Afis, local stage a mock news program to entertain themselves

Ma’arrat Al-Nouman A funeral , Jabal Al-Zawiyeh Funeral A mother’s grief

Hama City

On Jan 19, locals from Hamidiyeh met with AL monitors and told that the City has offered 1,300 martyrs, 800 missing, ad 10,000 detainees

Hayaleen protesters defy snipers


In Mourek, locals chant “the people want to declare Jihad.” The chants have been heard elsewhere as well, and there are those who want to dedicate an entire Friday for it. But most protest leaders are pushing against this, seeing it as a meaningless gesture that can only serve to alienate the minorities and secular currents without making the slightest difference in terms of realities on the ground ,

Deraa City

But rallies took place in Mahatah


Ankhel: loyalist troops try to prevent planned rally Still, locals manage to organize a small one Ataman: A funeral

Aleppo City

Aleppo Province


Deir Ezzor

Rallies Albou Kamal: Protesters , come under loyalist attack Deir Ezzor City Jbeileh

Raqqah Rallies Tabaqah Lattakia Rallies Salma  Lattakia City (Ouaineh neighborhood) Hiffeh Tartous Banyas: locals rally in the relative security of a local mosque