Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Heavenward!

Arab League Monitors have become part of the décor, just like the tanks and armored vehicles, part of the everyday happenings, just like the arbitrary killings and detentions, part of the same indifference that world leaders keep exhibiting. Meanwhile the Assads can count on the support of the Iranians, Russians, Chinese and Hezbollah, but the protesters can only rely on themselves, or as they often put it in their chants, “God.”

Wednesday 4, 2012

Today’s death toll: 21, in Homs, Hama, Deraa and Idlib.

A high-ranking official announced on Wednesday his defection from the Assad regime. Mahmoud Sleiman Hajj Hamad, head inspector at the Syrian Defense Ministry and first inspector at the Monetary Center of the Interior Ministry, held a press conference in Cairo to announce his defection. He later appeared on Al-Jazeerah and said that the Assad regime has so far spent over 35 million dollars to support the activities of his loyalist militias. He also said that most Syrian officials are under tight watch making it difficult for them to defect, but, he asserted, most of them want to defect.


HOMS CITY: A martyr from Bab Amr Neighborhood, a victim of torture while in detention A woman tells AKL monitors of her frantic and fruitless search for her detained husband in all security branches and demand his release Local activists hand over a report they compiled on the detained

Locals later hold a rally with some of the free officers in town Later in the evening, a new officer announces his defection

“Somewhere in Homs,” as the activist Khalid Abou Salah put it, AL monitors meet with defectors affiliated with the Free Syrian Army Later, the delegation visit the Central Prison On seeing the delegates the political prisoners chant “the people want to topple the regime”

Bab Al-Sibaa, snipers go back to business of random shooting into residential neighborhoods , Elsewhere in the neighborhood, children gather around a makeshift fire pit top warm themselves up They say that this is better than staying at home where there is no fuel. They are eating dried bread, because that’s all there is, and there is no school these days.

A martyr from Nazheen neighborhood A martyr with his head blown up in Deir Baalbah A woman martyr from Karm Al-Zeitun An old man injured in Karm Al-Zeitun A funeral in Qarabees comes under fire Snipers in action in Bab Al-Sibaa A funeral in Khaldiyeh

Bab Dreib Protesters remain defiant despite coming under fire 

HOMS PROVINCE: The havoc in Talbisseh ,

HAMA CITY: Protesters in Sabouniyeh come under intense fire

This leaked video shows Assad snipers standing on top of the municipal building in Hama City shooting randomly and with relish at the people below in Hadir Neighborhood

HAMA PROVINCE: Rallies Karnaz Hilfaya Kafar Zeiteh

IDLIB: Tanks and loyalists in Kafroumah Still, locals take to the streets every chance they get , Double funerals in Idlib City , A new martyr from Idlib City A nighttime funeral in Kafar Takhareem

More defection take place in Jabal Al-Zawiyeh region the defectors explain that they are actually army officers, but that their superiors have issued them police IDs in order to fool the AL monitors when they meet them.

DAMASCUS CITY: Choppers fly Daraya Suburb ,

DAMASCUS – NORTH: funeral for a female activist in Dmeir  Thousands turn out , Many women attend and chant “We want Assad’s head to compensate for the blood of our martyrs”

Rallies Rankous

DAMASCUS – EAST: Locals in Harasta welcome the AL monitors in their neighborhood , A funeral in Douma , for this martyr

Shortly after this rally in Moadamiyah ,, Loyalist security forces storm in and begin shooting The protesters had held a banner scalding NCB spokesman Haytham Manna for his opposition to foreign intervention and demanding a no-fly zone

DAMASCUS – SOUTH: Zakiyeh Babila

DERAA CITY: Al-Balad A funeral A monitor tells people that every house he visited in the city has either a martyr or a detainee Elsewhere, locals hold a funeral

Speaker in a nighttime rally reminds that the NCB will not be accepted until t subscribes to the demands of the Revolution, and that any person in the SNC who deviates from this demand will be rejected

DERAA/HAURAN: A mother from Da’el explains the circumstance of her son’s martyrdom to the AL monitors Monitors also speak with the parents of detainees and injured Locals show the monitors a sniper’s layer Later, locals hold a major rally in the presence of the delegates

Loyalist security forces storm Jbab ,

ALEPPO CITY: Marjeh Neighborhood thousands of protesters carrying torches staged rally that lasted for hours and was only broken up when loyalist security forces and local pro-Assad militias intervened and clashed with demonstrators , , , Other rallies took place in New Aleppo Al-Hamra

RAQQAH: Raqqah City (Osman Mosque)