Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Final Hurrah!

Assad might have regained a foothold in few suburbs in Damascus, but he seems to be losing Homs, Deraa and Idlib, because, try as he can, Count wack-a-mole can’t wack ‘em all. Large-scale violence reeks of desperation not confidence. Still, the final hurrah might last a while and cost a lot of lives thanks to Russian connivance and international dithering regarding providing support to the rebels.

Monday 30, 2012

Today’s death toll: 100, mostly in Homs Province and Rural Damascus.


This video was found on a cellphone belonging to a loyalist: it shows a massacre perpetrated by them, but there is no telling where or when it took place http://youtu.be/kTLM4Z_BhYM Another leaked video shows another atrocity http://youtu.be/xjlcGjpGggc

Clerics defect en masse from the official religious establishment http://youtu.be/4KTyZkleg9I


The City

Karm Al-Zeitun: finally, and after 5 days of negotiating, people were granted access to a house where a family of 6 lay murdered by loyalists. But locals had to sign a statement that armed terrorists were responsible for murder in order to be given access. Even the children were tortured before being shot dead. One of them was mentally handicapped, and little girl was found with a strand of her mother’s hair in her hand. She was obviously pulled away from her mother who was then shot through the eye http://youtu.be/JQI3uuXk0BU , http://youtu.be/CLbkZdV7RbM Close-ups http://youtu.be/rd3RAQ9br70 , http://youtu.be/1yKQoU7BTAQ , http://youtu.be/bVjFUX1qUJU , http://youtu.be/JMc-WbFIXwE , http://youtu.be/gMi72fjhDGA , http://youtu.be/-TN_IRkvaIA Preparing the victim for burial http://youtu.be/qxyDAI8RND8

Sifsafeh: A house collapses http://youtu.be/y5dOegMxpJE , http://youtu.be/kYgyhSwGAU0 Pulling the bodies of the dead and injured from under the rubble http://youtu.be/A13JuBMWt8s , http://youtu.be/yHVOxVX8rk8 , http://youtu.be/W6WmjNi8Fwo The 4 martyrs whose bodies were pulled from under http://youtu.be/b6_FK52hJ5U Impact of shelling http://youtu.be/C3Z2i9ixjG8 , http://youtu.be/aOs1NyhiBgE

Baba Amr: The pounding continues http://youtu.be/pyWvbOjrYmI , http://youtu.be/FNcq80gp0gM Impact of pounding http://youtu.be/C0higONDVSw A martyr http://youtu.be/tN0G5DG5cJk Another http://youtu.be/INlIOpgikvs Another http://youtu.be/IYWLeP3vSj4 A little girl is being treated for an injury in the local field hospital, and she has to witness the horrors of people dying around her http://youtu.be/pHQafL6ls2Y a martyred defector http://youtu.be/iS5WsbQEs4s Victim of sniper http://youtu.be/xaMu0aJ1PpM

Qoussour: a martyr http://youtu.be/Neeu5kmE5VI another http://youtu.be/zJby8nYaZmg The aftermath of pounding http://youtu.be/dxXgxEoca0c , http://youtu.be/HtbjISk5kno This house was stormed by loyalist militias who killed its occupants and set fire to it http://youtu.be/kD5RVQ4Coek

Bab Al-Sibaa: a martyr http://youtu.be/LMZAFG-RJOU Wounded: one of the local singers who lead the chant during rallies http://youtu.be/1MAPJwdzGjE One of the loyalist positions taking part in pounding the neighborhood http://youtu.be/VxS1XA3c7Ls Members of the FSA repel an attack by loyalists http://youtu.be/NlTV2Po9-KQ

Bab Dreib: pounding the neighborhood http://youtu.be/Np67w9sqjA8 , http://youtu.be/pbI1VrRMQys , http://youtu.be/i1SWp7CWOM4 A martyr http://youtu.be/YFFoDnemjuA Two martyred defectors http://youtu.be/G5mJLoA90OQ Local FSA members manage to liberate a local clinic that was being used as headquarters for loyalist troops http://youtu.be/6fQc_4hwPpc , http://youtu.be/Rd7KDE2J_Rw , http://youtu.be/P6kQVkcbWqY , http://youtu.be/LHyIcq3PyNk , http://youtu.be/SxC5nbyjVO0 , http://youtu.be/BdZPTLLytlY , http://youtu.be/23Z_wuFhss8 , http://youtu.be/pcWXh960qY4 Waving the independence flag http://youtu.be/Rd7KDE2J_Rw  Martyrs get buried at night http://youtu.be/B-6gvYLy7kQ , http://youtu.be/Li_ZNfU50KU Local FSA commander says that they have destroyed a number of armored vehicles including a T-72 tank, and captured a BMP http://youtu.be/UCHOfsttdRc Some of the destroyed vehicles are still burning come night http://youtu.be/iPhibPYkHqE This is one of the new defectors who made this “victory” possible http://youtu.be/8Dcx-7-JaoY

Jub & Bab Dreib come under mortar fire at night http://youtu.be/c9jJDu7DkMM

Karm Al-Zeitun: The neighborhood gets pounded http://youtu.be/TInSKEaixW0 A little martyred girl http://youtu.be/Kf81BPk7cbk , http://youtu.be/_KqzMZFttnA A martyr http://youtu.be/iIJJ-VaNjj0 There is a dead man inside this car, but the loyalist checkpoint will not allow locals to retrieve it http://youtu.be/kGCbRqZjsIo at first negotiations fail http://youtu.be/QiinSRwk5HI then this man goes to negotiate http://youtu.be/FRtPvAwwcUs and success http://youtu.be/Yne6mgUFATU Impact of shelling http://youtu.be/jqaCulam85M

Jouret Al-Shayah: the body of a martyr lies in the street, locals unable to retrieve it http://youtu.be/ETor9MaVV8A  

Bab Tadmor: Sniper in action http://youtu.be/wr6zDLs9-Co

Insha’aat: sniper in action at night http://youtu.be/5xLaMbml6gU

Za’afaraneh: a martyr http://youtu.be/u_lGEFwDJNo his funeral http://youtu.be/9vS3-sMV5dQ

Bayadah: Local Activist Abdelbassit Sarout says neighborhood came under fire leading to an electrical fire http://youtu.be/vWQqQI_kmdI

Near one of the checkpoints, an FSA member targets a loyalist sniper for change http://youtu.be/l-8gKbKa9qw

Daytime Rallies Al-Rabei Al-Arabi (funeral) http://youtu.be/ga5bQGu6J-g Shammas http://youtu.be/EGxsViqXSpU Bab Al-Sibaa (with FSA participation) http://youtu.be/vz3RrS_cg3A Deir Baalbah (all-women) http://youtu.be/lAnMmb4QZf4 Deir Baalbah (funeral) http://youtu.be/0KiktkOr-iY Khaldiyeh http://youtu.be/GgtSH2oXMtI

The Province

Rastan: the pounding continues as the battle for the city rages on between loyalists and defectors http://youtu.be/9hQ0ttMaRdI Local FSA members manage to destroy one the loyalist tanks attacking their city http://youtu.be/nIiZF8sl_Gk , http://youtu.be/C2v653ItRA8 , http://youtu.be/sNXZxL2zarY Local FSA members defend their city http://youtu.be/g8_8__XRAbs Reinforcements come to the loyalists http://youtu.be/v3lVJt3twCk And immediately join the action http://youtu.be/-gaCl4c_dvs Treating the injured http://youtu.be/hT1BjEangaI , http://youtu.be/PDngEuo65vk Locals trying to pull the bodies of the dead and injured from under the rubble of homes destroyed by mortar rounds http://youtu.be/fg3NznXJhIE Some of the bodies that were pulled out http://youtu.be/zYVzRn2xOtI

Qseir: impact of shelling http://youtu.be/17eLEvVlTUo a martyr http://youtu.be/-ZSUm29SDNg


The City

Mazzeh Autostrad: activist hoist the independence of flag on top one of the main bridges of this plush neighborhood, close to the Iranian Embassy, Damascus University Campus, and a myriad security branches http://youtu.be/M5-SX4f20RE

Old Mazzeh (Zawiyeh Mosque) a funeral http://youtu.be/2eeIbTLfuU8

Jobar: The sounds of ongoing pounding of the nearby town of Arbeen can be heard all the way in the Damascene neighborhood http://youtu.be/JRpXB9D0ucw , http://youtu.be/ZttDwDB8ID8 , http://youtu.be/30jhbKl4fF8 During the day the neighborhood observes a strike http://youtu.be/lTSiZbVWWUs , http://youtu.be/nBqX7hFQJ0E

Daytime Rallies Daraya (girls) http://youtu.be/AsuHYUKfQyM (boys) http://youtu.be/EU_w0PK3rmM

Eastern Ghoutah

The sounds of pounding in the region can be heard from the neighborhoods of Damascus City http://youtu.be/fgP1J6xHF9E

Ain Terma: It was a day for street battles http://youtu.be/bVuYNL_6O0E Plumes of black smoke rise above the suburb http://youtu.be/pqVDz305cSM

Kafar Batna: the pounding continues http://youtu.be/HUK54F94hGw

Saqba: plumes of black smoke fill the skies over the suburb http://youtu.be/gDSNZA1-Bgg A tank patrols the streets http://youtu.be/7gUkF19p0bg

Hamouriyeh: A martyr http://youtu.be/UMq0dBx7-Dw

Arbeen: scenes of chaos after a mortar attack http://youtu.be/I_Z7SF95L98

Nighttime Rallies Douma http://youtu.be/lGrtCXjg3wM

Damascus South

Moadamiyeh: sporadic gunfire can be heard in the morning http://youtu.be/JOWxdSVJm_E Burying a martyr http://youtu.be/EY1YzxLGHU4

West (Zabadani and Wadi Barada)

Nighttime Rallies Qudsaya http://youtu.be/tfjDgZTop4I Deir Qanoun http://youtu.be/xhkHdVa0mDM

North (The Qalamoun Region )

Rankous: The town was pounded into submission, for now http://youtu.be/P9k3rCq-5V0 from the surrounding hills http://youtu.be/t0mDYen8QcI

Eltal: nighttime protesters http://youtu.be/X1K_SzuWUPE come under rain and fire http://youtu.be/GLvD9AtXSP0

Yabroud: a martyr http://youtu.be/7zwJDd7WPZ4


The City

Hamidiyeh: impact of pounding http://youtu.be/f0LeHhn3tgQ , http://youtu.be/7kUYfEm5EW4 , http://youtu.be/ebcpkXcYJ4s , http://youtu.be/0DOhFPx_z3Q The body of a sniper victim lies in the street, people unable to get to it http://youtu.be/7ERkfDT5Mfs Another martyr http://youtu.be/xkIC3ZPLtsw

Nighttime Rallies Qoussour http://youtu.be/0jcpHCA0Sm8 Janoub Al-Malaab http://youtu.be/loql00uo4DY

The Province

Shaizar: a funeral for 7 of yesterday’s martyrs http://youtu.be/sCg0dyWH7Bc Impact of shelling http://youtu.be/t-NPfUUOmqM , http://youtu.be/eiBe8cWMv5w Shaizar is a historic town, every stone is thousands of years old. But destroying history is something the Assads have excelled at, as evidence by the destruction of most of Old Hama in 1982. The town was not spared today http://youtu.be/NdqRIPGqYBU


Saraqib: the town gets pounded http://youtu.be/gEENRntzKy0 The pounding continues at night http://youtu.be/HdYRSaWzzEI

Ariha: a martyr http://youtu.be/1yryNGHWL48

Sarjah: a house that was hit by mortar rounds http://youtu.be/8lQKc_6K4ok , http://youtu.be/l5JPqc10mpY A baby was injured http://youtu.be/YCIGAEUO8EQ

Kafrenbel: nighttime clashes between loyalists and defectors take place at outskirts of the town http://youtu.be/5oCruigAIZI , http://youtu.be/DxKh1bzy4Ss

Daytime Rallies Khan Shaikhoon http://youtu.be/6sAgomNZo0U Jarjanaz http://youtu.be/HY4QQawZZr0 Kafar Sajnah http://youtu.be/0Whpe1K-AA8

Nighttime Rallies Sarmeen http://youtu.be/-38WKdNwvTE


Deraa City

The city comes under sporadic gunfire at night http://youtu.be/NOY1hqVO6m8

Hauran Province

Hraak: loyalist troops shoot their way into town http://youtu.be/xm2KckQxGbo , http://youtu.be/KIM_l6lpEGc A martyr http://youtu.be/DviVHfWcgHA To more martyrs http://youtu.be/xZx4npuUyo8 A wounded rebel http://youtu.be/m3VxvFJ5uqg Dead loyalists killed by local FSA members in defense of their town http://youtu.be/ZYxnUpwgET4 Nighttime funeral for the martyrs http://youtu.be/7vBbRWXd9Q8

Nasseeb: Loyalists pour into town http://youtu.be/GkNfMaqFasE , http://youtu.be/qEkgQSkrdeY

Basr Al-Harir: more defections  http://youtu.be/VuV6NYglsZM  

Daytime Rallies Basr Al-Harir http://youtu.be/Nm7RcpBqLM8 Harrah (all-women) http://youtu.be/qokkPBuhsJ4 Khirbet Ghazaleh http://youtu.be/D9v-Vv8MBVs

Nighttime Rallies Mseifrah http://youtu.be/hfmGLnZzJSQ


The City

Nighttime Rallies Firdoss http://youtu.be/BCfggcS7VO4 Marjeh http://youtu.be/W3zoC_2pmH0

Aleppo Province

Daytime Rallies Abeen http://youtu.be/D_hy430trqI

Deir Ezzor

Daytime Rallies Deir Ezzor City (funeral) http://youtu.be/rHeRoZVDk5k

Nighttime Rallies Deir Ezzor City (Khsarat) http://youtu.be/s1ATEE_vTD0 (Jbeileh) http://youtu.be/A2VZXNGT8mo

Daytime Rallies Dirbassiyeh http://youtu.be/D7agGV_OfRw

Nighttime Rallies Qamishlo http://youtu.be/z8KTahlUkgo